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[4E] Questions about Summons


As the heading says, I have a few questions about Summons, and how they work.

First. It is very typical of damage focused builds to focus on an element - often picking up an elemental weapon to go alongside with it - and pick up one of the +3/4 feat bonus to damage rolls of that element. However, several Summons also deal elemental damage. Like the Hell Hound does fire damage. If I pick up say, Firey Blood, would it add to the damage rolls of the Hell Hound?

Same question applies to the Genasi-Wizard feat: Elemental Empowerment. My Acid, Cold, Fire, Lightning and Thunder Wizard powers do extra damage equal to my Strength. My Summons are Wizard Powers and might carry one of those Keywords. Would they carry the extra damage with them as well?

Third. I know that Summoning powers are often Implement powers, and any magic enchantment bonus you have on an Implement carries over to Summon, but would say, an Ashen Rod's Energize feature carry over onto the Summon?

And what about something like a Frost Dagger used as an Implement? Would I be able to make all of the damage a Summon does then become Cold Damage?

Sorry for all these questions, but I've never really dug into summons to such a degree before, so I'm not exactly sure how they work, or how they don't.


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