Author Topic: Hexblade build - Elven Accuracy, or Human with human variant tacked on extra?  (Read 529 times)

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My DM has decided for some reason to favor humans, by mashing together the features of regular human with the human variant bonuses as well.

I was thinking of playing some kind of hexblade build, possibly with some fighter levels, maybe? Maybe a crit-fisher build with Champion, too, since his houserule on crits is that they do double max weapon damage, including ability bonuses, but not including magical or other extra damage.  Seems like he really likes crits to feel huge.

Anyway, my question is, given all that, which is gonna be a better choice? Half-elf , eventually with Elven Accuracy, for 'triple' advantage, or the houseruled human with human variant bonuses, for the extra ASIs and feat?   (We're using point buy, standard 27 points)

We're starting at 1st level, and will probably stay in the 1-6 or 7 range for the whole campaign, probably.

I'm not totally committed to the hexblade build, but it seemed neat and semi-powerful, but if other options sound fun or powerful or both, given those houserules, feel free to suggest! I'm all ears!

Thanks in advance.

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Do you think you could swing a half-elf and get the extra feat?

Given the max damage ruling, I'd lean towards the triple advantage crit fishing build with Sharpshooter and the archery fighting style to partially negate the -5 from Sharpshooter. Stick straight class so you get your second attack as soon as possible. Since you're not going high level, you'll need to be a Champion fighter to get the feats in.

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Wait he made a houserule that rogues don't get double sneak attack on Crits?

Hexblade is a decent choice, although Hexblade Hex is not going to double on crits. That would make Crit fisher not necessarily as good as you might like.

One should definitely avoid Paladin and Rogue in his campaign.

I would consider Human with the Lucky Feat. The feat is less useful overall than Elven accuracy. But the sheer power of humans with both normal, and variant, stats, is amazing.
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