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My goodness, must be because giantitp's forum is down (corellation ftw).

I know GitP being down has definitely destabilized MY free time. Frustrating as heck, I used to causally browse there for what I'm now realizing is a couple hours a day, spread into dozens of little 5-10 minute sessions.

I hear that.
1 hour of d&d a day, is not quite satisfying.

Now I've tagged enough giantitp google caches, to get annoyed.

I used to play to D&D quite a lot when I was in my early 20 y.o. We used to be a group of 5 friends, meeting almost everyday evening in any café, house or even parks, and spend hours :). Never tried forums before for this purpose. How is it for you?

I think you might get more traction in the Introduction section, very few users care to comment on threads that have been dead for months.


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