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Unearthed Arcana: Eberron Demo


After announcing Ravnica for D&D ( :lmao even Exalted might not be able to resemble the power levels displayed by Ravnica and a whole plane of "city"? how one will play D&D there in any way resembling the normal way?) and official Eberron for DM Guild, they give us these crumbs...

As always, they have to crap on Medium armor, with warforged being limited in the same way as others. This also makes a Hexblade warforged able to dump dex completely, and a Heavy armor proficiency will increase his AC by 3, which is the equivalent of 3 ASI dumped on dex (now you just need to spend one on con and the other on Tough and failing dex saves won't matter to you anyways).

For comparison, some changes from the '05 original 1st UA Eberron races :

Shifter's Change Appearance can ditch the Friends cantrip in morpho-social situations.

Kalashtar Druid loves the telepathy for Wildshape
Dual Mind is fab for any defenses first build.

Shifter Wildhunt Mark The Scent = a just get me close for a tag, then retreat, lick wounds, power up, go get it.

Warforged Wizards are very happy with the AC. 
Sorlock chez is now corner case re-incarnated (obligatory don't do this to homegame warning yawn).
Envoy special design example of "Lute" = perma hidden Bard M component/focus.

Lots of versatility overall.

edit --- looks like they'll release more bit by bit

Kalashtar make kinda nice Bearbarians! Psychic resistance + advantage on Wisdom saves seems amazing.

random interweb yahoo got one right.

"Integrated Protection" is not actual armor, and so
can be used with the Wiz Bladesinger 2 ability.
(still needs to multiclass to get the proficiency)

While powerful, cranking up AC like that,
it requires combining FRealms + Eberron
and crossing the Elves-only barrier.
Probably no need for a nerf because
DM's will rule no, on both counts.
And won't be AL legal at all.


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