Author Topic: Star Wars Saga Edition: Is dual wielding viable?  (Read 434 times)

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Star Wars Saga Edition: Is dual wielding viable?
« on: February 09, 2019, 07:00:30 PM »
I know the standard for d20 systems is dual wielding is only viable if you get
1: Large, per attack, damage bonuses
2: Can reliability full attack

In Saga Edition, all characters with PC class levels get half their level as damage per attack. Blaster pistols that only need to reload every 50-100 shots are also standard weapons. HOWEVER the Dual Weapon Mastery chain only reduces penalties, not giving extra attacks, and Double/Triple attack must be taken as feats instead of inherit bonus (not ''quite'' as rough as it seems since all base classes get a bonus feat every other level). Scum and Villainy has a talent that makes dual wielded pistols still do damage (half-heroic level) on a miss.

On the melee end, Knights of the Old Republic book has the Melee Dualist class, which has a series of talents that let you add dex to damage, get to move and attack with both weapons and (requiring the two previous ones) full attack as a standard action.  The class itself has fairly heavy requirements (7 BAB, three feats) and cuts into time you could spend in Jedi Knight. Alternatively the KotOR book also has (much easier to grab) talents that let you move after attacking with dual pistols/lightsabers.

(We're ignoring condition track killers existing for this. Pretend that non-DT sources of lowering the condition track can't stack with themselves.)