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Re: Pilot Feats
« Reply #20 on: November 16, 2018, 10:46:28 AM »
Ultimate Engineer[Pilot]

“I put this question to you, gentlemen
What is mecha engineering?
Mecha engineering is sin. Spacenoid's original sin
Indeed. Mecha engineering is sin.
When spacenoids downloaded the forbidden file of the Server of Knowledge, they became ashamed of their vulnerability
And covered their colonies with mecha.
From the time spacenoids first gained paranormal powers as newtype beings,
It has been their fate to pilot mechas customized through the engineering called sin.
We alone know spacenoid's sin and engineer mecha for mecha engineering's sake.

Prerequisite: 4+ranks in Craft, lv1+ of Real Pilot.
Benefit: Necessity is the mother of invention, thus pilots forced to fight for their lives in mechas that will not spontaneously sprout new powers when it’s convenient can come up with new unique ways to customize their machines. With 1d12 hours of work you can customize your mecha with the below options. Only one customization may be taken per category (weapon, support, special, A, B and C), but some may be taken multiple times. Each pick costs one Engineering Job. To gain Engineering Jobs is a matter of hard intensive work that takes its toll in one’s body and mind, so the pilot must sacrifice either 5 from their max HP or 5 skill points. Maintaining the option demands constant effort and stress, thus only by letting go of the option and resting for 2d12 hours does the lost max HP and skill points return. You can only sustain a number of Engineering Jobs up to Real Pilot level, and their benefits are good only for when you’re piloting the mecha yourself (any penalties apply to everybody).

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