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The Races
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 The Akashic Records are home to several races.  Noin live simple lives in the cities of the Records, devoting their lives to the entities who saved them from the darkness.  Atlach spend most of their energies building and maintaining the bridges that link the Records to the rest of creation.  Kagaribito explore strange new lands and return home to their mechanical families with stories to tell.  Henkei ooze from place to place, living everywhere without fitting in anywhere.  And the Kami run the show;  everything that happens in the Records occurs according to their plans.

 After you roll your ability scores and before you write them on your character sheet, choose your character's race.  At the same time, you'll want to choose his or her class, since race affects how well a character can do in each class.  Once you know your character's race and class, assign your ability score rolls to particular abilties.  Alter those abilities according to race (see the table below), and continue detailing your character.

Race     Type     Level Adj.     Ability Adj.     Favored Class     Automatic Languages
Atlach     Monstrous Humanoid     +0     +2 Int, -2 Cha     Majo     Common, Moji
Henkei     Ooze     +0     -2 Dex, +2 Con     Mamono     Common, Moji
Kagaribito     Construct (living)     +0     +2 Str, -2 Wis     Meister     Common, Moji
Kami     Outsider     +0     -2 Str, +2 Int     Any     Common, Moji
Koudelka     Fey     +0     -4 Str, +2 Dex, +2 Cha     Majo     Common, Moji
Noin     Humanoid     +0     -2 Con, +2 Wis     Miko     Common, Moji
Suijin     Monstrous Humanoid (aquatic)     +0     +2 Str     Meister     Common, Moji
Vessel     Humanoid     +0     -2 Str, +2 Wis     Miko     Common, Moji

 Your character's race determines some of his or her qualities.

Race Adjustments
 Find your character's race on the table above.  Apply the ability adjustments given on that table to your character's ability scores.  If these changes raise your score to above 18 or below 3, that's okay, except in the case of Intelligence, which does not go below 3 for characters.  In addition, the table above gives each race's favored class and automatic languages.
 A character's favored class doesn't count against him or her when determining experience point penalties for multiclassing (see XP for Multiclass Characters, page 60 of the Player's Handbook).  All of the favored classes on the table above are technician classes, presented in The Classes.
 All characters know how to speak Common, and every Akashic race knows how to speak Moji, the language of the Records.  Smart characters (those with an Intelligence bonus) speak additional languages, one extra language per point of bonus.  Select your character's bonus languages (if any) from the lists found in each race's Racial Traits summary.
 Unless your character is a barbarian, he or she can read and write all the languages he or she speaks.

 The tables in this section extend the information about generating starting and maximum age, height, and weight for player characters presented in Chapter 6 of the Player's Handbook to include the new races detailed in this chapter.
 Age: As described in the Player's Handbook, you can choose your character's starting age or determine it randomly by consulting the following table.  A kagaribito meister, for example, starts at an age of 0 + 1d6 years, or you can choose any age, with a minimum of 1.
 Kami and kagaribito are created as adults; they have no childhood or adolescence.  Kagaribito shows signs of physical deterioration after 150 years, but have no further aging effects after that point and no maximum age.  Kami do not suffer aging effects, and have no maximum age.
 This table divides the available character classes into the categories of simple, moderate, and complex.  The notes under the table indicate which classes are in each category.

Race     Adulthood     Simple     Moderate     Complex
Atlach     20 years     +2d4     +2d6     +3d6
Henkei     6 years     +1d4     +2d4     +2d6
Kagaribito     0 years     +1d4     +1d6     +2d6
Kami     0 years     +2d6     +3d6     +4d6
Koudelka     10 years     +1d4     +1d6     +2d6
Noin     15 years     +1d4     +1d6     +2d6
Suijin     15 years     +1d4     +1d6     +2d6
Vessel     20 years     +2d4     +2d6     +3d6

 Simple classes are barbarian, mamono, rogue, and sorcerer.
 Moderate classes are bard, fighter, meister, miko, paladin, and ranger.
 Complex classes are cleric, druid, majo, monk, and wizard.

Race     Middle Age     Old     Venerable     Maximum Age
Atlach     40 years     60 years     80 years     +2d20 years
Henkei     30 years     50 years     65 years     +2d20 years
Kagaribito     150 years     ---     ---     ---
Kami     ---     ---     ---     ---
Koudelka     30 years     45 years     60 years     +2d10 years
Noin     35 years     53 years     70 years     +2d20 years
Suijin     35 years     53 years     70 years     +2d20 years
Vessel     40 years     60 years     80 years     +2d20 years

 At middle age, -1 to Str, Con, and Dex; +1 to Int, Wis, and Cha.
 At old age, -2 to Str, Con, and Dex; +1 to Int, Wis, and Cha.
 At venerable age, -3 to Str, Con, and Dex; +1 to Int, Wis, and Cha.

 Height and Weight: Again, as explained in the Player's Handbook, you can choose your character's height and weight based on the ranges shown on the Random Height and Weight table and your character's ability scores, or you can randomly generate these figures.
 Henkei can change their height at will.  As such, the given base height represents the maximum height a henkei can obtain while maintaining human proportions.  Henkei and kagaribito always vary in weight proportional to their height.

Race     Base Height     Height Modifier     Base Weight     Weight Modifier
Atlach, male     4'5''     +2d10     170 lb.     x (2d4) lb.
Atlach, female     4'10''     +2d10     200 lb.     x (2d4) lb.
Henkei     4'10''     +2d10     120 lb.     x 4 lb.
Kagaribito     5'2''     +2d10     255 lb.     x 4 lb.
Kami, male     4'5''     +2d6     85 lb.     x (1d6) lb.
Kami, female     4'5''     +2d6     80 lb.     x (1d6) lb.
Koudelka, male     1'3''     +1d4     5 lb.     x 0 lb.
Koudelka, female     1'6''     +1d4     6 lb.     x 0 lb.
Noin, male     5'     +2d10     100 lb.     x (2d4) lb.
Noin, female     4'8''     +2d10     85 lb.     x (2d4) lb.
Suijin, male     4'10''     +2d10     100 lb.     x (2d4) lb.
Suijin, female     4'5''     +2d10     80 lb.     x (2d4) lb.
Vessel, male     4'5''     +2d6     75 lb.     x (1d6) lb.
Vessel, female     4'     +2d6     65 lb.     x (1d6) lb.
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