Author Topic: Army of PCs Against the Giants Discussion Thread  (Read 164 times)

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Army of PCs Against the Giants Discussion Thread
« on: January 08, 2019, 12:31:34 AM »
Presumably, this is the right place for such things. Right, so a discussion thread for those so inclined about the apparently fairly popular campaign log...Against the Giants. There will be no regular updates, and I may or may not answer questions, cause at least one of my players also lurks on these hallowed boards.

I'm curious to see what you all think about some house rules we use and of the builds for some of the characters. So today, one house rule, and one character build:

The Rule- fighters may exchange their armor and shield proficiencies for other fighter bonus feats. We call these fighter exchange feats. This option is exercised at 1st level, and the exchange feats are gained at odd levels. Thus, at 1st level a fighter can get two bonus feats. You cannot exchange a feat that is a prerequisite for a feat you're keeping (you can't lose light and medium armor proficiency but keep heavy armor proficiency, for example).

So yes, a clever player will take, say, a level of ranger, then a level of fighter, and dump all the fighter's armor and shield feats for 5 extra bonus feats, to be gained over the course of 9 levels of fighter. Since fighters never get anything nice, I see no issue.

The Build: Navussar is designed to be a ranger, but more so. Currently, he's a ranger 8/beastmaster 1.
Navussar- male half elf ranger 8/beastmaster 1/ranger +3/holt warden 2/lion of talisid 6
1- power attack, track*
2- rapid shot*
3- skill focus- handle animal, endurance*
6- favored power attack, manyshot*
9- natural bond
12- favored of the companions, improved precise shot*
15- practiced spellcaster
18- open, exalted companion*

This gives BAB +17, caster level 12, spells/day as a ranger 19 plus plant domain (for 4/4/4/3 plus wisdom), animal companion as an 18th-level druid, wild shape 3/day, and pounce (although pounce shows up really late). I think I would just apply the celestial template to the existing animal companion.

This leads me to a question: I calculate caster level in this case as 1/2 ranger level+ 1/2 holt warden level+ 1/2 lion of talisid level+ practiced spellcaster, or 5.5+1+3+4= 12. Is that the consensus 'round these parts, or would you all go 5.5+2+6+4= 17?