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Personal struggles have delayed my response although I saw this days ago.
Balance wise, the biggest (and yet most useless) thing I can say is that I added in everything but the self-dispel-turning in response to someone saying (more than once I think after at least one revision plus the original I think) that it was amazingly underpowered.

Also, it isn't +2 effective cleric levels (that WOULD be overpowered... or at least relatively unprecidented) it is +2 to the turning check, which in turn (ha.) determines what you add or subtract from your cleric level to determine what is the maximum single hit-die of undead you can turn/rebuke that time around.

I will fix the grammatical and wording problems you pointed out now I think... probably also going to throw in some Knowledge[Religion] ranks but they might not be as many as you were thinking... Should be done now?

Thank you for all the parts!

Defiance of the Divine [Divine]
Your connection to the divine in the form of positive or negative energy is especially close, and flows with surpassing ease.  When need is greatest it is not even solely reliant on yourself awakening within you if you are oppressed by an arch-foe.
Prerequisites: Rebuking ability that can affect your own creature type, Knowledge[Religion] 6 ranks.
You gain a +2 bonus to turning/rebuking checks, and may turn/rebuke as a swift action (but regardless of actions used, not more than once a turn).

You may turn/rebuke without the need of a holy symbol, albeit with -4 (-2 when counting the above bonus) penalty to the turning check, and with -5 to the turning damage.

At the end of any turn that you both started and currently are turned, rebuked, or commanded, if you have any applicable turning/rebuking left a usage of your applicable turning/rebuking is expended to attempt a dispel-turning that affects only yourself. This requires no action or volition on your part (indeed you couldn't stop it if you wanted to, which is a good thing if you are Commanded).

Normal: Being Turned, Rebuked, or Commanded usually prevents you from dispelling turning on yourself. Turning/Rebuking is a standard action.

(click to show/hide)

How is the name?
Is there some way I can phrase this more clearly?
I suspect this is flavorful but underpowered. Perhaps it should, at your option, affect others if there are remaining hit-dice of turning/rebuking left after successfully affecting yourself?
Maybe if, as a thematic rider, and power-wise main point it let you turn/rebuke as a swift action? If there something that already does that? Maybe THAT should cost two turn/rebukes?

Skill Trick
Resilient Defiance of the Divine
Your connection to the divine is not solely reliant on yourself. When you are oppressed by an arch-foe, it awakens within you.
Prerequisites: Turn or Rebuke ability that can affect your own creature type.
Benefit: Once per encounter, at the end of any turn that you both started and currently are turned, rebuked, or commanded, if you have any applicable turning/rebuking left a usage of your applicable turning/rebuking is expended to attempt a turning dispelling that affects only yourself. This requires no action or volition on your part (indeed you couldn't stop it if you wanted to, which is a good thing if you are Commanded).
If the initial effort fails, this repeats once per hour (10 minutes? 1 Day?) after that whenever you have the applicable sort of Turning/Rebuking available to you.
Normal: Being Turned, Rebuked, or Commanded usually prevents you from dispelling turning yourself.

Magic Item (W.I.P. Especially formatting and small details-wise)
Divine Defiance Heart-stone
Price (Item Level): ?5,000 gp? (?9th?)
Body Slot: Throat
Caster Level: 5th (Often higher, increasing cost)
Aura: Moderate (DC 1?; Necromancy)
Activation: --- and Full-Round (Manipulation, to remove or don)
Weight: 5 lbs
Worn over the heart, this would be an amulet on a adamantine chain, if it were not for the additional chains passing from the back of the neck and under the armpits*. It is favored by clerical liches and dread necromancers who have completed their journey into unlife.
*Like the non-cup portions of a bra.
Several versions of this device exist, each specific to a certain creature type or sub-type. Undead is the most common, but Deathless, Fire, Earth, Water, and Air are all known to be possible. If a creature has both a type and a sub-type, then it protects against all sorts of turning/rebuking provided at least one of the (sub-)types matches the single type of the item.

At the end of any turn that you both started and currently are turned, rebuked, or commanded, if you have any applicable turning/rebuking left a usage of your applicable turning/rebuking is expended to attempt a turning dispelling that affects only yourself. This requires no action or volition on your part (indeed you couldn't stop it if you wanted to, which is a good thing if you are Commanded).

This item's chains are held together with a lock (open lock DC 35) that includes a Mage Lock like feature at the items caster level (which is often the highest the wearer can obtain or make themselves. Note that neither the wearer nor the creator can open this as if they were the caster. Only with the matching key (included in the creation requirements), may the lock be opened to remove this item. Most wearers place the key in a location that would require a significant amount of time for them to access, or destroy it entirely.

It has a hardness of 25, 50 hitpoints, and a break DC of 40.

Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, Knock, ?Life Ward? (Spell Comp. p. 131), Mage Lock, Creator must be able to turn or rebuke undead as appropriate to the intended sort of wearer.
Cost to Create: 2,500 GP, 200 XP, 5 days

What are the virtual HD?
HD that only count for some purpose... granting skill points, interaction with spells and such that can only effect a certain number of hit-dice probably... I would have to check and may have never actually written it down. I would imagine they should advance Reflex and Will, but not Fortitude?
Basically they are HD that don't do things that would imply increasing size.
Hopefully I will remember to look into the matter when I am not just waking up briefly with my usual sleep problems.

Corrections/Caviats: I find it hard to believe that the non-damaging breathweapons of metallic dragons are without their applications. Just hitpoint damage that might only be good against masses of much lower CR opponents (so NPCs generally, or if a PC is spamming summons??).

Of course, the cheasier uses of metabreath are... cheesily effective I should guess?

I'm still not sure the bonus feats and abilities make up for the lack of a breath weapon.
[pedantic]Well, they technically have a breath weapon,[/pedantic] but I completely take your meaning. Draconomicon also claims that in combat against PCs the physical attacks are actually the more effective, and since this can be "Enter battle with already in effect, or use it first round, gain benefits including Sneak Attack the rest of the battle." it might actually be MORE effective. Not to mention the defensive benefits?
Or am I missing something?
  Also, how are you going to keep track of/remember all that stuff?
I never let that sort of thing get in the way of realizing the image I have in my head... also, a lot of it isn't that hard to manage since it either doesn't come up, or it is baked in to other things the creature is doing? Maybe? I'm taking a break while by players RP, so I don't have time to check the stats this minute. Will try to do so later.

Whyare some stats listed as 38/25 or something similar?
Because at some levels you end up with a smaller one to fill out the HD you need for the level without taking any of them above Medium size. Thus you need two hitpoint totals and a two of a few other things.

Animal Companion is the more important part, but (random) encounter is also an important role.

Also, that table seems to still be messed up. I fixed one thing about it though (removed an extra line break that had no business being there).

Most local groups I've had the misfortune to play with eschew Paladins.  No this would be more of a "Them Dragons is good xp" issue.  The Murderhobos I first DM'd for would ask me upon meeting any NPC "how much xp are they worth.", to which I would reply "Squirrel.  It's a (beep) squirrel.  It's not a threat of any sort, so no xp."

"But we don't know that it isn't a half dragon squirrel till we try..."
Good grief.
My sympathies. :bigeyes

Given the way most players in my experience have behaved, I'd say they'd attack.
Ah, yes... I SUSPECT I might know the GENERAL phylum of group you are talking about... not the sort to request Arcana checks as free actions I take it? Or are you saying that even if you didn't require them to ask, and based the DC on a wyrmling regardless of the actual age of the Wing Dragon that they would still be annoyed enough to attack? If so, I doubt your groups have many PHB type or Freedom variant paladins?
Fog Cloud has a Medium (100 ft. + 10 ft. level) range with a 20 foot radius.
Right, so definitely good for getting some coverage into place at a distance quickly.
  Their breath would largely make the other spell redundant.
Yeah, by the time they actually get racial sorcerer casting their breath weapon is going to be fairly large. Even if the per-round amount is less than Concealing Mist the fact they can arrange it means they can usually cover exactly what they need to. Even more so if you are considering the total amount of mist they can maintain at a given time.
Why is it's climb speed limited?
For the Limited Spider Climb? Because even that much is more than they should ever need. It is mostly just so they can land on vertical and inverted surfaces. More about the landing site possibilities than the non-flying movement. Gave them that much so they could adjust position a bit if necessary. It now occurs to me that facing is more important than position from a fluff POV (because 3.5 doesn't track facing). I guess it also makes the fact they don't lose their dex bonus more plausible. Maybe I should increase it to 10' at some age category (or from the start) so they can 5' step while using that ability?

Homebrew and House Rules (D&D) / [3.5] [Creature] Demonicker (P.E.A.C.H.)
« on: October 06, 2022, 10:27:03 PM »
Just because this is vaguely True-naming themed have a link to someone else's rewrite of True-naming (I have no idea of quality) : The Way Words Work (or, Truenaming that doesn't make me cry myself to sleep at night). by Kellus.   Back-up Link

Statted up, with permission, based on the story Wednesdays are Sacred by Aragon, which also has an audio reading by Mystery Pony Fiction on YouTube.

Behold my low-grade art skills aided by General Zoi's Ponymaker! Well, at least it is better than no PICTURE at all...

Demonicker, Hybrid (Advanced to 15 HD, because that is what I originally used against my players, and electrons are cheap, so I might as well post it.)
Medium Outsider ?[Air, ??Earth??]?
HD 15d8+75 (142 hp)
Speed 50 ft. (8 squares);
Init: +10 (+6 Dex. +4 Improved Initiative)
AC: 27(+6 Dex, +10 Natural); touch 16; flat-footed 20 ((I checked the rules and Natural Armor does NOT increase when going from Small to Medium?))
BAB +15; Grp +21
Attack* Shoulder/Body Slam (SLASHING damage) +21 Melee 1d8+9 (x3, 19-20) AND Bite +21 (sic) Melee 2d6+9 (sic) (x2, 17-20)
Full-Attack* Shoulder/Body Slam (SLASHING damage) +19 Melee 1d8+9 (x3, 19-20) AND Bite +19 (sic) Melee 2d6+9 (sic) (x2, 17-20)
Space 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
Special Attacks De-Moniker, Learn Name (Gaze Attack)
Special Qualities Bladed Skin, Bound By Silver, Closed Mouth, Darkvision 60 ft., Eternal Breath, low-light vision, Regeneration 20 (=HD+5)/(Slashing or Piercing OR PONY???) AND Silver AND (Good OR Pony) (Does NOT apply to tongue as long as it is in contact with Silver), DR 15(Equal to HD)10/Silver OR Good, Sonic Resistance 2015 (=HD+5), Resistance to Acid, Cold, Fire, and Electricity 15 (=HD)10.
Saves Fort +14 Ref +15 Will +12
Abilities Str 22, Dex 22, Con 20, Int 16, Wis 16, Cha 22  ((at Small this would be Str 18, Dex 24, and Con 18))
Skills Appraise? +21, Bluff +24, Diplomacy +24, Gather Information +7, Heal** +12, Hide +24, Intimidate +23 (sic), Knowledge (Religion) +12, Knowledge (Arcana ((The Planes in non-Pony games)) +12, Listen +24, Move Silently +24 (But see Skills), Sense Motive +21, Survival +21 (27=(18x1.5) more skill points to distribute)
Feats Ability Focus (De-Moniker), Ability Focus(Learn Name), Combat Reflexes, Improved Critical (Shoulder/Body Slam)(B?), Improved Critical (Bite)(B?), Improved Natural Attack (Bite) (B), Multi-Attack(B), Track ((Retrained from the Weapon Finesse it had when Small), Skill Focus (Listen), Improved Initiative (15 HD)
Environment A lawful evil-aligned plane ((Pandamonium? No, that is Chaotic...))
Organization Solitary, Obituary (2-4), or Memorial of Tragedy (5-16)
Challenge Rating 12?  ((Harborn says this might be as high as 15.))
Treasure None
Alignment Lawful Evil ((This DOES mesh with the silver vulnerability!))
Advancement ??-?? HD (?Small?) ??-?? HD (Medium), ??-?? HD (?Large?) and/or by Class; Favored Class Bard*** AND Truenamer
Level Adjustment +? (Cohort only? N/A?)
* See Bound By Silver for special AC bonuses targets of a Demonicker can get.
**Usually used to know when to finish off especially weak enemies who have injured themselves attacking it, but whose name it does not fully know.
***Demonicker bards generally favor oratory over singing or playing instruments.

Bladed Skin (Ex)
The skin of a Demonicker deals 1d8+the ATTACKER'S strength modifier to weapons of hardness 9 or less and creatures using natural weapons on any attack that hits as a TOUCH attack, regardless of if it actually injures the Demonicker. Attackers using natural weapons halve the damage if they are wearing metal armor on the striking surface of the natural weapon in question, or if JUST making a touch attack. If both are true they are also allowed a reflex save against a DC of 22 to negate the damage. This save is constitution based. (Pro Tip: For faster play, just track the number of hits that need damage rolled as attacks are made (informing the player after the first instance that they ARE taking damage and the approximate magnitude), then roll saves (if any) at the end of the character's turn and only THEN damage for any attacks that don't have their damage negated.)

Eternal Breath (Su)
Demonickers generate their own air internally, and their metabolisms are otherworldly. They never inhale, only exhale, and never get out of breath or pant from exertion. they still might pant if overheated, but like the horses they resemble, they primarily regulate their temperature with sweating when hot.

They also are not subject to drowning. Strangling one is mildly effective although it takes twice as long and because the pressure builds up this requires a strength check each round equal to one third the total number of rounds it has been since the Demonicker last exhaled. Technically this overpressure could harm the Demonicker but since the damage is only 1d(Half the rounds since the Demonicker last Exhaled), this will rarely come up unless its damage reduction is negated.

((Move this to its own ability?)) A Demonicker's voice is very powerful even naturally (3 times as loud as a humans) and carries supernaturally long distances, being able to make itself understood clearly enough to use its de-moniker ability from up to 500 feet away in open air in otherwise reasonably quiet conditions. If the target is subject to a listen penality, but not totally deaf, reduce this distance by 20 feet per point of listen penalty to a minimum of 100 feet.

Learn Name (Su)
A Demonicker can look into a target's eyes to learn their name. This is a gaze attack with a range of 60 feet and is negated by a Will Save with a default DC of 25 (Charisma based), but the following bonuses apply to the DC:
Only one of the first three can apply.
Demonicker has heard the targets name from someone +6 -1 for each step removed from the target (minimum 0). Demonickers speaking the name in the hearing (including, but not limited to when using their De-Moniker ability) of another Demonicker does NOT increment this.
Has read the targets written name from their own writing +3
Knows targets name by some other means +1
Any of the first four with a nickname -2 (Minimum 0)
Any of the first four with a codename that they believe is worth using (possibly because it believes it is the real name) -4 (Minimum -1)
Any of the first four with a deliberately misleading name that an ally would almost never call them by but which the Demonicker believes to be, at worst, a codename -10 (NO minimum)
Demonicker knows at least half the targets name from their own lips +1. For example a character with a first, middle and last name would require the Demonicker to have heard at least two of these.
Prior attempt by that specific Demonicker on the target in the last 24 hours +2

If a target succeeds their FIRST save by at least 5 points they may make a Bluff check opposed by the Demonicker's Sense Motive check to have it "read" a false name that it will try to use (and automatically fail) before realizing it is false. Apply the same modifiers to the Demonicker's Sense Motive as the save DCs of this ability, except if the false name doesn't match a another false/code/nick-name the Demonicker currently has as its "best lead".

Bound By Silver (Ex)
Any restraint made of silver, even thread or wire, imposes a -20 to Strength checks to break, and a -10 to escape Artist checks. Their natural weapons can not harm silver. Silvered armor (not just armor with silvered spikes) provides twice the AC bonus against the attacks of their natural weapons.

Closed Mouth (Ex)
Demonicker gain a +5 racial bonus on any strength check or will save concerning opening or closing their mouth (if Charm-ed or dominate-d use the original save, but check at the time if it succeeded by a margin of 5). Their tongue can be attacked when they are speaking or using their bite attack (usually requiring a readied action), but they attempter takes bite damage regardless of success or failure. The AC for such an attack is 20 (the tongue lacks the armor of the rest, but it is a much smaller target).

De-Moniker (Sp)
((For a "True" Demonicker, rather than a Hybrid this is simply a Save-or-Die [Death] effect rather than involving negative levels as an intermediate step.))
To use this ability a Demonicker must either have heard its target's name from their own lips, or must have successfully used its learn name ability on them. Use LOWEST of Fortitude and Will save DC 25 to save for HALF of 1d4  ((less for Demonickers with fewer HD?)) negative levels. The DC is Charisma based. All negative levels inflicted by a demoniker vanish when it dies, but until then the save DC to remove present levels is +5. ??If a target is immune to negative levels but is NOT immune to [Death] effects, then keep track of these negative levels even though they are not technically gained, because they can still trigger the [Death] effect when they equal or exceed the victim's hit-dice.??

((IGNORE THIS PARAGRAPH IN EQUESTRIA BEGINS!, Just have them lose a level permanently as if Ressurected))If negative levels would equal total levels, make a fortitude save against the same DC, if successful you can not be reduced below 1 HD by that specific demoniker (the creature) for 24 hours, although it could still re-inflict negative levels that were removed. Resistance/Immunity to [Death] effects can help prevent death (apply resistance to the original saving throw result to see if it would make the difference), but does NOT do anything to proevent the target from gaining negative levels equal to its hitdice-1.

If the Demonicker tries to use this underwater the DC decreases by 5. If the targets ears are not in the same body of liquid (including if they are in liquid but the Demonicker's mouth is not) then their is a SEPERATE -5 penalty AND a natural 1 is not an automatic failure.

This is a language-dependant sonic attack.

See Closed Mouth for rules on attacking the tongue of a Demonicker.

Impale (Ex)
A (Medium) Demonicker deals 3d6+9 points of slashing damage to a grabbed opponent with a successful grapple check. Nota Bene: Demonickers do NOT have a racial improved grab ability!

Skills: Demonickers suffer -2 racial penalty to move silently when doing more then turnig there head and/or breathing. Wind noise also does not aid them against listen checks if they are exposed to said wind because it whistles through their scales, canceling out the benefit of background noise.

Campaign specific notes:
Only has Azira's FIRST name from her own lips, but full name second hand. Call it an extra +1 to the DC for having the first name.
Azira's DC for Learn Name is 33 (27 base+5 for knowing name from a secondary source +1 for knowing her first name from her own lips).

It's simultaneously weaker in some ways and more powerful in others than a White Dragon when you just look at ability scores, ac, etc.  But it has a LOT more abilities and no damaging breath weapon.  The CR will probably need adjusting, but I think we'd have to go through it one age category at a time.
Well... the breath weapon isn't DIRECTLY damaging... but combined with the Sneak Attack and how many attacks true dragons get... but you already knew that, yes?

P.S. General comments are welcome, not just CR stuff.

A few things, completely at random:
How would most player groups feel about being buzzed by one of these, which does NOT circle back around to chat, but might glance over its shoulder to see the looks on their faces?
Would Concealing Mist be a good spell to take when they get their sorcerer casting, or does the breath weapon make that redundant? What about Fog Cloud for longer ranges (without the delay of moving their breath-weapon to where they need it to be, but also I think the range is also strictly longer? Need to sleep now or I would check...)?

    Working Title: Hedge of Thorns/Bridge Holder
    Theme: Opportunity Attacks (including on Projectiles)
    Looked up weight for Lucerne Hammer at:
    Was very conservative and went with 7 lbs.

    Basically all of these only apply to Defensive Strikes.
    -((Once per round? If so, decided AFTER a hit but before damage.))Damage bonus increases to equal class level, rather than just your Gifting Bonus.
    -Add Charisma to Defensive Strike attack rolls. ((replace dexterity/strength until level 4 or 5, THEN add?))
    -Silver (include note about being able to exchange this for another option in games where, say, cold iron is a thing... NOT adamintine)
    -((Look at Hydra for better wording)) Upon rolling initiative gain an additional number of reactions equal to the higher of your charisma or dexterity modifier. These Reactions may ONLY be used for Opportunity Attacks, and refresh at the END of each of your turns, provided you did not cause any harm to any opponent, even indirectly, except via Opportunity Attacks since the end of your last turn(start of combat on first round).
    -((IF an moving from one spot within 5' to another spot within 5' allows an opportunity attack with a Reach weapon.)) For the purposes of defensive strikes you are proficient with reach weapons.
    -?"I must survive to be re-united with my cherished ones resolution"? (Mostly about weapon proficiencies, since 5e has everyone on the same attack bonus... MAYBE grant silver/magic/extra attacks at higher levels.)

                ((Possibly upgrade from replacing Str./Dex. modifier with Charisma modifier to adding Charisma modifier to the roll.))
         ((IF I am RIGHT about how Reach weapons work:))
                    Defensive Strikes count as being made with a magical weapon.
    .     ((IF I am WRONG about how Reach weapons work:))
                    Spiked Chain/Meteor Hammer/Rope(chain) Dart ((Except the Spiked chain already does Piercing...)) proficiency (including ability to make more than one attack per round). Third square of movement within your reach provokes, even if enemy is using Disengage action.
                    Improved Critical on Defensive Strikes

    7th: Magic ((Since Monks get it at 6th and it is kinda a big deal!))

         "Intercepting Arrow Kata" within 20' using thrown daggers, darts, and shuriken. Fueled with Opportunity Attacks (Look to see how *Fireball* works in this edition.)
         (Can replace this with one of the other two picks if you later take the actual Mage-Slayer feat) "Lesser Mage Slayer" (Mage Slayer feat is PHB p. 168, requires Defensive Strike to be active (IE no having used the Attack action the previous turn etc), and counts as a Defensive Strike)
         (Can replace this with one of the other two picks if you later take the actual Sentinal feat) "Lesser Sentinal" (As per Sentinel PHB p.169-170, but only on Defensive Strikes).

    11th: "Vicious" ((The only question is whether to move this earlier, and possibly make some of the base damage progression transfer into requiring it.))
          Alignment or Adamintine (neither of which matter when you are already "Magic", ND lignment might not matter at all)

    17th: ?Advantage on Defensive Strikes?, Ability to OO Ethereal+Shadow+(Other Co-existant planes), and/or Teleportation (either by treating it as straight-line movement or by just getting an OO on anything that arrives within your reach), and/or *Stone Swim* and the like.

    Hedge of Thorns
    Theme: Opportunity Attacks (including on Projectiles)

    Thorns, Many and Large((Could use a better name))
    -Damage bonus on defensive strikes increases to equal class level. ((Limit this increase to X per round?))
    -Charisma to-hit (replace rather than add until level 4 or 5?)
    -Silver (include note about being able to exchange this for another option in games where, say, cold iron is a thing... NOT adamintine)
    -((Look at Hydra for better wording)) Upon rolling initiative gain an additional number of reactions equal to the higher of your charisma or dexterity modifier. These Reactions may ONLY be used for Opportunity Attacks, and refresh at the END of each of your turns, provided you did not cause any harm to any opponent, even indirectly, except via Opportunity Attacks since the end of your last turn(start of combat on first round).
    -Monk's Unarmed Strike damage on unarmed (and improvised weapon) Defensive Strikes.
    Grace-Gift LevelDamageDie1st-4th1d45th-10th1d611th-16th1d817th-20th1d10

    -?"I must survive to be re-united with my cherished ones resolution"? (Mostly about weapon proficiencies, since 5e has everyone on the same attack bonus... MAYBE grant silver/magic/extra attacks at higher levels.)
         5th: Proficiency with all reach weapons ((Add Lucerne Hammer... try to force myself to ignore the fact it should also be capable of dealing peircing. Reduce damage die if I can't avoid the temptation. Also, Reach weapons do not have a myopic zone in 5e: )). Third square of movement within your reach provokes, even if enemy is using Disengage action.
    (click to show/hide)
              Improved Critical on Defensive Strikes

    7th: Magic ((Since Monks get it at 6th and it is kinda a big deal!))

         "Intercepting Arrow Kata" within 20' using thrown daggers, darts, and shuriken. Fueled with Opportunity Attacks (Look to see how *Fireball* works in this edition. Probably keep this Dex. based for the moment, although Cha. based might prove better for balance?)
         (Can replace this with one of the other two picks if you later take the actual Mage-Slayer feat) "Lesser Mage Slayer" (Mage Slayer feat is PHB p. 168, requires Defensive Strike to be active (IE no having used the Attack action the previous turn etc), and counts as a Defensive Strike)
         (Can replace this with one of the other two picks if you later take the actual Sentinal feat) "Lesser Sentinal" (As per Sentinel PHB p.169-170, but only on Defensive Strikes).
         ((IF defensive strikes not = +Cha. Mod. then increase to that, or maybe even unlimited.))

    Bee Dies To Preserve Hive ((Name Might need improvement. One alternative: "Barbed Thorns Break Off In Wound, Spilling Sap" which keeps with the thorns theme but isn't nearly as clear, nor as viceral... although overstating the severity of the damage you inflict on yourself. Maybe something about a hedge whose wood breaks off sharp as an additional defensive feature?))
    "Vicious" ((The only question is whether to move this earlier, and possibly make some of the base damage progression transfer into requiring it.))
          Alignment or Adamintine (neither of which matter when you are already "Magic", AND alignment probably doesn't matter at all)

    A Hedge Composed Of Nothing But Thorns Advantage on Defensive Strikes ((Is this overpowered? Should it just be +2 or some other number to hit so you can still benefit from Advantage from other sources?))


    Working Title: Disaster's Bane

    Improves: Saving Throws
    Other things to maybe add in: Magic Resistance, Resistance to various sorts of damage (three subcatagories: Basic Energy (Thunder, Fire, Lightning, Cold, Acid), Advanced Energy (Necrotic, Radiant, Force), and Physical (Slashing, Bludgeoning, Piercing)... might combine the last two categories as far as which you get to pick from at what levels.), maybe Immunity to various conditions such as fear and/or charm (If I include charm it will have a version that is not transferable). NEED TO FIGURE OUT WHERE POISON DAMAGE SHOULD GO.
    3rd: Divine Health, Pick one saving throw to replace your normal ability modifier for with charisma, Pick another ability score each (odd numbered?) level, and to allow the transfer of the ability modifier as if it were base save when using Gift of Resistance.
    7th: Pick one saving throw you already can replace your charisma modifier for (including the one you picked at this level), and instead ADD your charisma modifier. Yes, this DOES mean you can use charisma twice on charisma saves! The default ability score can NOT be transferred. Pick another ability score every (odd nmumbered?) level.
    11th: Evasion/Mettle on any one type of save that you already have (7th level ability) for. Transfers whenever you transfer any amount of that save to any ally who gets at least +1. Pick an additional save type every (odd numbered?) level.
          Ranges of Gift of Resistance double.
    17th: Advantage on any one type of save you already have (1st version of 11th level ability) for. Transfers whenever you transfer any amount of that save to anyone who gets at least +1 for, but in outer range you pick when using Gift of Protection whether all allies will get this OR the Evasion/Mettle effect for all saves effected that round. Pick another ability score every (odd numbered?) level.
          As per one of the options for the 11th level ability.

    Working Title: Holy Protector  ((Needs better name since they are all part of the clergy by default.))
    Theme: Actual Spellcasting!
    3rd: Prepared casting with spell slots at the Eldritch Knight Progression rate. Spell list will be mostly drawn from the cleric (buffs and healing), with a few choice buffs from the Wizard list (most notably Fly and Haste), and perhaps only a single spell from Paladin: Compel Duel... but currently planning on giving them the Smite's but only working on their Defensive Strikes. In any case the buffs can never be cast on yourself.
    Cantrips do not require preparation. Prepare Wisdom ((Charisma?)) modifier + half your grace-gift level rounded down (minimum of one spell). ((replace 1/2 class level with Proficiency Bonus? Probably not... In any case, Paladins use Charisma, but AT/EK use Intelligence. )) Change prepared on Long (Short?) rest. Slots recovered on Long Rest. DC ?Charisma? ?Wisdom? based (again, Paladins use Charisma, but AT/EK use Intelligence)
    Attack action breaks concentration?
    ((Something Man_Over_Game said in post #5 of the pre-posting thread I did implied that giving them Ranger/Paladin level casting progression would be fine. If they meant it (I should check!) and if I go with that, I should delay it one level since those classes get their casting starting at 2nd, rather than 3rd. This would still give this architype 5th level spell slots.))
    ((Maybe give expanded spell list with more marginal spells at the cost of being a 1/3 caster rather than a 1/2? Would have to be pretty generous with the expansion, perhaps even allowing a certain number of free picks from the cleric list.))

    7th: On any round you use an action ((or bonus action?)) to use a Gift, you gain advantage on Concentration checks to maintain spells that are on the Holy Protector spell list.
         "Turn Away Harm" (probably NOT scaling into "Set the Captives Free" since all undead in this edition have Int. Scores?)

    11th: ((Consider spell levels carefully here, especially since this is currently a 1/3 caster)) *Greater Restoration* 1/Long Rest
         13th: Mass Cure Wounds OR Regeneration OR ???(Mordenkainen's) Magificent Mansion??? OR ???Sequester??? 1/Long Rest ((Pick one or the other at this level? Share charge with eachother and maybe even with *Greater Restoration* at least for a few levels?))
         15th: Heal OR ?Heroes Feast? OR ???Mind Blank??? OR ???Telepathy ((c.f. ______ Warning Shout... maybe delay this to 17th since that is when you get the nerfed-from-the-5e-version of Foresight and/or make this a special version that gives the target the full effects of 5e Foresight while both are active.))??? 1/Long Rest ((Pick one or the other at this level? Share charge with eachother and maybe even with 13th level stuff, at least for a few levels?))

    17th: Power Word Heal OR Mass Heal OR ???Wish (Curative only.) ((Not sure if it especially fills this role in 5e. Given they made Miracle a class ability they MIGHT have transferred that functionality over to something that Mass Heal could do anyway.))??? 1/Long Rest (1 or 2 Con. Drain if this needs to be nerfed, especially because they can also cast a probably-nerfed-from-the-5e-version of *Foresight*)

    [SPOILER = Holy Protector Spell List]
    ((Looked through all PHB spells. Double check for Smite type spells I may have missed, which might only apply to opportunity attacks.))
    An Ounce of Prevention (At Grace-Gift level 5 you may replace this with another cantrip from this list.) ((Nerf this to NOT include Purify Food and Drink option?))
    Produce Flame (Can't attack with, but can light unattended objects.) ((A compromise between Light and Prestidigitation for niche characters. Allow rebate if they later come to have the two others, although that would be a really strange situation since the number or cantrips gained after the initial alotment at 1st level is very small.))
    Message??? ((120 range and ability to penetrate solid objects in some cases make this worth considering. Limiting it to allies seems thematic, but not really necessary.))
    Parlay ((New spell, not sure if it is worth existing, but I typed it up below, including a note that the GG receives all of the benefits of it. MIGHT NEED TO BECOME A 1ST LEVEL SPELL! Remember Calm Emotions and consider them together.))
    Peaceful Rest (As per Sleep, but willing targets only, no Concentration required, and lasts until they are well rested.)
    Prestidigation??? At first glance this wouldn't apply because they have An Ounce of Prevention but maybe fire-light for survival's sake and cooking, and food flavoring (and warming/cooling?) since they get proficiency with "Trail Cooking". Warm/Cool would go along with Gift of Tolerance a bit.
    Shillelagh??? (In your own hands only works on defensive strikes, won't work for anyone you consider an enemy. You don't have to be holding it, and maybe even 10' range instead of touch.) ((Similar spells I am considering are Elemental Weapon, Magic Weapon, and Swift Quiver... with that last being the least similar.))

    Alarm? ((Give them picks at certain levels of which of these borderline spells to add to their spell list, like AT/EK are restricted to specific schools for MOST of their picks?))
    Animal Friendship?
    Bolt of Resilient Guidance ((If this doesn't get too much flak in the contest or other postings I might make of this before publishing the grace-gift.))
    Compelled Duel
    Comprehend Languages
    Create or Destroy Water ((Create only?))
    Cure Wounds
    Detect Evil and Good
    Detect Magic?
    Detect Poison and Disease
    Divine Favor ((Omit this, or make it Defensive Strike only?))
    Ensnaring Strike ((Omit this, or make it Defensive Strike only?))
    Expeditious Rescue ((Might not include this, might make it an "extra pick" like the stuff marked with a "?", It would be a new spell based on Expeditious Retreat to grant Swift Rescuer sub-class's Duel-Action thing with Dash only.))
    Feather Fall
    ((NO Guiding Bolt if I put in Bolt of Resilient Guidance))
    Healing Word ((Wasn't sure they should get this since the Gifts are mostly standard action, but since I'm currently planning to change that to a variant on the Rogue's cunning action whenever they use a Gift it is more plausible.))
    Mage Armor? ((Long duration and Arcane natures are factors against this.))
    Protection from Good and Evil
    Prayer for the Hero
    Purify Food and Drink ((Yes, currently they can already do this, and even can take it as a Cantrip that gets replaced at class level 5, but: 1.) I might nerf the cantrip in that regard. 2.) Cantrips can't be changed on a daily basis, meaning taking it as a cantrip might be [Insert Admiral Akbar here...]. ))
    Sanctuary ((Others only?))
    Searing Smite? (Defensive Strikes only.)
    Shield??? (Others only, 10 range.)
    Shield of Faith
    True Strike??? ((Similar spells I am considering are Elemental Weapon, Magic Weapon, Shillelaghand Swift Quiver... with that last being the least similar to the others.))

    Wrathful Smite? (Defensive Strikes only.)

    Arcane Lock? ((Not sure this should even be on the "must spend a limited pick to add to your spell list" list.))
    Augery? ((As much as I hate this sort of divination...))
    Branding Smite? ((Defensive Strikes only.))
    Calm Emotions ((Not sure if I should include this at all. Remember Parlay cantrip/spell I created when considering this and it.))
    Continual Flame?
    Enhance Ability
    Find Traps? ((Especially consider omitting this... also, remember to include guidelines to GMs for base class ritual casting, the default Holy Protector list AND the "pick a few" Holy Protector list (if any) so they can make good decisions regarding adding splat-book/homebrew to this.))
    Gentle Repose
    Invisibility? ((Especially consider ommitting this.))
    Lesser Restoration
    Levitate (Target Controls, but it is you who needs to concentrate, not them.)
    Magic Weapon? (In your own hands only works on defensive strikes (and is probably redundant for those), won't work for anyone you consider an enemy.) ((Similar spells I am considering are Elemental Weapon, Magic Weapon, Shillelagh and Swift Quiver... with that last being the least similar.))
    Pass without Trace (Touch range. Others only... possible exception that only works if you are within X' of Y other creatures you have effected with it and all allies within that same  (or greater) range are subject to it... maybe create a 4th or 5th level Mass version of this or have their version allow up-slotting?)
    Prayer of Healing? ((I guess this doesn't invalidate their short-rest healing any more than the combat healing stuff does?))
    Protection from Poison
    Rope Trick?
    See Invisibility? ((Not at-will, so still leaves the "Take My Eyes that You Might See, Take My Ears that You Might Hear" to have an advantage. Similar considerations for True Seeing although that is such a high level that they would have to be MORE than a 1/2 caster to get it, and it has a 25 gp consumed component.))
    Silence? (Does not effect intentional speech nor verbal components ((of enemies?)).)
    Spider Climb??? (Others only?) ((Well, you get Levitate and Fly, so...))
    Status ((Copy paste the entry for this in at some appropriate point.))
    Warding Bond ((Can't use Gift of Warding when this is active, and vice-versa?))
    Zone of Truth??

    Aura of Vitality ((Can use Standard action instead of bonus action? Probably NOT "Must use"...))
    Beacon of Hope
    Blinding Smite? (Defensive Strikes only when prepared as a grace-gift spell.)
    Create Food and Drink
    Crusader's Mantle
    Dispel Magic ((Only castable on allies, unattended items and allies' items?))
    Elemental Weapon (In your own hands only works on defensive strikes, won't work for anyone you consider an enemy.) ((Similar spells I am considering are Elemental Weapon, Magic Weapon, Shillelagh, and Swift Quiver... with that last being the least similar.))
    Feign Death
    Helping Hand ((Link or copy-paste from: ))
    (Leomund's)Tiny Hut ((Ritual only? Double listed due to name variation.))
    Magic Circle ((Maybe you can't be on the "safe" side of the circle... perhaps unless it is in "containment" mode?))
    Mass Healing Word ((Wasn't sure they should get *Healing Word* since the Gifts are mostly standard action, but since I'm currently planning to change that to a variant on the Rogue's cunning action whenever they use a Gift it is more plausible.))
    Phantom Stead? ((Well, if I allow *Longstrider*...))
    Plant Growth (Land Enriching only.) ((Goes off of the "Proficient with Farmer's Tools" thing.))
    Protection from Energy
    (Otiluke's) Resilient Sphere? (All targets in area must be willing or spell is expended without effect.) ((Double listed due to name variation.))
    Remove Curse
    (Otiluke's) Resilient Sphere? (All targets in area must be willing or spell is expended without effect.) ((Double listed due to name variation.))
    Sending? ((Consider in concert with Message.))
    Speak with Dead? (Their spirit can cause it to fail with the same information as it gets when deciding on returning to life via a spell. The information provided is no better than the default version.) ((Especially useful for checking if someone is willing to come back without expending the components/constition burn.))
    (Leomund's)Tiny Hut ((Ritual only? Double listed due to name variation.))
    (Variant?) Vampiric Touch ((If cast on yourself transfers hit-points from yourself to the touched target, possibly at a profit (especially if up-cast) and/or using larger/more dice. IF I allow it to goes on an ally and maybe just lets them heal (half) the damage they inflict with one melee attack per round up to a cap (probably the average of what the PHB Vampiric Touch can do. Maybe allow them to decide if they want to use it on a particular attack after rolling the to-hit, finding out if it hits, rolling damage, or discovering the actual damage? Or say it activates at the end of their turn and goes off of the biggest damage they inflicted since you cast it (1st round) or since the end of their last turn (later rounds)... or keep the book-keeping shorter term and only have it work with attacks on their own turn. NOTE: This is granted by the Death Domain DMG (NOT PHB) p.96-7 In any case you are the one who has to maintain concentration (obvious, but I mentioned it for Levitate so I'm doing so here, even if this needs it less.))
    Water Breathing
    Water Walk? ((Since I'm giving Fly... this is obviously a less big deal of an effect on a round, by round basis, but it lasts an hour and does NOT require Concentration.))

    Aura of Purity
    Aura of Life
    (Mordenkainen's) Faithful Hound ((Double listed due to name variation. Inclusion probably linked to if including *Alarm*.))
    Freedom of Movement
    Greater Invisibility?
    Guardian of Faith? ((Creature in its Reach when you cast it has the first round when it CAN move to move away in a way that never has it moving towards an ally, without needing to make a save, if no such path exists, it may instead move as it wishes (provided it takes the Dash, Dodge, or Disengage action first???).))
    Locate Creature (Those you are honestly friendly toward only... maybe exception for food/medicine sources of animal or lower intellect.) ((Note that paladins get this.))
    (Mordenkainen's) Faithful Hound ((Double listed due to name variation. Inclusion probably linked to if including *Alarm*.))
    (Mordenkainen's) Private Sanctum ((Might be double listing this due to name variation. Inclusion probably only if including *Alarm*, and maybe not even then.))
    Staggering Smite? (Defensive Strikes only.)

    5th ((If I decide to make them 1/2 casters rather than 1/3.))
    Banishing Smite
    Circle of Power
    Dispel Evil and Good ("Break Enchantment" only.)
    Dream (Non-harmful only.) ?
    Greater Restoration
    Hallow? ((Limit effects selection, at least if it has to be a "special pick".))
    Legend Lore? ((Despite my dislike for this sort of divination I need to fairly consider including this...))
    Mass Cure Wounds
    Raise Dead
    Reincarnate? (I mean if they are pulling in Arcane spells, why not Druid spells?)
    Swift Quiver  (Works for allies. For you it only works on Intercepting Darts... which as of my current concepts you can't get, won't work for anyone you consider an enemy.) ((SOMEWHAT similar spells I am considering are Elemental Weapon, Magic Weapon, and Shillelagh.))

    6th ((If I decide for some reason, to make them MORE than 1/2 casters. Might not be very careful about completing this unless I think I will need it. Ditto for noting what might NOT be included among the things I enter.))
    Blade Barrier? ((Consider the following multi-sentence limitation: Must be only allies+yourself on one side, and only enemies on the other. Neutrals can be on either side. No creatures can be in where you cast it.))
    Globe of Invulnerability
    Guards and Wards?
    Heroes' Feast
    True Seeing? ((See note on Invisibility.))
    Wind Walk ((Goes with Fly thematically, although turning into a cloud means I would have to have you turn to stone or be Slowed or vulnerable to all damage or something if I tagged this on as a high-level upgrade to Carry the Burden... which might be good, even for the Core class, without bringing in the Archetype that enhances it.))
    Word of Recall??? ((Doesn't HAVE To work on you? CAN'T work on you?))


    Bolt of Resilient Guidance
    1st-level Evocation
    Casting Time:   1 action
    Range:   120 feet
    Components:   V, S
    Duration: Concentration(but see below), up to 1 round
    A flash of light streaks toward a creature of your choice within range. Make a ranged spell attack against the target. On a hit, the target takes 2d4 radiant damage, and the next attack roll made against this target during the next round has advantage, thanks to the mystical dim light glittering on the target until then. This effect occurs even if you do not maintain concentration. If you DO maintain concentration this light continues, also applying advantage to all attacks on that creature up to your casting ability modifier additional attacks during that round.

    At Higher Levels: When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 2nd level or higher, the damage increases by 1d4 and you gain +1 to concentration checks to maintain this spell for each slot level above 1st. In addition, if you cast this spell with a 6th level or higher slot the duration is Concentration, up to 1 minute. Each round after the first, it grants advantage on a number of attacks equal to your casting ability modifier.

    Abjuration cantrip
    Casting Time: 1 Action
    Range: 10'
    Components: V
    Duration: Concentration , 1 round to complete effect
    Cleans and disinfects all surfaces in a 1 cubic foot area including open wounds, but NOT including food or drink.
    At Higher Levels:
      ((Future changes: Speed maybe increases with level. Maybe also requires a certain level to work against magical diseases.))

    Helping Hand
    3rd-level Evocation (Ritual)
    Casting Time:   1 action
    Range:   5 miles
    Components:   V, S
    Duration: Concentration, up to 5 hours
    You create the ghostly image of a hand, which you can send to find a creature within 5 miles. You can specify a person (or any creature) by physical description, which can include race, gender, and appearance but not ambiguous factors such as level, alignment, or class. When the description is complete, the hand streaks off in search of a subject that fits the description. The hand then beckons to that creature and leads it to you if the creature is willing to follow.

    If the subject is within 1,000 ft the hand finds them in 1 minute. Beyond this range it takes 1 hour per of mile distance (rounded up).

    Once the hand locates the subject, it beckons the creature to follow it. If the subject does so, the hand points in your direction, indicating the most direct feasible route. The hand hovers 10 feet in front of the subject, moving before it at a speed of as much as 120 feet per round. Once the hand leads the subject back to you, it disappears.

    If the subject chooses not to follow, the hand continues to beckon for the duration of the spell, then disappears. If the spell expires while the subject is en route to you, the hand disappears; the subject must then rely on her own devices to locate you.

    If more than one subject in a 5-mile radius meets the description, the hand locates the closest creature. If that creature refuses to follow the hand, the hand does not seek out a second subject.

    At Higher Levels: When you cast this spell using a slot of 4th level or higher, the duration increases by one hour for each slot level above 3rd. It still requires concentration.

    2nd-level Divination
    Casting Time:   1 action
    Range:   Touch
    Components:   V, S
    Duration: 1 hour
    This spell only works on willing creatures and beasts of intelligence 3 or less.

    You touch a single creature. You are aware of direction and distance to the creature and any conditions affecting them: unharmed, fatigued (including level of fatigue), wounded, incapacitated, staggered, unconscious, dying, nauseated, panicked, stunned, poisoned, diseased, or the like. Examples of conditions it does NOT reveal include charmed, frightened, grappled, prone, and restrained. Once the spell has been cast upon the subject, the distance between them and the caster does not affect the spell as long as they are on the same plane of existence. If a subject leaves the plane, or if it dies, the spell ceases to function for it.

    At Higher Levels: When you cast this spell using a slot of 3rd level or higher, you may target one additional willing creature for each slot level above 3rd. If you use a slot of at 5th to 7th level then the duration increases to 8 hours. If you use a slot of 8th level the duration increases to 24 hours, and if you use a 9th level spell slot the duration increases to 7 days.

    Bard, ?Cleric? ((Good only? Specific domains only?: Life, War, )), Grace-Gift. ((See note, on school/level line, but if I DON'T make this 1st level I still want to give this to Paladins as a 1st level spell somehow. Maybe the classes without cantrips have to spend a spell known/prepared like it was 1st level, but can still spam it as long as they have it? Ritual casting only is a mechanically POSSIBLE solution, but doesn't seem very Paladin-y.))
    Parlay / Sincere Friends / Sincere Offer of Friendship / Offer Peace
    Enchantment Cantrip (Grace-Gift Ritual) ((Actually, looking at Friends PHB p. 244, they have to be non-hostile to start with for that, so this might need to be 1st level.))
    Casting Time:   ?1 action OR 1 Bonus Action?
    Range:   ?Self?
    Components:   V, S, M    
    Duration: Concentration, up to 1 minute
    Pick one creature you can see, even a hostile one. You must sincerely desire to seek peace with the creature. This desire or resolution must extend at least to the point of doing your utmost to defend it from any of your allies who might attack it until and unless it attacks you or your allies AFTER this spell has ended.
       For the duration of this spell you have advantage on charisma checks against the creature, and any time it attempts to cause harm to you or any of your allies it must ?first make a wisdom saving throw. If it fails that action not expended, nor are spell slots, ammunition etc. It may chose a different action to perform (even a violent one), but not ones that would harm you or your allies, even indirectly.
       When this spell ends, the creature realizes you used magic to influence its mood, and might become hostile to you, even if it was not initially. Other creatures might be grateful for your going out of your way to avoid harming them, especially if they have come to believe their initial response was/would have been based on a misunderstanding that your use of this spell helped you clear up. Part of this, of course, depends on the nature of your interaction with it, especially while this spell was in effect. If they do become hostile then the nature of that hostility would vary in accordance with their personality. A creature prone to violence might attack you. Another creature might seek retribution in other ways (at the DM's discretion).
    ((Needs something to prevent chaining it to effectively extend the duration. Consider if having someone spamming it on allies to invoke the immunity period (even if it is just 5 minutes or something) is something I need language to counter.))
    Special: Holy Protector grace-gifts may receive the full benefits of casting this spell, even the ones that apply to them personally such as advantage on charisma checks and the need to make a wisdom save to attack them.

    Working Title: Swift Rescuer
    Improves: Good Action Economy (Technically doesn't improve any particular base class features, but the idea of bonus action casting to allow more free use of Dash, Disengage, Dodge, and Help is certainly a design aspect of the base class. Dash and Disengage are especially useful because I kept the ranges short for most abilities, so they have to stay dangerously close to the action.)
    Adds (at various levels):

    3rd: When using Swift to Protect, add both your dexterity and charisma modifiers instead of only your charisma modifier.

        5th: Land's Stride (As per druid or ranger)
             Enemies have disadvantage on Opportunity Attacks against you.
    7th: Whenever you take the Dash, Disengage, Dodge, or Help action, you may take another (different) one of those actions as well at the same time, or later in the turn.

        9th: ? "Intercepting Arrow Kata" within 20' using thrown daggers, darts, and shuriken. Fueled with Opportunity Attack (Note that this Architype DOESN'T get Combat Reflexes! Look to see how *Fireball* works in this edition. the idea of being "exactly where you are needed" could be expanded to including covering the whole party from ranged attacks.) ?   

    11th: Benign Transposition in place of movement (As per Conjuration School Wizard, but possibly more often).

    17th: When using Action as per 3rd level feature, can use a Bonus Action Grace-Gift ability instead of taking a second Action. You may NOT use the a bonus action for any given thing more than once a round.

    Working Titles: Conflict Avoidance, Master Diplomat
    Improves: Social Skills
    Adds (at various levels): Zone of Truth (not transferable), maybe defenses against specific sorts of charm (some possibly transferable), Alignment Detection (NOT type detection like Paladins and the spell Detect Good and Evil does, but actually detecting alignments as it worked in every edition prior to this. Yes, I know they probably changed it for a good reason (this can break intrigue campaigns), but I allowed a save, and being strong in that sort of situation is the point of this archetype. Not transferable.)
    3rd: "Mouse Squeaks, but Draws Not the Attention Nor The Ire of the Cat"

         Add proficiency bonus to "Gather Information"

         Gain Proficiency in Deception, Insight, Intimidate, or Persuasion.
         Pick one of the above already proficient in to gain Expertese in.

         The previous choice repeats at 5th, 9th, 13th, 15th, and 19th level. If you already have Expertese in all of them, then you instead pick one to have Advantage on.

         4th, 6th, 8th, 10th, 12th, 14th, etc: Additional Language.
    7th: *Zone of Truth* 1/short rest.
         *Detect Thoughts* 1/short rest
         *Comprehend Languages* 2/short rest ((This should probably be earlier, as maybe should *Tongues*... maybe just outright give them the Monk's *Tongue of the Sun and the Moon*))
    11th: ?*Discern Lies* 1/short rest?
          *Tongues* 2/short rest
    17th: *Detect Alignment* (5' range, continuous)

    Working Title(s): Humble Servant 
    Themes: Help action and mundane life. This is the one that might be much more useful to NPCs rather than PCs. Think Little House on the Prairie?
    Ranger-like bonuses to surviving in various terrains, but some options nerfed or removed entirely (Require proficiency in Survival to get these bonuses). For instance tracking is limited to game animals and anything that has attacked an ally within a certain number of days.
    3rd: Proficiency with all crafting tools, including farming implements, PROVIDED you aren't making anything useful for combat with them. Maybe some restrictions on them being "great art" or being suitable for turning into magic items? (Not transferable)
         "Helpful" bonus increases to gifting bonus. ((Remember footnote that for single-classed grace-gifts this is simply your proficiency bonus.))
         Ranger-like bonuses to surviving in various terrains, but some effects nerfed or removed entirely. For instance tracking is limited to game animals and anything that has attacked an ally within a certain number of days.
             5th: Advantage on saves for long-term effort. Think the 3.x Endurance feat, but applying just as well to pulling an all-nighter as a speech writer, engineer/draftsman, clockmaker, or diplomat as it is to hiking or loading cargo.

    7th: When you use the Help action in combat you also grant your ally the benefits of the Dodge action (which, because of "Helpful" and one of the 3rd level features of this archetype, also grants them your proficiency bonus to Reflex saves and AC), ?but only against the enemy in question?.
         You can use the Help action twice each time you use an Action (never applies twice to the same roll! But could, for example, apply to two sequential attacks by the same ally on the same enemy.).
         Jack of All Trades

         Reduce need for sleep/trance by 1 hour at this and each subsequent level until 0.

    11th: Continuous Haste... that removes most of your class features, including armor and weapon proficiencies, from ALL your classes as long as it is active. Requires a Short Rest to turn it on or off. May have been partially inspired by Boggans from Changeling: The Dreaming.

    17th: Cast *Floating Disk* OR *Longstrider* 1/Short Rest
          Cast the following as rituals
              Spell level 1st: Floating Disk
              Spell level (to be sorted): , Fabricate, , Move Earth, Stone Shape, Tongues, Wall of Stone,

    Working Title(s): Indomitable Fortress
    Improves/Adds: Various defenses, none of which are transferable. Very up in the air as to what actually I will be including here.
    Hunter Ranger Archetype
    Rogues bonus actions and Evasion (extend to other saves?)
    +1 AC combat style of paladin/fighter
    fighter's second wind
    Damage resistances/immunities
    ...and a BUNCH of other stuff.

    Working Title(s):Phalanx Anchor ((I don't even have any notes written up for 5e on this one, but it was a route you could go with the other two incarnations of this class.))
    Improves: Armor Class, Gift of Protection ((Maybe a touch of Gift of Warding, if I need to fill in some gaps at higher levels.))
    3rd: Proficiency with Shields, Medium Armor.
    ((Move this to 3rd?))Proficiency with Heavy armor that doesn't slow movement. While in Heavy Armor, the charisma bonus to yourself is capped at +2. This has no effect on the armor bonuses you provide to others.

    ((Improvement(s) to armor gifting at this and/or later levels. Maybe increase range, NOT its strength. Maybe -1 range for all/just those at longer range (like the save booster) when using this option.))

    Working Title(s):Singer of Songs to Gladden the Heart
    ((To Bardic Inspiration what Eldritch Knight is to Sorcerer))
    3rd: Bardic Inspiration Cha. Mod. per Long Rest, but a d4 instead of a d6. ((Is nerfing the die sizes a big enough nerf, especially if I grant the college's special uses at 11th level?))
            The die becomes a d6 at 5th level, a d8 at 10th level, a d10 at 15th level, and a d12 at 20th level.

    7th: Font of Inspiration ((Recover Inspiration uses on Short Rests as well as long rests.))

         Cutting Words (PHB p. 54-5), but with a range of 20((30?)) feet, rather than 60 feet.
         Combat Inspiration (PHB p. 55)
         Tireless Inspiration: For a single use of Bardic Inspiration can give two bardic inspiration dice to a character who has none, overriding the general rule that a character can only have 1 at a time. However these dice are d6s and can not both be spent on the same roll.
         A Song that Resounds in the Heart (("Earworm of Inspiration")). Inspiration dice may be retained for 1 hour ((8 hours? Consider retaining the following clause even if I don't increase the duration, since it MIGHT be Cheese in combination with this *Catnap* spell I have heard of.)) or until the target finishes a short or long rest, whichever happens first.

    Working Title(s):Bargainer with Chronos.
    Improves: Gift of Time

    Working Title(s):Bearer of Wounds ((The ability that this is based on "Gift of Shielding" is the favorite of most of my play group.))
    Improves: Gift of Shielding
    17th: Band of Blood Brothers 1/Long (Short?) Rest... MAYBE actually make this Concentration duration as a nerf. Make it a 1 minute buff that just powers up *Gift of Shielding* rather whenever you use it in that duration, rather than something that has its own uses... or maybe give 10 uses per rest = 10 rounds... maybe fewer than that since most 1 minute buffs don't get used for all 10 rounds before the fight ends.

    Working Title(s): Breath of Life
    Improves: Gift of Tolerence, Gift of Breath

    Working Title(s): Reaper's Mirror ((This may be a terrible idea for multiple reasons, for one thing it requires a incredibly lethal campaign that is also at least fairly fast-paced (so hard to recover from Burns) in order to be worth it compared to other Archetypes, which generally can reduce the need for any of the stuff this archetype.))
    Improves/Gives: "Gift of Life" ((Actually rituals in this edition!))
    3rd: x10 duration, no material components, and 1 minute ritual time on *Gentle Repose*. Penalties to target from *Raise Dead* and *Ressurection* halved, even if NOT cast as Grace-Gift ritual, or even if you aren't the one casting, but you just support the spell during its casting? (Move this to a higher level (and change which architype stage it is attached to if that falls into the range of one of the other stages)? )
    7th: No Con. Burn for *Revivify*
    11th: 1/2 Material Compoent cost (No cost?) for Revivify. No Con. Burn for *Raise Dead*.
          15th: No Con. Burn for *Ressurection*
    17th: No Material Component cost for anything less than *True Resurrection*. No Con. Burn for *True Resurrection*. (Reverse this to have no components for anything (but *True Res* is still 25k!), and 1/2 or full Con. Burn for True Rez? Remove GP cost at 20th?)

    Working Title(s): Healer
        Expertese with Medicine. If you already have this then gain Proficiency with any other GG class skill. ((list?))
        Eyes of the Healer only deals 1 point of damage.
        Divine Health
        ?Triple Hit-Die instead of doubling them.?
        ?Reduced casting time for most rituals... including back to 10 minutes if I decide to make them 1 hour.?

    7th: ?Increased Hit-Die multiplication effect?

    11th: Inevitability-Denying Treatment Technique
          ?Reduce HD multiplier back to x2 in order to regain HD normally?

    17th: ?Increased HD multiplier and Even-When-Rolling-Own-HD... which might improve to x2?

    Working Title(s): Dwarven Bastion
    Requires: Not slowed by heavy armor
       Proficiency: Medium Armor, Heavy Armor that you meet the strength requirement (if any) for, Shields
       Ignore encumberance rules if GM using them (just like 3.x Dwarf!)
       Retain AC bonus while and/or using a shield wearing any armor you are proficient with and meet the strength requirement for (if any).
       ?Drawback?: Lose armor bonus on any round you used the Disengage action, as you are loathe to leave an enemy behind, even to go rescue another.
       ?Second Wind?
       ?+1 to saves while in heavy armor+shield (AC is already high enough!)?
       ?+1 hp/class level?
       ?+1 AC if you didn't move on your previous turn, until you move... (maybe requires an action?) ?
    11th: ?+5' speed when you use the Dash action to move closer to at least one ally?
    17th: ?DR 10/-? (for being the Rock that stems a tide of goblinoids/orcs... maybe make this "fragile" damage resistance, so as to keep things faster.)

    Working Title(s): Burden Bearer
    Improves/Gives: Carry the Burden
    3rd: 1/2 load transfer
         9th: 1/3
         13th: 1/4
         19th: 1/5
    7th: 2 targets
    11th: 3 targets
    17th: 4(5?) targets

    Working Title(s): Take My Eyes, That You Might See. Take My Ears, That You Might Hear.
    ((Copy-Pasted from Self-Sacrifice Domain. Incidentally someone suggested for that that the benefits be cumulative for each of the two senses, rather than requiring a specific selection on each activation.))
    Take My Eyes, That You Might See. Take My Ears That You Might Hear:
    This ability has two major options, each with sub-options. All have a duration of 1 round and initially target a single creature within 30'. The effect also ends if you and the target are ever separated by more than 30', or if the sense you give up* is restored to you. They also fail to manifest in the first place if you have immunity to the condition(s) that specific application would inflict on you.
    *This includes if you gain blindsense while concentrating on the Eyes option.
    (click to show/hide)

    7th: ((Multitargetting and extended range))
    11th: ((Multitargetting and extended range))
    17th: ((Multitargetting and extended range))

    Hit Dice: d12
    Hit Points at 1st Level: 12 + Constitution Modifier
    Hit Points at Higher Levels: 7 (or 1d12) + Constitution Modifier

    Armor: You are proficient with Light Armor.
    Weapons: You are proficient with your unarmed strikes and with melee attacks* with one simple melee weapon of your choice.
              *So you are NOT proficient with thrown attacks with weapons that are nominally melee.
    Tools: Healer's Kit, Herbalist's Kit, Trail Cooking Gear (or using any cooking gear to produce that level of product), Any one set of crafting tools for everyday items (including farming impliments)... no armor, weapons, alchemy, etc. ((NOT artists tools at this point, gotta make a living before you can make life beautiful for everyone.))
                   ((Note to Baby Changeling: Drop the Trail Cooking Gear and the free pick of a crafting tool since "doctor" is a full-time profession, rather than being something that, in a small village, might only comes up sporatically.))
    Saving Throws: Starting: Constitution and Wisdom  ((CONFIRMED! See Gift of Grace for some idea of why this is.))
                          2nd Class Level: Gain Charisma
                          3rd, 4th, and 5th: Gain one of your choice ((Not actually a choice at 5th.))
    Skills: Medicine plus 2 (3?) more from: Athletics, Insight, ?Intimidate ((if I include this for the "menacing body-guard" type, consider making it mutually exclusive with Persuasion? Then again, I can probably drop this entirely and they can just take the Soldier background if they want that sort of thing.)), Religion, Persuasion, Stealth, and Survival. Can replace one of these optional skill picks with Expertese in Medicine.

    You start with the following equipment, in addition to the equipment granted by your background:
      Any simple melee weapon
      (a) A priest's pack and holy symbol or (b) an explorer's pack and herbalism kit
      Healer's kit, leather armor, soap, (extra) waterskin

    Proficiency Bonus
    Hands of the Healer, Least Gifts ((An Ounce of Prevention, Eyes of the Healer, Gift of Protection, Gift of Grace (Debuff: ALL, Buff: 2), Gift of Warding )), Healing Item Use, Swift to Protect, Ritual Casting(Slow) ((Technically doesn't do anything with PHB spells until 3rd level)), Cantrips
    Carry the Burden(Loads, Armor/Shield Penalty Negation, and Feather Fall), Defensive Strike, Deft Unarmed Strike, Gift of Tolerance, Helpful, Proficiency in Charisma Saves
    Archetype, Carry the Burden (Levitate), Add a Saving Throw Proficiency
    Ability Score Increase, Gift of Grace (Debuff: 4(3? all but 2 that you are usually proficient in at this level(same thing at this level, NOT aqt next)? ), Buff: 2), Add a Saving Throw Proficiency
    Carry the Burden (Fly), Gift of Breath, Gift of Time (Speed and *Haste*), Proficient in All Saves
    Gift of Grace (Debuff: 1 or 2, Buff: Same)
    Archetype ?Improvement?, Gift of Grace (Debuff: 1 to 3, Buff: Same)
    Ability Score Increase, Gift of Grace (Debuff: 1 to 4, Buff: Same)
    Gift of Grace (Debuff: 1 to 5, Buff: Same)
    Gift of Resistance (Debuff: 1 to 6, Buff: Same)
    Shield of the Soul, Archetype ?Improvement?
    Ability Score Increase, Gift of Time (No longer requires Bonus Action to Grant Extra Action)
    Improved Shield of the Soul
    Ability Score Increase, Gift of Resistance* (Common Energy)
    Archetype Paragon, Gift of Foresight
    Improved Gift of Resistance* (Rare Energy)
    Ability Score Increase, Greater Gift of Resistance* (Physical)
    Gift of Grace (1/2 Penalty), Gift of Time (Double All Speeds, Extra Action, AND Extra Bonus Action), ?Grace to the Gracious?
    *Those familiar with the 3.x/PF versions of this class should note that this is NOT the same thing as the ability with that name in those versions.


    Gifting Bonus and other issues of dedication (Multiclassing):
    (click to show/hide)

     The path of the Grace-Gift is best walked with great dedication. Those who persue other sources of power, even for the purpose of bettering the value of their sacrifices, may find their Grace-Gift abilities not progressing as quickly as might be expected. For certain class features, separately calculate your proficiency bonus as if you had only levels in Grace-Gift. This is known as your "Gifting Bonus". If you are single-classed this will always be simply your normal proficiency bonus. If you only have a few levels in another class it will be the same at many character levels. Whatever the number of levels in other classes, the following chart has been provided for convenience:
    Gifting Bonus[/color]





    Also note that Grace-Gift spells generally scale with class level, not spell-slot, character, or caster levels. For other limitations on multiclassed Grace-Gift characters see the Divine Protection ???and Defensive Strike??? class feature((s)), and the following lines that parallel the tables on pages 163-4 of the PHB.
    ClassAbility Score Minimum
    Grace-GiftConstitution 13, Wisdom 13, and Charisma 13
    Want to make multi-classing a bit hard. Of course constution 13 is probably not going to be much of a burden, but I do what I can...

    ClassProficienciences Gained
    Grace-GiftMedicine(Expertese if already proficient, any Grace-Gift skill if already expertese), Herbalist's Kit, and choice of Constitution or Wisdom saves (if already have both, then Charisma saves)

    Hands of the Healer: ((NOT same as 3.x/pf thing of same name. Spend a short rest to double others' hp recover per hd spent (can spend 1/2 hd). Spend Long Rest to have other recover all hd.))
    You may give up benefits of a short rest or long rest to intensively tend to the wounds of a number of others up to your charisma modifier (minimum 1). ((2+Wis. Mod.? Or instead have limit on HD to be doubled rather than number of patients?))
    With a Short Rest: Roll twice the dice and add constitution modifier as normal for each die per hd spent (they can spend half a hitdie to roll a single die with constutition modifier).
    With a Long Rest: The targets recover all hitdice rather than half their maximum.

    Both benefits can effect up to Cha. Mod. allies (minimum 1). ((Flat 6 to put it on parity with "Mass" spells?))

    Spare the Dying

    Ritual Casting(Slow): (+1 hour(instead of +10 minutes) for top level usable, +30 miuntes for level below that, the standard +10 minutes for anything lower) ((OLD:improves to Min[1 hour, Level*10 minutes at around] at a later level (5th?, 11th?, whatever level I need to make the chart look busier in its LOWER areas?) which I should note on the chart if I don't remove the (Slow) addendum both here and on the chart, slot level is as per full-caster max-slot (provide a table for "dummies"). Maybe make an exception to the casting time rule for "Gift of Life" spells?))
    ((Remember to include guidelines to GMs for base class ritual casting, the default Holy Protector list AND the "pick a few" Holy Protector list (if any) so they can make good decisions regarding adding splat-book/homebrew to this.))

    Purify Food and Drink

    Gentle Repose
    Lesser Restoration
    Prot. from Poison (Neutralize ONLY)
    Status ((Make sure to include text of this if I haven't already!))

    Dispel Magic (allies & cursed objects only)
    Helping Hand ((Make sure to include text of this if I haven't already!))
    Remove Curse
    Revivify (Needs material component(consumed), must be STARTED casting w/in the 1 minute time limit and reduces caster's Constitution by 2, recovered 1/long Rest)

    Locate Creature (ALLIES ONLY!)
    "Freedom of Movement" ((WRITE UP VARIANT WITH INSTANTANEOUS DURATION... or forget it because status effects tend to wear off before 10 minutes anyway in 5e....))

    Greater Restoration (Needs material component(consumed) )
    Raise Dead (Needs material component(consumed), reduces caster's Constitution by 4, recovered 1/long Rest... ((Replace with spliting normal penalty with recipient?)) )

    6th: NONE (in PHB at least...)

    Regenerate (Needs material component(consumed) )  ((MAYBE have this cause disadvantage with anything involving the body-part you re-grew until complete a Long (Short?) Rest)
    Ressurection (Needs material component(consumed), reduces caster's Constitution by ?6?, recovered 1/long Rest... ((Replace with spliting normal penalty with recipient?)) )

    8th: ?Clone (Needs material component(consumed), reduces caster's Constitution by ?6?, recovered 1/long Rest... ((Replace with spliting normal penalty with recipient?)) )

    9th: True Ressurrection Ressurection (Needs material component(consumed), reduces Constitution by 2? 4? 6? 8?, recovered 1/long Rest... ((NO NORMAL PENALTY TO SPLIT!)) )
    ((References for similar things in PHB: Book of Ancient Secrets warlock power p.110, Ritual Caster feat p.169))

    (( OUTDATED, TURNED INTO AN ADDITIONAL CANTRIP AND A RITUAL: An Ounce of Prevention: Can cast *Purify Food and Drink* and/or be able to clean and disinfect 1 foot cubes with a an action for the next hour. Can use these abilities a total number of times per day equal to class level. (Becomes unlimited at 5th). ))

    Divine Protection: Beginning at 1st level, while you are wearing light armor or no armor and not also not wielding a shield, you gain your Charisma modifier as a bonus to AC. You can not benefit from both this and the Unarmored Defense feature found in certain other classes. Simply use whichever gives you the highest AC. It is especially important to note that multi-classed Grace-Gifts have this bonus capped at their current grace-gift class level.
    ((Note that this is actually not as big a benefit for multiclassing into Sorcerer compared to Barbarian 1 than one might think (still pretty good since the GG AC bonus is based on CHARISMA which an offensively oriented sorcerer is almost sure to have as their highest stat), since a shield (which Barbarians can wear and still get their Con. Mod. to AC, but not armor) provides the same AC as Studded Leather, and Constitution is both a more important save than Charisma AND provides hp. The only problem is that multiclassing out of Barbarian requires 13 Strength, which isn't very useful to a sorcerer, especially one trying to substitute multi-classing for casting defensive spells on themselves. ALSO REMEMBER that medium armor+Shield is an option for this build if money is more available than Constitution Mod.!
    ALSO Barbarian 2 gives advantage on Dexterity saves against most things, which is BETTER than proficiency in most cases, especially at low levels. Their actual proficiencies are in Strength and Constitution saves.))

    If the only things a Grace-Gift casts in a given round are from their Grace-Gift abilities, ignore the rules about how many spells and of what types can be cast in a round. It is perfectly possible for a Grace-Gift of at least 4th level to cast 3 spells in a round (this is much less powerful than it sounds).
    ((Have them just all count as cantrips for this purpoose... they are At-Will after all. ;) )
    LEAST GIFTS ((Probably have this refer the reader to a different section of the write-up for the actual Gifts.)):
    Unless otherwise stated, Gifts are spells with a casting time of 1 bonus action, no verbal or material components (even if based on a spell that has those), but do have somatic components. A  Grace-Gift can not us a Bonus Action to cast a Gift on any round they use their Action to do anything but the following: Dash, Disengage, Dodge, Help, Manipulate an object to draw or stow an item or navigate (such as opening a door).
    >>>Carry the Burden: Effectively a Bonus action on other person. Range 10'*Spell Level*[Cha. Mod. (min. 1)]. ((Old was 5'*class level*[Cha. Mod. (min. 1)], but this is simpler due to only needing to recalculate every other level, and gets a faster start, keeping it useful at lower levels)). Caster slowed as if wearing armor that you don't meet strength requirement for. (Note: This penalty is specific to this campaign because we aren't tracking weight carefully). 1 Round duration. NO concentration.
    -Pick one of the following as the benefit the target each time you use this: ((If I decide to include multi-targetting here, rather than only in the Burden Bearer archetype then change "target" to "each individual target".))
    ---Negates Movement speed reduction for armor/load.
    ---Feather Fall. Lasts through any number of landings.
    ---Grants Proficiency in 1 class heavier armor, or shields.
    ---(3rd+ Level)Levitate. Target Controls. 1 Round duration.
    ---(5th+ Level)Fly 1 Round duration.

    >>>Eyes of the Healer: Free action. Before rolling Medicine on any check made to diagnose or treat spend 2 hit-points to gain Advantage. ((At higher levels you insight into life-forces and anatomy mean you can ignore various types of resistance/immunity when making an Attack of Opportunity? Each round you do this costs 2 hitpoints???))

    >>>Gift of Protection: ((Can transfer AC Bonus within 10' as a Bonus action. Include a special "cost" line for the headers of GG spells? If so, explain in introduction to spells section that this field is only a summary and the full-description may have further details... or put it last in the header and make it as long as it needs to be? That last sounds best, but I could be wrong.))
    At 5th level the range of the single-target version of this ability increases to 20'.

    At level 8 the grace-gift may instead have this benefit apply to all allies within a 15 foot spread of himself. In such a case the amount of the bonus given to the allies is 2 points less than that sacrificed by the grace-gift (minimum 0). ((The rules for dispelling this are the same, except that each target is considered a separate spell for that purpose (rolled individually, etc). ))

    At 14th level the range of the single-target version of this ability increases to 30'.
    >>>Gift of Grace: At 1st level the grace-gift may, as a bonus action, remove his proficiency in all saving throws for one round. He then selects two types of save (Strength, Dexterity, etc) from among those (s)he lost proficiency in. Whenever within a 10 foot emanation from of the grace-gift all allies gain the Gifting Bonus* as a bonus to to two((one?)) types of saves selected by the grace-gift for that same round. When further than 10 feet away, but within a 30 foot emanation when making a saving throw of that type allies gain half this bonus. ((Probably redundant if I write stuff in general correctly: This transferal is equivalent to a spell with level equal to half the amount of the close-range bonus available (minimum 1, and regardless of if any allies are in range to receive the bonus).))
    *Remember: For single classed grace-gifts this is simply your Proficiency Bonus.

    At 4th level the grace-gift needs only select four (3?) types of save to lose proficiency in, but these must include the types that the bonuses are being provided to.

    At 6th level the grace-gift only takes the penalty to the saves types that the bonus applies to, and can elect to only buff one type of save instead of 2.

    At 7th through 10th levels the number of saves they MAY buff by losing proficiency in that save save increases by one each.

    At 20th level the grace-gift only takes half the penalty/penalties, rounded up. This has no effect on the progression of the bonuses they may provide.

    (click to show/hide)
    >>>Gift of Warding ((WAS Shielding, but changed to be more mnemonic with 5e)): As Warding Bond, but with 30'(60'?) range, 1 round duration (still no need for concentration), 1 Action casting time (to start with), can cast a 1 Action Gift as a Bonus Action on any round you use an Action to cast this ((have it start out as just another "Action, but can take these mundane Actions as Bonus Actions" Gift?)) , and gives a bonus to neither AC nor saves. The focii may be omitted, but in such a case the maximum amount of damage that may be prevented per round is capped at the grace-gift's charisma modifier (minimum 1) times 5. The Grace-Gift still takes half the damage originally inflicted on the target. In other words this has no effect on the amount of damage the Grace-Gift takes, only on the amount of damage that is prevented from the beneficiary.

    Healing Item Use: Counts as a cleric ?with all spells?  ((Not sure what I meant by this.)) for purposes of using magic items.

    Spare the Dying: As cantrip of the same name. ((Copy in full text for ease of use? Roll *Cleanse* into this by making it a cantrip!))

    Swift to Protect: Can replace Dex with Cha Mod. for Initiative before rolling but can only take actions that involve Grace-Gift class feature (including Gifts), make Opportunity Attacks (NOT just Defensive Strikes), or perform any action that could be performed in concert with casting a Bonus Action Gift.

    Defensive Strike: Add your gifting bonus* to damage on opportunity attacks, and attacks resulting from the Mage-Slayer and Sentinel feat. ((scaling it keeps attacking a bad idea, even at higher levels? Then again, that might not be necessary given that attacks don't scale at higher levels anyway in 5e, unless you have a specific class feature that makes them do so.)). Can't have attacked except AoOs during the previous round. ((Remember this is WITHOUT the Archetype.))
    *Remember: For single classed grace-gifts this is simply your Proficiency Bonus.

    Deft Unarmed Strike: Starting at 2nd level you can use Dexterity instead of Strength for the attack and damage rolls of your unarmed strikes.
    ((Roll this into Defensive Strike, or even Hedge of Thorns?))

    Hands of the Healer: You may also forgo the benefits of any short or long rest (including sleep) in order to grant a number of characters equal to your highest mental ability score bonus (Min. 1) double hitpoints from HD spent during their short rest, and/or double HD regained during their long rest.

    Helpful: When you use the Help Action, the recipient gets a +1 bonus to the d20 roll in addition to advantage. This +1 remains even if the advantage is cancelled out by one or more disadvantages. In addition you are always considered to be Proficient for helping others out (see PHB p.175 "Working Together").
    ((Also on PHB p. 175 is Group Checks, which I feel like this should apply to somehow. ALSO explain that Grace-Gifts are, among other things, an excellent sounding board, even for things you know nothing about.))

    ((NO Courage, at least not until 10th level ability when paladins get it.))
    Gift of Tolerence: At 1st level, you may render a creature immune to heat as hot as Death Valley on an average day to as cold as the north pole on an average day with a permanent duration on others at will, but at the cost of a 2 point penalty to constitution. These penalties stack with themselves and all other penalties. These penalties remain for 1 hour after you dismiss the particular casting. Anything that removes one or more of the penalties negates that/those casting(s) of the spell.

    Gift of Breath:

    Gift of Time: At 4th level starts with this option: Can only be cast during your turn, before moving.
    Reduce all your movement speeds to 0 for one round. They may not be increased by any means, nor may you gain new movement modes during this time.

    One target that is within 10 feet of you when you cast this gains a +20 foot bonus to each of their movement speeds for 1 round.

                  At 5th level you can spend an action, plus a bonus action, and reduce your speed to zero for one round. This can not be combined with the previous option in either order. This creates an effect similar to Haste on a single ally within 10' of you at the time you cast this, except the duration is one round, it does not require Concentration, and it does not cause them any ill effects when it ends.

    Look at 5e version of *Haste*, and consider making (but not taking, at least not yet) a feat that gives you proficiency with Arcana, and causes spellcasting to provoke?
    Nota Bene: Unlike that spell, this effect does not cause a loss of actions to lethargy when it ends.

    Limiting powers by saying "This is the number of times you can fail to be casting 'good guess IC' buff when danger happens, until you lose all benefits of your defenses (probably NOT including vulnerability to all damage to negate d12 HD) but can still give benefits to others... ends on long rest." is probably good idea, but the following progression should show that doing it by number of spell slots a full caster gets per day is probably too many... then again the resulting backloading could help with the frontloadedness of the class? Maybe the 1/2 caster progression would work?
    Numbers in parentheses are my smoothing of the raw numbers.
          Total Spell Slots
    Lvl   Full    1/2    1/3
     1     2      ?1?    ?0?
     2     3       2     ?1?
     3     6       3      2
     4     7       3(4)   3
     5     9       6      3(4)
     6    10       6      3(5)
     7    11       7      6
     8    12       7(8)   6 
     9    14       9      6
    10    15       9      7
    11    16      10      7
    12    16      10      7(8)
    13    17      11      9
    14    17      11      9
    15    18      12      9
    16    18      12(13) 10     
    17    19      14     10
    18    20      14     10
    19    21      15     11
    20    22      15     11
    If it was based on CLASS level, rather than CHARACTER level (and maybe even if it wasn't) the above would go a long way to making multi-classing into Sorcerer less desirable. Could also base it on Wisdom somehow. Having it be "per person" rather than just "per round" would tend to be more forgiving in smaller parties where taking some other action than buffing someone would be more useful to the party as a whole.
    Grace to the Gracious: If you use at least one buff in a fight that you started with 0 "selfishness points" left, than you regain 2 (more?).

    Sigi the WolfLast Wednesday at 8:48 PM
    Hey Draco, could you pass me along your Gracegift class? I cant remember where to find it
    August 4, 2018
    DracoDeiToday at 6:39 PM
    Grace-Gift, or Phileotheysia?
    Sigi the WolfToday at 6:40 PM
    Grace gift
    Do you have a template written out for it? I would like to stick it in my DND file for the future. It fulfills a much needed defensive martial support i dont see anywhere else
    Plus you did a really good job on it =)
    DracoDeiToday at 6:42 PM
    What do you mean by "template"?
    A custom character sheet specific to the class?
    Also, 5e or 3.Xe?
    If you mean 5e I don't think I have it posted anywhere online, and it technically is incomplete.
    Namely I don't have high levels covered (I basically write it as we level up).
    Secondly it only has one path written.
    Attachment file type: document
    5.77 KB
    If you want the 3.5 version:
    Sigi the WolfToday at 6:48 PM
    Thank you! I really appreciate it
    DracoDeiToday at 6:48 PM
    You are welcome.
    The other paths would be... let me think...
    One that buffs "Carry the Burden" to allow multiple targets and a reduced amount of the total weight that gets transferred.
    Probably another one that lets you first replace, and later add your charisma bonus to your saves, and then 0, 1, or 2 levels after that lets you transfer the bonus from charisma as if it were part of your base save. (Don't know what this would get at low levels since using one ability score for all your saves would be overpowered... maybe you get to pick 1 per level to add at levels 1 to 5?).
    Maybe another one that improves the AC transfer stuff.
    I GUESS you could do one with limited clerical casting of healbot and buffing others stuff, but that would stretch the theme of sacrifice and non-flashy stuff (IE what spellcasting I do have that doesn't involve a sacrifice requires it be done as a ritual).
    Anyway, the one I sent you would be the Attack of Opportunity path.
    Sigi the WolfToday at 6:56 PM
    Thanks =)
    DracoDeiToday at 6:56 PM
    So... really that is the most martial of them, so it is PROBABLY what you are looking for anyway? Or am I mistaken about that?
    You can request I write other paths and/or higher levels, but I make NO promises about when or if I will do so.
    Eh... I guess you could have a path one that further improves the down-time healing to triple, instead of double and/or doesn't require your allies to actually expend a HD to roll 1 or 2 hd for recovery during a short rest.(edited)
    Sigi the WolfToday at 6:58 PM
    I just really am interested to seeing the whole thing ^.^
    DracoDeiToday at 6:58 PM
    So... everything and the kitchen sink?
    Sigi the WolfToday at 6:59 PM
    Yeah, I think you should finish it. It's a really neat idea
    DracoDeiToday at 7:00 PM
    Thank you for the compliment. It is really more about my energy levels than the quality of the idea though.
    Oh, and that down-time healing might include something that allows multitargetting and/or splits the damage three ways, with the last third simply being prevented.
    Or  that might be a separate path.
    Anyway, I need to go make tea.

    Quick Build
      Human with Alternate Racial feature.
      Cha>Str~=Con>Dex~=Wis>Int. Dex. vs Wis. depends on whether you value AC/Initiative/Intercepting Dart more than Medicine and Insight.
      Take Mage-Slayer Feat at 1st level
           Skills: Medicine (required), Athletics, Insight (from Acolyte), Religion (from Acolyte), Persuasion, and Survival(from alternate human). ((add back in Intimidation as the Alternate human pick if I swap this back to Medicine+3 from Medicine+2)).
      Weapon Proficiency: Quarterstaff
      When you get to 3rd level, select the "Hedge of Thorns" Archetype. ((DOUBLE-CHECK I HAVEN'T RENAMED THIS!))

      Any simple melee weapon
      (a) A priest's pack and holy symbol or (b) an explorer's pack and herbalism kit
      Healer's kit, leather armor, soap, extra waterskin

    Current Levels for Archetype advancements:
    3rd (starting)
    7th (given the could get both *Haste* and *Fly* equivalents at 5th, I think I meet the requirements for "big power boost at 5th" that someone mentioned.)

    Board Business / Re: Community Input Requested V2
    « on: September 16, 2022, 02:23:55 AM »
    Yeah, that is the most important one. Cell merging would be nice... but NOT worth it for the amount of fuss and bother I would think it would be to implement.

    Board Business / Re: Community Input Requested V2
    « on: September 15, 2022, 06:39:24 PM »
    I can bold, italicize, and underline using the standard keyboard shortcuts, so if you can't I think that's a browser issue and not a forum issue.
    Well, if I ever have a really big thing to do, maybe I will risk using Firefox instead of Chrome for the job... or build it on GitP without posting and then copy it over here.
    For the tables I'm not really sure what you mean by using hr because the only time I see someone actually using the code [ hr] it is in a post that links to another thread where they talk about changing hr to be horizontal line (which is how we use hr).  I honestly don't understand what their header code is supposed to do but if we change what our hr code does then it will break a bunch of our stuff because here hr is this.

    Gah... I should have listened to my gut and double-checked I had the code right... I mean [th][/th], which I would THINK wouldn't break anything since the old
    can still be used even for the "header" rows of the table.
    Making a pop-up show up to input a URL with the URL button might be possible.  I'll look into it, if it is possible it would probably require big changes to this whole post editor interface.  That wouldn't automatically be a bad thing but we've got so many customizations running around that I can't make any promises.

    And you're welcome!  I don't have a gitp account specifically because of the culture over there so if we can get this place modernized and competitive with them enough to lure more people over here I'd count that as a big win.
    I am praying for your success!

    Posting this because I recently discovered SCP-999 (Back-up link) which... could fit as a related species, or an individual that ended up with a child-like personality from "brain" damage or flawed copying of memories during mitosis, along with a "mutant" secretion system.

    Medium Ooze
    HD 2d10+2+10 (23)
    Speed 30 ft. (6 squares); Swim 30 ft
    Init: +3 (+3 Dex)
    AC: 13 (+3 Dex); touch 13; flat-footed 10
    BAB: +1; Grp +3
    Attack: Slam +3 melee (1d6+2)
    Full-Attack: 2 Slams +3 melee (1d6+2)
    Space: 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
    Special Attacks: Engulf
    Special Qualities: Amphibious, Creeping Spa, Constriction, Engulf, Highly Skilled, Magic Pseudo-pods, Ooze Traits
    Saves: Fort +1 Ref +3 Will -1
    Abilities: Str 15, Dex 17, Con 12, Int 8*, Wis 8*, Cha 17
    Skills: Diplomacy +7, Gather Information +6**, Profession (Masseuse) +13, Sense Motive +2 (+6 for making small-talk)
    Feats: Skill Focus[Profession(Masseuse)]B, Endurance
    Environment: Urban (including underwater urban areas, such as merfolk settlements)
    Organization: Solitary or Parlor (3-10)
    Challenge Rating: 2?
    Treasure: As per comparable masseuse minus anything necessary for the actual massages themselves, although things for "take home" sales would still be a possibility.
    Alignment: Usually True Neutral
    Advancement*** As Expert and/or 3 HD Medium, 4-7 HD Large, 8-15 HD Huge, 16-31 HD Gargantuan, 32-63 Colossal, 64+ Colossal+ ; Favored Class Expert
    Level Adjustment +2?****(Cohort only)
    * Role-playing note for GMs: Masoozes are NOT primitive in their personalities or mindsets, they are DITZY... not rock-headed, air-headed.
    ** Because spas are often hot-beds for gossip.
    *** Due to Magic Pseudo-pods when creating advanced masoozes do not reduce the dexterity for any size increases.
    **** Cohort masoozes may add racial hit-dice and class levels(of Expert only) in any mix the player desires to reach the appropriate ECL during character design or level-up.

    Masoozes speak one language (usually the most common one for the area they are in) plus any bonuses for high intelligence. Bonus languages are also selected from those common to the area the individual lives in.

    This mound of mobile protoplasm is a soothing powder-blue, and smells vaguely of fruits and soap.

    Amphibious(Ex): Masoozes are can "breath" fresh and salt water as easily as air, and are found with the same frequency among merfolk and tritons as they are among humans or elves.

    Constrict(Ex): Although they lack the Improved Grab ability, once they get a grip on an opponent, masoozes know where to squeeze. They deal automatic slam damage with a successful grapple check.

    Creeping Spa(Ex): A masooze lacks the deadly acids of its mindless kin, but makes up for it in versatility. Its secretions can be tuned to exfoliate, moisturize, or do any of an variety of skin, nail, and hair-care functions, it can also alter its temperature locally or entirely from an invigorating or swelling reducing cold to a soothing heat or anywhere in between, this grants a +2 circumstance bonus, as for using a masterwork tool (and thus does not stack with any actual tools or lotions the ooze may have acquired for whatever reason). This bonus is included in the stat-block above.

    Engulf(Ex): A masooze forced into combat can simply mow down creatures at least one size category smaller than it as a standard action (Note that Colossal counts as smaller than Colossal+). It cannot make slam attacks during a round in which it engulfs. The masooze merely has to move over the opponents, affecting as many as it can cover. Opponents can make opportunity attacks against the masooze, but if they do so they are not entitled to a saving throw. Those who do not attempt attacks of opportunity must succeed on a DC 15 Reflex save or be engulfed; on a success, they are pushed back or aside (opponent’s choice) as the massooze moves forward. Engulfed creatures are subject to the cube’s slam attack, and are considered to be grappled and trapped within its body. The save DC is Strength-based and includes a +2 racial bonus. Outside of combat, masoozes usually use this ability to surround every part of the client but the face to give (nearly) full body massages. They can cover portions of the face if they wish to duplicate the effects of a mud mask.

    Highly Skilled(Ex): Masoozes count their intelligence score as being 4 points higher when determining their skill points from racial hit-die.

    Magic Pseudo-pods(Ex): A masooze may use its Dexterity modifier in place of its wisdom modifier for Profession(Masseuse) checks on creatures it has engulfed and may always take 10 on Profession(Masseuse) on creatures it has engulfed even if rushed or harassed (but not if in physical danger). When creating advanced masoozes do not reduce the dexterity for any size increases.

    Skills: Masoozes have a +4 racial bonus to sense motive checks related to making small-talk. A masooze may use its Dexterity modifier in place of its wisdom modifier for Profession(Masseuse) checks on creatures it has engulfed and may always take 10 on Profession(Masseuse) on creatures it has engulfed even if rushed or harassed (but not if in physical danger).

    Masoozes' digestive enzymes are highly specialized compared to most oozes, those who defeat them develop, at worst, a minor rash on the locations that it hit or over the body if they were engulfed for several rounds (no mechanical effect even with full body coverage), they can only gain nutrients from vegetable matter, and that only slowly.

    Masoozes as characters:
    May ONLY take class levels in Expert and PrCs with no BAB, Save, Weapon Proficiency, or Armor Proficiency requirements. Masooze Experts MUST pick Profession(Masseuse) as one of their class skills.
    +4 STR, +6 DEX, +2 CON, -2 INT, -2 WIS, CHA +6
    Masoozes may use almost all magic items that a humanoid could, they have the same number of body slots as a humanoid, but engulf almost all items instead of keeping them on their surface. They may "drink" a number of engulfed potions as a move action equal to their dexterity bonus (minimum 1).
    Masoozes do not gain any armor class benefits from armor (neither the basic ones nor enchantment bonuses), but may gain the other MAGICAL benefits (such as energy resistance, flight, etherealness etc) from one engulfed suit of armor. Masoozes may use a shield normally and Mage Armor, Bracers of armor, and similar magic effects that provided an armor bonus help them normally.

    Board Business / Re: Community Input Requested V2
    « on: September 15, 2022, 05:14:54 PM »
    Being able to use Ctrl-B, Ctrl-i, and Ctrl-u to respectively bold, italicize, and underline the text you currently have highlighted when creating or modifying a message would be very nice.

    Working header codes
    [/hr] for tables would also improve formatting and make cross-posting stuff from GitP much easier. This might give you an idea what I am talking about... unfortunately when GitP tried to update to this system from something in-between that and what you seem to have here it broke a lot of tables, but that might have been a processing-power thing with the size of the database of posts and the traffic for the site?

    Oh, and when trying to turn a highlighted thing into a link with the button, a pop-up to entier the URL in would be nice.

    That is what I can think of off the top of my head.

    Thank you for working to make this a better place for me to escape what I don't like about GitP (not so much the modding policies, although those contributee to the problem, as certain aspects of the culture)!

    Good Fortitude and Reflex, Poor Will, 3/4 BAB, d8 HD
    2 HD Small, 3-6 HD Medium, 7-12 HD Large (Not allowed In Equestria Triumphant due to concerns about ability to raid indoor locations), 13-24 HD Huge (Ditto), 25-48 HD Gargantuan (Ditto), 49+ HD Colossal (Ditto)

    Bite 1d6(1d4 if small, more if Large or larger) +1.5xStr. Mod.
    Magic at 4 HD.

    Get iterative attacks?

    Dexterity poison on bite. (Allow Pack-Lord's Cha. Modifier to the DC? Or maybe half of that?) No secondary. Primary damage as follows (based on Monsterous Centipede)
    HD (incl. Virtual)Dex. Damage
    2 1d3

    Can not advance beyond 6 HD for purposes of Hitpoints (including from constitution) and a few other effects I am probably forgetting. Saves and BAB DO continue to advance. Instead give more as per Encounter Level calculations...
    [table="class: head, grid, align: center"]
    Power*Hit PointsVirtual HD eachNatural Armor Adj.Str.Dex.Int.Cha.Skill PointsRank Max.Nat. ArmorDex. Dam.
    76d8-6 / 2d8-2+015179631.5 / 17.59 / 5+41d6
    86d8-3 / 4d8-2+115179635 / 2810 / 8+41d6
    102x(6d8+0) / 1x(4d8+0)+2161810744 / 3611 / 9+51d6
    134x(6d8+6) / 1x4 4x(4d8+4)+4171912965 / 5513 / 11+71d6
    *In equivalent HD in a single Timber-wolf in theory... maybe? This matches Druid curve, but smoothed out. This should be the right curve up until 6d8+12 becomes absolutely useless for hitpoints or the lack of reach becomes an issue, or the amount of targets for buff becomes a problem or... anyway, up until them it SHOULD just be a matter of setting the slope and intercept to relate it to the level of the master.

    Trip, Low-Light Vision, Scent, NO DARKVISION!
    Speed: 50'
    Str 13+Druid Bonus, Dex 15+Druid Bonus, CON. 15 (so HP adjustments above are off for "fractional everyting"), Int as per familiar, Wis 12, Cha MAX(6, 3/4 Int)
    Treat Constitution as being -6 for hitpoints than they do for all other purposes. (Penalty might decrease with virtual HD beyond the 6 real ones)

    Bonus feat(s): Track, if Medium also gain Endurance

    1/4 damage from piecing
    Immune to cold
    1/2 damage from electricity
    Regeneration 3 overcome by {(Slashing OR Piercing*) AND(Magic OR Manufactured)}, acid, electricity, fire, OR Negative Energy. Become entangled if they were wearing armor, saddlebags, or other larger items when regenerating from <=0 HP. Other items not including in re-formation. (Escape Artist DCs pending...)
    +50% damage from AoOs while at <=0 HP
    *But remember, Piercing damage is 1/4.

    Healing spells work as per RAW, at least if augmented with Craft(Basket-Weaving) and/or Craft(Woodworking)?

    The ease with which they come appart means they have no racial bonus to natural armor. (But I listed one... which actually seems like a wiser idea.)

    Does not get "Share Spells" per se, but the Packlord can probably use their earthpony powers to manifest certain effects on them (Align Natural Weapon if nothing else), and in such cases a Target of "You" would prove no barrier.

    Get Evasion at master's Packlord Class level 3. Improved Evasion at Class level 15.

    At master's Packlord Class level 6 they can apply the master's charisma bonus to all will saves, and also gain it as turn resistance (just in case anything in this setting ends up being able to turn plants...).

    Have edited it into a single feat and then asked on the Discord for a Grammar/Clarity/Spelling double-check.

    This is what I got there so far:
    Just two things, as I'm going to sleep
    1) you counter the spell? Negating it? Even if after having used SR, saving throws and all other things?  The text says It counters "the energy"
    2) Why metamagic? It has no upcasting, and prepared spellcasters need not to prepare spells with this already applied

    Both good points. I will answer here, and hopefully edit in clarifications to the thread later.
    1.) You just negate the damage to yourself and your attended items. Other party members hit by that Fireball are out of luck (but I might make a sequel feat that lets you help them out too... I think the original version had an option for that. If so it was removed because it was paired with the now-redundant function of a removed feat that gave you the rest of the original Energy Balance Feats if you had a certain number of them.
    2.) Because it is very much re-working the spell to do something different, and it can meet requirements for, say a PrC that requires "3 metamagic feats"... ironically enough, I think Energy Substitution requires one other metamagic feat as a pre-requisite. The irony is because Energy Substitution is very useful for qualifying for this feat at very low class levels or maybe for Sorcerers/Favored Souls.

    Homebrew and House Rules (D&D) / Re: Martial Discipline Compendium
    « on: September 02, 2022, 10:16:33 PM »
    The description of Highland Hurricane doesn't seem to fit very well... I would say "Rain, clouds, water, and sneak attacks" would be better... not necessarily GOOD, but at least BETTER.

    SirP hasn't logged in in five years and I don't think a mod is going to be invested enough to adjust the description.   :lol
    Fair enough...

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