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Thought it might be worthwhile to try to create a master list of sources for these perks in PF. Stalwart is "If you can make a Fortitude or Will saving throw against an attack that has a reduced effect on a successful save, you instead avoid the effect entirely." For the purposes of this list, any feature that provides these benefits will be listed, rather than ones that explicitly say Stalwart or directly lift its rules text.

List of sources for Stalwart:

* Inquisitor 11: Regular Stalwart, except when wearing heavy armor, but with mithral armor being a thing that's not really an issue.
* Mammoth Rider 10: Regular Stalwart.
* Green Knight Cavalier 9: Regular Stalwart.
* Student of War 3: It's a 1/day immediate action with an extra daily use for every 3 levels of Student of War thereafter, but it works on will, fort, and reflex saves. That's an improvement on Evasion which only applies to damage.
* Unbreakable Fighter 13: Regular Stalwart.
* Technomancer 8: Only against technological effects and does not work when flatfooted, but also applies to reflex saves.
* Vindictive Bastard Paladin 14: Regular Stalwart.
* Oath of the Skyseeker Paladin 14: Regular Stalwart.
* Ironskin Monk 2: Fort saves only, and only when wearing light or no armor.
* Zealot Vigilante 12: Regular Stalwart. The archetype is basically playing a nerfed Inquisitor, really.
* Sacred Fist Warpriest 3: Fort saves only. This archetype is basically Monk+, even after they nerfed FoB to no longer give full BAB.
* Skyseeker 9: Regular Stalwart, except when wearing heavy armor, but with mithral armor being a thing that's not really an issue (bizarre limitation though, considering the PrC gives heavy armor proficiency).
* Twist Away: A pretty crazy feat. Requires evasion (and only evasion), and what it does is that as an immediate action you can substitute your reflex save for a fort save, ignoring the effect entirely on a successful save, but you are staggered next turn and you are not allowed to ignore the staggered condition or remove it early. No use limit. If you use the Experimental Spellcaster feat to get the Accelerate word of power, you get an extra move action each round, rendering the staggered condition much more tolerable.Easiest dip so far is Ironskin Monk 2 (assuming you have Racial Heritage to count as a Hobgoblin), but Twist Away with a Ring of Evasion seems good too. And there is also a weirdo/honorable mention in the form of Escapologist Rogue 8, which can use Escape Artist skillchecks (at a -10 penalty) as an immediate action in place of a reflex roll and avoid the effect entirely on a success (not just damage, but the entire effect), but you are staggered next round if you do this.

If you have any more sources for Stalwart or similar effects (including for Reflex saves), let me know.

Another honorable mention in the Phoenix Feather magic item. It's a 4.5k gp single use consumable but lets you burn an immediate action to make a saving throw against a death effect (even if it normally doesn't allow one) and on a successful save it completely negates the effect while on a failed save it only gives partial effect (if applicable). Causes a bit of a rules SNAFU on which saving throw to use for effects that do not normally give one (probably should go with Fort) and how to calculate the DC for non-spell death effects (probably should do 10 + 1/2 HD + Con mod, or Cha if it's an Undead source, Str if Construct I guess, unless it's a spellcasting type monster, in which case probably use spellcasting modifier).

Well, not likely you'll end up with this, but the Knucklebone of Fickle Fortune minor artifact will cause you to avoid all damage and effects on any successful save vs a harmful effect for the next 24 hours if you manage to roll 18. Works best with Cyclopean Seer Oracle.

Added Unbreakable Fighter 13.

Not sure if I should list this as a Stalwart ability, but Focused Dragon Expertise grants Stalwart as an Inquisitor vs a dragon's extraordinary and supernatural abilities only, if you already have Evasion. With the Instant Enemy spell you can make anything count as one of your types of favored enemy (you choose) "for all purposes" explicitly, so there is that for Rangers, but it still seems awfully limited and circumstantial.

There is also the Mesmerist's Astounding Avoidance trick (works well with the Reflexive Trick feat), but it only gives basically the exact same function as evasion - and at level 12, improved evasion - for all 3 saves. Meaning, it's only good for damage avoidance, rather than avoiding partial effects.

And lastly, I should mention the Charger animal companion archetype, which gives your animal companion (intended for mounts, but can be applied to any animal companion) a proper Stalwart ability, at level 15.


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