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 Now, you've all heard about the planes.  You've got the material plane, you've got the elemental planes, you've got the energy planes, and you've got all those outer planes.  Hey, you've even got the plane of shadows.  But have you heard about the wandering plane?  Its a bit of an oddball.  It doesn't stay in one place, you see.  That's why they call it the wandering plane.
 Well, they don't call it the wandering plane.  They call it the Akashic Records.  But everyone else calls it the wandering plane.  I mean, what kind of name is the Akashic Records?  That sounds more like a library than a plane.
 ...Though, I've heard that the wandering plane is a lot like a library.  Or some sort of huge archive.  Look, all I can tell you is, when the wandering plane, the Akashic Records, shows its face, things get... weird.

 The Akashic Records are a place.  And they are also a source of magic.  A strange magic, different from everything that has come before it, different from everything that will come after it, and yet strangely familiar all the same.  This book, the very Akashic Records you're asking about, presents a new system that is similar, yet different, to magic.  The heart of this system is the plane known as the Akashic Records, a massive archive-like place floating through the cosmos.  As it gets close to other places, it leaves behind marks: the mysterious substance known as tama, the strange spells known as techniques, and the stranger magicians who use them, known as technicians.

 Tama is a mysterious reddish substance, similar in some ways to blood.  It carries power and information through the Akashic Records, and is the fundamental building block from which all matter in the Records is built.  Tama has a strong attraction to life, and tends to gather within the powerful and the vibrant.  Tama is key for the technicians who use the magic of the Records; it is the power source that allows them to make manifest the various powers the Records can provide.

 A technique is a particular codification of an effect, similar to a spell or psionic power, that the Records make available to those interested in their power.  By connecting to the Akashic Records and spending tama, a technician can start a process similar in many regards to a computer program.  The effects of these processes can quite varied, and the more tama the technician puts into them, the stronger they will be.

 Those who gather tama, connect to the Akashic Records, and use the techniques found therein are known as technicians.  Technicians come in all stripes, some, like the majo, strongly resemble wizards and come across their power through long study.  Some majo were even once wizards, before they discovered a strange new plane in the skies.  Other technicians, like the meisters, have discovered how to combine martial training with akashic study.  And yet others have had their powers given to them by strange entities from the Records whom they have come to worship as gods.
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