Author Topic: Down and Dirty PbP  (Read 54 times)

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Down and Dirty PbP
« on: March 24, 2020, 10:35:03 PM »
A group of Biyou arcanists have been clearing the rubble away from an old ruin they believe has a gate hidden within. The first night at the site, nothing untoward happened, but as the rubble has been removed, the dig has become more and more nerve-wracking for the low-caste servitors, and they have refused to venture any further into the ruin unless it's been proven safe. This, my friends, is where you come in. Fresh, eager, and ready for anything, this should be a simple task. Just show the diggers that there's nothing to worry about, make a little coin, and we can all be on our way.

Set in Arhosa (D&D 3.5, heavily modified)
Setting Introduction -
Rules and Character Creation -

1st level
2-4 players