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Re: 1001 Homebrew Ideas to Flesh Out Sometime
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Necrolyte base class
Necrocarnum-focused meldshaper.

Alignment: Any non-good.

Gains the Necrocarnum Acolyte feat that lets you shape necrocarnum melds (and gives +1 to the save DC of them) at first level.

Soulmeld list is almost entirely necrocarnum melds. Lots of soulmelds are focused on the powers of undead, similar to the totemist's focus on magical beasts.

Undead matching one of your shaped soulmelds react better. Mindless undead will ignore you unless they are provoked or they are under the command of another. Intelligent undead do not instinctively feel hatred, bloodlust, or other negative sentiments towards you (although they may still hate you for more rational reasons), and will generally have an initial attitude of indifferent upon first meeting you, rather than hostile or unfriendly. You gain a +4 bonus on Diplomacy checks for the purpose of influencing intelligent undead. Undead will still react normally (usually with hostility) to your allies, however.
- Note: Mostly for the undead-specific melds being introduced here, but also counts if you have totemist magical beast soulemlds shaped and you encounter an undeadified version of that.)
- Might just make this global, rather than tied to the specific soulmelds you have shaped.

Gets +1 and later +2 to essentia capacity of necrocarnum melds.

Some ability to necromance. The Necrocarnum Circlet's singular necrocarnum zombie isn't enough. Might be some kind of rebuking, might be some ability to animate dead/create undead separate from that. Some ideas:
- Animate dead as an SLA (no material components), but you need to invest 1 essentia per 10 HD of undead instead or something.
- Unshape a necrocarnum soulmeld to rebuke undead. If you unshape an undead meld, gain bonuses for rebuking that undead. (Could be bonuses to your turning level or doing a "greater rebuking" where anything you rebuke gets controlled instead.) (Soulmelds as Pokeballs?)

Note: Undead melds are necrocarnum.

(click to show/hide)

Allip's Words
Base: Immune to language-dependent effects.
Essentia: Bonus on saves vs. mind-affecting.
Brow: Standard action, nearby sane creatures must Will save or take no action for 1d4 rounds up to a maximum of the essentia invested. Once affected, a creature is immune to subsequent uses for 24 hours. Mind-affecting sonic compulsion.
Crown: Deal Wisdom damage when targeted by a mind-affecting effect.

Bodak's Eyes
Base: 50% chance to ignore gaze attacks, or 100% if averting your gaze.
Essentia: Bonus on Spot checks.
Brow: Standard action to gaze at a living creature. Fort save or stunned for 1d4 rounds or until attacked. If you have at least as much essentia invested as they have HD, they die instead.

Devourer's Grasp
Base: You can capture the soul of any creature you kill in melee. Can hold the soul for up to 24 hours. You can hold up to one soul at a time. Release the soul as a free action, or when the soulmeld is unshaped. While you have a captured soul, you can draw power from it as a free action, granting you 1 additional essentia for up to its HD in rounds. You can draw more than 1 essentia at a time from it, up to your essentia capacity with this soulmeld, but each additional essentia counts against the total number of rounds you can draw power from the soul. When the soul runs out of rounds of essentia, it is released.
Essentia: Bonus on saves against charms, compulsions, death effects, positive and negative energy, energy drain, and effects that influence your soul.
Hands: Use Spectral Hand at will while you have a captured soul. You don't lose (or regain) hit points. Spell acts like it has a permanent duration, but every 5 rounds counts as 1 round of drawn essentia from the captured soul.
Soul: You are immune to the following spells and effects while you have a captured soul: banishment, chaos hammer, confusion, crushing despair, detect thoughts, dispel evil, dominate person, fear, geas/quest, holy word, hypnotism, imprisonment, magic jar, maze, suggestion, trap the soul, or any form of charm or compulsion.

Ghoul Claws
Base: Gain a pair of weak claw attacks.
Essentia: Enhancement bonus for the claws.
Arms: If you hit a creature with both claws in the same round, it must Fort save or be stunned for 1 round. Elves are immune.

Ghast's Pallor
Base: Immune to disease.
Essentia: Bonus on Fort saves.
Hands: 1/round, when you hit a creature with a melee attack, infect it with Ghoul Fever (Fort negates, use soulmeld's save DC instead of disease's for initial save). If it's already infected, failed Fort save accelerates the disease, dealing 1d3 Con damage and 1d3 Dex damage.
Waist: Nearby living creatures are sickened (no save). Essentia increases the area.

Ghost Veil
Base: See into the ethereal plane. Also see incorporeal and ethereal creatures up to 5 feet into solid objects.
Essentia: Deflection bonus to AC, but penalty to weapon damage rolls against corporeal creatures, except with ghost touch, force, and positive/negative energy effects.
Crown: Also see invisible.
Heart: Choose a lesser ghost power.
Shoulders: 10% chance +5%/essentia (max 50%) to ignore damage from corporeal sources, aside from ghost touch, force, and positive/negative energy effects (as though with a lesser form of incorporeality).

Lich's Might
Base: +1 enhancement to save DCs of your Necromancy spells
Essentia: Enhancement bonus to caster level checks vs. SR (all spells)
Waist: Gain DR 1/bludgeoning and magic and resistance 3 to cold and electricity per essentia invested
Soul: If you die, soulmeld coalesces into a physical phylactery that stores your life force. If it isn't destroyed, you reappear after 1d10 days.

Mohrg's Tongue
Base: No AoOs when starting a grapple. Gain +2 on grapple checks.
Essentia: Bonus on grapple checks.
Throat: Make melee touch attack as a standard action. Causes paralysis for 1 round on failed Fort save.

Mummy's Wrappings
Base: When a creature that attacks while it can see you, it must make a Will save or be shaken for 1 round. This can't stack with other fear effects and conditions. After rolling, a creature is not subject to this effect for 5 minutes. The shaken condition applies before resolving the attack. Mind-affecting fear effect.
Essentia: +1 round duration.
Arms: Any creature you damage with a melee attack becomes unaffected by magical healing for 1 minute. Any magical healing requires a caster level check (DC 5 + your meldshaper level + 2x essentia). If the check fails, the creature regains no hit points from the healing.
Brow: As a standard action, gaze at a shaken, frightened, or panicked creature. It must make a Will save or be cower for 1 round + 1 round/essentia, or until it's no longer shaken, frightened, or panicked. Mind-affecting fear effects.

Necrocarnum Zombie Infusion
Base: Attacks strike as though wielding a magic weapon. Gain DR 2/magic.
Essentia: Increase DR/magic by 2x essentia invested.
Heart: You gain an insight bonus to all your speeds. The value of this bonus equals +10 feet per point of essentia you have invested in this soulmeld. You also gain an insight bonus equal to twice the points of invested essentia on initiative checks.
Soul: You gain an insight bonus to your AC and on your saving throws. The value of this bonus equals the points of essentia you have invested in this soulmeld.

Nightshade's Presence
Base: Aura gives desecrate-like bonuses to nearby undead.
Essentia: Increase radius.
Throat: Summon undead creatures.
Heart: Improves aura to double-strength desecrate.

Shadow's Cloak
Base: Ghost touch.
Essentia: Bonus on Hide and Move Silently checks.
Shoulders: Become incorporeal while moving. (Limitation?)

Skeletal Ribcage
Essentia: Bonus to initiative.
Heart: Natural armor bonus.

Spectre ...

Vampire's Cowl
Base: Gain 2 temp hp when a creature within 30 ft. takes damage. Gain double that if it's from bleeding, or if it's hp loss from Constitution damage/drain or negative levels.
Essentia: Increases temp hp gained by 1/essentia (2 if it's bleeding, Con loss, or neg levels).
Brow: Standard action to gaze. Will save or charmed for 1 round/essentia.
Shoulders: Assume and revert from gaseous form at will. If you fall unconscious or become dying, you automatically stabilize and become gaseous.
Throat: Gain bite attack. Also deals Constitution damage equal to essentia invested on failed Fort save.

Wight ...

Wraith Boots
Base: Ignore difficult terrain. Can move through spaces occupied by enemies (as long as you don't end your movement there).
Essentia: Dodge bonus to AC against AoOs.
Feet: Enemies you move through must Will save or be shaken for 1 round.

Zombie's Flesh
Base: Immune to disease.
Essentia: +1 hp/level/essentia. Like the additional hit points granted by an increase to your Constitution score, these are not temporary hit points and are not lost first. As such, if essentia is removed from this soulmeld, you lose a commensurate number of hit points, possibly even killing you.
Hands: Gain a slam attack.
Heart: Gain DR 5/slashing.

Necrocarnum Bonds
Base: Share Pain with a willing creature, but one way (they take 50% of your damage). One creature at a time, ends if you're more than 10 feet apart for more than 1 round.
Essentia: +10 ft. max distance.
Arms: Can target an unwilling creature. Will negates.
Waist: If you have to make a save, use the higher of your modifiers for the save or the bonded creature's modifiers.

Note: Also refer to soulmelds in Sirp's Necrocarnate rework.
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Re: 1001 Homebrew Ideas to Flesh Out Sometime
« Reply #881 on: June 23, 2020, 12:14:51 PM »
I'd love to see that Necrocarnum boy fleshed out. But there's probably a lot of melds to create before that's the case.

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Re: 1001 Homebrew Ideas to Flesh Out Sometime
« Reply #882 on: June 30, 2020, 12:58:29 AM »
Inspired by discussions about movement in 5th edition and the limitations thereof (and in turn-based D&D in general). These might be feats, these might be class features, these might just be basic changes to the rules. I'm just writing them as feats for simplicity.

Evasive Footwork [General]
Benefits: When an opponent that you did not threaten enters one of your threatened spaces, you can move 5 feet as an immediate action. Your movement does not provoke an attack of opportunity form that creature. This movement counts towards the total distance you can travel for any movement you might make during your next turn; you would be able to move 5 feet fewer if you charged or moved normally, and you would move no distance at all if you took a 5-foot step.

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Re: 1001 Homebrew Ideas to Flesh Out Sometime
« Reply #883 on: July 01, 2020, 01:25:19 PM »
House rule for crusaders so that they can use homebrew maneuvers that can be initiated while flat-footed (which normally denies you immediate action usage) or on an attack of opportunity (which Combat Reflexes enables while flat-footed). Instead of getting the initial maneuvers granted when the crusader takes their first action in an encounter, the maneuvers are granted to them at the start of the encounter (or when they join it, if they're not present for the start).
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Re: 1001 Homebrew Ideas to Flesh Out Sometime
« Reply #884 on: July 01, 2020, 02:30:23 PM »
Good point. If not houseruling, exemption clause should be put in mv text.

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Re: 1001 Homebrew Ideas to Flesh Out Sometime
« Reply #885 on: July 02, 2020, 10:27:36 AM »
Those sorts of things would need both changes for crusaders to use them as intended:
1) Exemption clause in the counter itself so that you can spend the immediate action to initiate it while flat-footed. Necessary for the maneuver to be usable at all.
2) Change to crusader's initial granted maneuvers timing so that they have access to those pre-combat counters in time to use them before their first turn.

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Re: 1001 Homebrew Ideas to Flesh Out Sometime
« Reply #886 on: July 02, 2020, 10:41:58 AM »
Incarnum Graftshaper [General]
Prerequisites: Ability to bind a soulmeld to a lesser chakra, must have at least 2 grafts.
Benefits: You can shape and bind soulmelds to graft slots in which you have a graft as though they were chakras. This effectively allows you to have two soulmelds shaped and bound to the same chakra, or to maintain the use of magic items in a slot with a bound soulmeld.

When you shape a soulmeld to a graft slot, you choose which chakra it emulates. Each graft can emulate only specific chakras.
  • Arms: Arms, Hands
  • Flesh: Heart, Soul
  • Head: Brow, Crown
  • Legs: Feet, Waist
  • Skin: Shoulders, Throat

Soulmelds bound to graft slots suppress the properties of grafts in that slot aside from their most basic functions as limbs or body parts that you would normally have, similar to how soulmelds bound to chakras prevent you from benefiting from magic items worn on their associated body slot (this is an exception to the normal rule that grafts cannot be suppressed).

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Re: 1001 Homebrew Ideas to Flesh Out Sometime
« Reply #887 on: July 13, 2020, 02:36:18 PM »
Penetrating weapon (probably +2 bonus price):

Attacks with the weapon ignore the target's armor bonus to AC if it's less than or equal to 3 + the weapon's enhancement bonus. If the armor bonus is greater than that, it still applies fully, as normal. The same is true for natural armor bonus to AC.

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Re: 1001 Homebrew Ideas to Flesh Out Sometime
« Reply #888 on: Yesterday at 06:51:53 PM »
Sprinting skill (Con-based, ACP applies)
- Class skill for:
  - PHB: barbarian, monk, ranger
  - DMG: horizon walker, shadowdancer
  - XPH: elocater, psionic fist
  - ToB: swordsage
  - Other sources I don't have memorized/ready access to: ninja, scout

Dash: Make a check (DC 12) to add additional distance to your movement (other than 5-foot steps an equivalents).
- Success adds 5 ft. to the distance you can travel. If you succeed by 10 or more, you can add up to 5 more feet of movement distance per 10 points by which you succeeded.
- You also gain a +2 circumstance bonus on your next Jump check made during this movement for every 5 feet of distance you add. If you make multiple Sprint checks as part of the same action, they don't stack; only the highest bonus applies. If you make multiple Jump checks as part of the same movement, you only get the bonus from the Sprint checks made since the previous Jump check.
- If you fail by 5+, you lose 5 feet of movement distance per 5 points you failed by and you also require a followup Constitution check (or Endurance check if playing with that skill, too) at the same DC to avoid becoming fatigued for 1 minute.
- For every 5 feet of movement gained through dashing, increase the DC of future checks by 2 until you stop dashing for 1 minute.
- During movement, you can make up to one Sprint check for extra speed for each multiple of your speed you're allowed to move. Do one check at beginning of the movement and again after moving each multiple of your speed (excluding additional distance traveled through this skill and similar effects that increase the distance you can travel without affecting your speed).
- Anything that prevents you from running prevents you from this use of Sprint.

Speedy Cornering: Make a check to turn while moving in a straight line (ex: run, charge). The DC is 10 for up to a 30 degree turn, +5 to the DC per 15 additional degrees turn (DC 15 for a 45 degree turn, DC 20 for 60 degrees, DC 25 for 75 degrees, DC 30 for 90 degrees). If you succeed, you can make the turn while moving up to no more than your normal speed (this is a separate limit to the distance you can move in the round, independent of the distance you are actually allowed to move by the actions you take).
- For every 5 points by which you beat the DC, you can make the turn whiling moving up to one additional multiple of your speed.
  - Alternatively, +4 to DC for every extra multiple of your speed you want to move. Decide the speed beforehand instead of after rolling.
- If you fail, you can't make the turn. You must continue your movement by at least 5 feet, after which you can choose to stop moving or continue onward in your line.
- If you fail by 5+, you also require a followup Balance check or Reflex save at the same DC to avoid falling prone.
- While moving in a straight line (ex: run, charge), you can make one Sprint check per round for speedy cornering.
- Make the check at the point at which you turn.
- Can't use this as part of a charge if untrained. If you're trained in Sprint, you can use this as part of a charge, starting your movement in a straight line in the direction of your choice and turning such that you end your movement along a valid charge path from the point of your turn (10+ feet of movement in a straight line towards the target, attacking form the nearest space).
- Note: This also allows you to turn while moving with a clumsy, poor, or average maneuverability movement mode without spending extra movement to turn and/or at a higher turning rate than you'd normally be allowed.

- 5 ranks in Sprint grants you a +2 bonus on Constitution (Endurance) checks to continue running.
- 5 ranks in Balance gives you a +2 bonus on Sprint checks to corner at speed.

Math stuff:
- Average Joe +0 (10 Con, 0 ranks): 45% chance to gain 5 ft. speed, 35% chance to lose 5 ft. speed.
- Trained Sprinter +6 (14 Con, 4 ranks): 25% chance to gain 10 ft. speed, 50% chance to gain 5 ft. speed, 5% chance to lose 5 ft. speed.

I'm a little uncertain about this as an actual skill, as it does somewhat directly add to combat power (additional movement speed), albeit on one of those secondary statistics that doesn't come up directly too much. It doesn't help with direct, stand-up fights when combat numbers are all you care about, but that extra bit of maneuvering capability can be really strong in the right circumstances, along the lines of changing a turn where you only move to one where you can move and perform your attacks or cast spells. In the right circumstances it can be like an extra move action.

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Re: 1001 Homebrew Ideas to Flesh Out Sometime
« Reply #889 on: Today at 06:13:01 AM »
Well, it has the obvious downside of being a skill, which is that it's abusable by serious min maxing to be significant free movement. And that it's one more skill designed for classes that already have far too many compared to their skill points.

It's something where the rules and intentions are good, but it might be better to make it a Strength check instead of a skill check, with the risk of fatigue being a Con check.