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[Houserule] "Hidden" Initiative Method
« on: July 16, 2020, 12:32:16 PM »
Ok, what do you think of the following initiative method:

1) DM runs an excel spreadsheet with all characters and NPCs listed. Set up a column for a random d20 roll [=RANDBETWEEN(1, 20)] and a second column for each (N)PC's bonuses to initiative, add them up, and then sort largest to smallest.

2) Do not tell PCs who is in what order, keep the results hidden behind the DMs screen. Inform them as each (N)PC's turn comes up. And have that character take its action then.

3) Each round re-calculate initiative (Excel F9) using the method in step one.

Thoughts? Suggestions?     

My Thoughts: I like this idea for several reasons but have not implemented in-game as of yet. I would run this by my PCs before hand but they trust me and give me a wide latitude on trying out new ideas. One thing this would avoid is the slow-down of "going round the table" one-by-one asking and marking everyone's initiative. We often re-roll initiative each round already, depending on who is running the game. It also would force a little more attention to the combat as everyone will have to be ready for when their turn comes up without much advance notice. Finally, it appears like it would speed up things.   
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