Author Topic: Anyone familiar with Spycraft 2.0?  (Read 574 times)

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Anyone familiar with Spycraft 2.0?
« on: January 11, 2021, 06:15:05 PM »
Anyone have experience with this d20 variant? Looking through it I see a lot I like (how weapon type specialty feats give multiple new abilities for use with those weapons, the wealth and gadget system seems like a reasonable alternative to d20 Modern's mess of a wealth system, core abilities allow multiclassing while keeping your first class the most important) and a lot I'm leery about (random +1s everywhere, still using 3E's horribly restricted class skills with very limited places to get out of class ones, some of the weapon stats look really really dumb), and a lot of complicated things I can't decide on without seeing in play. Any particularly OP things, broken things (in that they don't work), or non-obvious picks with good synergy anyone is aware of?

Here's something that's pretty potent looking. The Boxing Moves feat gives this ability among others
Knock Out (Trick): If one of your unarmed Standard Attacks inflicts more damage upon a standard character than his Constitution score, he becomes unconscious for 1d4 minutes
Seems OK in a vaccum, but then you remember NPCs in this system don't have attributes
Quote from: page 452
Attributes: Unless an NPC possesses the superior attribute or inferior attribute qualities, all of his attribute scores are 10.
Do 10 damage for automatic KO? Sure. A character with the martial arts feat deals 1d6 damage unarmed, plus his choice of attribute mod (the other bonus of the Martial Arts feat letting him pick any attribute mod) that's pretty much an auto +4. Add fighting gloves for another +2 damage. That's half of unarmed attacks at level 1 dealing instant KO before any other mods are added.

edit 2:
Fist Moves (World on Fire) adds 5 feet to the range of your unarmed attacks. Not too weird on its own, but it stacks with the reach increase of Martial Artist (same book). You're Dhalsim now! Alas you need 10 levels in Martial Artist to combine with knock out.

edit 3: More I read, the more it looks like this system really looks like it would be suited to a small party (~2) with gestalt between a normal class and one of the back to basics classes since classes are so overly focused.
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