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Bits to spice up traps
« on: September 10, 2018, 05:50:09 PM »
It has come up on the MMX Discord that there isn't a Trap handbook yet, but that it could be a good DM resource. We all know that traps are crappy, underwhelming and not a threat on their own (especially if taken straight from the DMG), so let's see what we can do to minmax them and make them scarier (in the vein of Oslecamo's monster handbook for getting the most bang per buck out of monsters).

For now I just want to do an infodump of crunchy bits that could be relevant and useful for spicing up traps.

- Dungeon Lord (Dungeonscape)
- Fiend of Possession (Fiend Folio)
- Trapsmith (Dungeonscape)
=> Combat Trapsmith (ACF)

- Earthbound Spell (PHB2)
- various Trapsmith feats (Dungeonscape)
- various crafting/cost-reducing feats (for buying traps from monster wealth)

- Create Trap (Sor/Wiz 1) (Races of the Dragon)

- various poisons & poison-related bits

Odd Uses for traps:
- resetting magical traps with benefitial effects (see Tippyverse)
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