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NPC Compendium
« on: May 07, 2018, 05:15:07 AM »
Hi everyone! I'm recently DM a nice adventure mixing Elemental Evil with/against the 4 Demonic Princes of Warhammer to spice up the adventures league modules ...who will prevail?? However i'm struggling to build a good  (and optimized) number of NPC (that i had for 3.5) hence i beg for the community help once more.

I'll share to you the first batch of characters i built from my dropbox but feel free to build anything you want from the official book sources (Player Handbook, Sword Coast, Elemental Evil, Xanathar, Volo, Monster Manual And Dungeon Master)

If you want to contestualize your attempt here some insight on the adventure:
+ All races look similar and human, they inherit only the mechanical features of their races, so no funny looks into the city for a unusal race.
+ Magic "officially" has not existed for 500 years, Monks with the help of some Deviant druids epurated all magic users divine and not, replacing the old gods with a new monotheistic religion. In reality small pockets of wizard, sorcerers, clerics and paladin survived. Their survival, however, tooday is subject to strict rules to not unveil their presence (like Vampires the Masquerade or Mage the Ascension), so beware magic. To disguise the use of somatic components i use an opposed check between Sleight of Hand against Perception. Obvious magic is obvious (Fireballs LOL), while not-visual magic is percieved only by the targets as strange sensation (unless they have magical knowledge).
+ Inside the new monastic oder the faith of the masses created a new god and hence some old-fashon cleric and paladin are present within their ranks, but secreted in the same way.

You can post anything from 1st to 13th level, bonus points if you want to make a progression (like 1-3-5-7-9-11-13).

Within 2 weeks there will be an arena in the game where the PC will fight. it will be with an eliminatory duel (2 encounters for character) and then a Battle Royale with the survivors. Most of the city will be watching the event. If you want to make fly some heads mind that the partecipating characters are A. a Devotion Paladin, B an EK fighter C. an Exblade Lock (not good choices for the "masquerade")

Thank you for sharing, i'll try to update your builds into the sheet pdf for ease of use for everyone at the table.

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Re: NPC Compendium
« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2018, 06:51:07 PM »
1) ... Mellored posted a Vhuman Monk Open 10 with Alert , dex + dex ; for a pvp comp on wotc right before they poofed.  He explained his tactics, and no one bothered to take him on.
I countered that specific build (=metagaming) with a worked up Dex Barb 7 / early UA Swash 3 just to get  nearly equal on initiative+surprise ; hoping for enough hp to handle the stuns that did get through, and after the stunning is done, go with Adv and better damage.  Fight never happened.

That Monk build works from level 5+, and has a nasty trick at 11, especially for arena 1v1 fights.  I wouldn't bet on the Barb+Swash against that Monk.

2) ... the UA NPC article has an Alt Rolling detail that makes any Basic Rules npc considerably better.  It's technically Random class first, and only srd, And No Feats = sad panda.  Doing this with Frenzy Barb that blows frenzy right away, is possibly very strong ; it's also good for the cleric or wiz or base thief.  Not sure how well a kitted cleric or wiz is with your setting.

3) ... Volos has the few prebuilds.  Don't know if you wanna go that restrictive on the various classes.  A rogue Thief 13 might be a very sneaky way to (re-)Introduce higher level magic into the game.  Surprise surprise but otherwise vanilla rogue.

4) ... Sorc 3 / Lock 3 could get the Disguise all the time + Disguise kit going , with the Focus replacement Hat or Shard in XGtE ... from the stands , running Vicious Mockery.  Fighter feels bad and wants to know why?  Nobody knows.  King says fighter loses and the opponent hasn't even shown up yet.

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