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Steampunk campain (ironclaw)
« on: January 29, 2019, 06:43:55 PM »
I'm getting ready to do an Ironclaw campaign here soon on tuesdays, and as I'm a hardcore fan of making stuff up, I'm rejecting their realty and substituting my own. In otherwords I'm homebrewing a campaign myself.

The Idea is that its a steampunked world (well truthfully, more of an Arcanapunk as things are powered with magic, not steam) and the PCs are going for making an airship or something along those lines. Early on, I'm probably going to railroad a bit, as its a new system for me and for them, but later I want to give them nearly open freedom.

IS there anyone familiar with the system here? I could use some explanations of combat or any other homebrew stuff people might have come up with. (This is squaring the circle btw, or IC 2.0)

Or perhaps people who could come up with little tidbits for the city the PCs are in.. Ishanra. Basically its a port city with airships coming in and out and a huge criminal element. Pirates are very common and its one of the cities that celebrates pirates rather than runs them out. The Mayor (don't have a name or race for him yet) was a pirate before becoming the mayor.
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