Author Topic: Help! 3.5 Sublime Chord - Ur-Priest - Mystic Theurge build caster level  (Read 454 times)

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Hello i'm building a dual list bard with sublime Chord and Ur-Priest and i have a question about both SC and Ur caster level.
Ur Priest CL is it's class plus half the other classes  CLASS LEVEL
Sublime Chord is it's class plus the CASTER LEVEL of a class i chose


with progression bard 5 / ur priest 2 / mystic theurge 3 / sublime chord 2 / mystic theurge 5 / incantatrix 3

what's the ur and chord caster level? i think it's 19 and 29. am i correct?
Since mystic theurge increase TWO classes at once i think both ur priest and sublime chord are increased simultaneously and increase each other am i correct?
The first time i take mystic theurge increase bard and ur and the second time it's ur and chord (plus the last 3 incatatrix are for chord).

the bard class level is 5+3=8
the chord class level is 2+5+3=10
so bard and chord combined is 18
the ur class level is 2+8=10 so the ur CASTER LEVEL is 10+(18/2)=19
and the chord caster level is ur caster level plus chord level so 19+10=29

Is my math correct or the sublime chord caster level is increased only by the caster level ur priest has BEFORE entering the sublime chord and does not increase after due to the progress of the of the ur caster level gained by mystic theurge? so at that time the ur priest caster level is 9 SO sublime chord caster level would be 19?

Normally i would say sublime chord caster level is increased only by the caster level of the class before it start it's progression because the other class progression stops when the sublime chord begins but with the mystic theurge the other class keep progressing so i think the sublime chord caster level progress even further.
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