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So, Pathfinder decided to redo its Demonic Obedience into Fiendish Obedience (and sometimes into Deific Obedience) and gave a lot of demon lords extra sets of powers for worshiping them. The new Evangelist and Sentinel boons can be obtained through Damned Disciple and Damned Soldier feats, as well as through the Demoniac/Souldrinker/Diabolist prestige classes, which all let you choose which set of boons you want. Incidentally, Diabolist has been massively nerfed (Imp companion has been destroyed, 1st level no longer advances spellcasting, and now requires LE instead of LN, LE, or NE) and Souldrinker slightly nerfed (mostly with regard to using soul points for staff recharging and the capstone SLAs, but using it for magic item creation is actually buffed). In addition to that, you can take the regular Evangelist, Exalted, and Sentinel prestige classes to advance Fiendish Obedience, but with a special nerf, unlike the same allowances that are made for Fey Obedience and Monitor Obedience (which do not elevate the prereqs of those PrCs when used to advance them). Here is what Book of the Damned has to say:

--- Quote from: Book of the Damned, pg. 3 ---While the Hit Dice at which you gain boons via Fiendish Obedience or Deific Obedience (from Inner Sea Gods) are identical, the prestige classes in Inner Sea Gods (the evangelist, exalted, and sentinel) that allow accelerated boon achievement have lower entrance requirements than the prestige classes in this book. As a result, if you wish to use one of those three prestige classes for a character who wishes to gain the boons presented by one of the fiendish divinities in this book, increase the requirements for entry into evangelist, exalted, or sentinel so that a character must be 7th level before selecting the class, as summarized below.

* Evangelist: Base attack bonus +7, 7 ranks in a skill other than Knowledge (religion), or ability to cast 4th-level spells.
* Exalted: Diplomacy 7 ranks, Knowledge (religion) 7 ranks, ability to cast 4th-level divine spells.
* Sentinel: Base attack bonus +7.
--- End quote ---

There are a few cases where Deific and Fiendish Obedience give the same reward (like Asmodeus and Mahathallah), making this kinda ridiculous, and a few other cases where they have both sets, but with different rewards for each (Lamashtu, Mephistopheles, Moloch, Geryon).


So Sifkesh now has the following Evangelist boon which seems rather interesting:

--- Quote ---2: Blasphemer’s Piety (Ex) Your blasphemous soul adapts effortlessly to reflect the convictions of others. When you are targeted by an effect based on alignment or patron deity, you can choose to be treated as having the alignment and faith of the creature originating the effect (you don’t need to know that creature’s alignment or faith to make this choice). You can also be treated as having the faith of your target or targets when using a spell or effect dependent on patron deity. Making this choice does not require an action, or even awareness that you are being targeted (in which case the ability always functions as best benefits the character in that situation). In addition, you can select feats, traits, and other options dependent on worship of particular deities as though you were a worshiper of those deities. Once per week, you can choose to perform the obedience of any lawful or good deity with which you are familiar instead of Sifkesh’s obedience. This still grants you your normal benefits from Sifkesh, not those from the other faith.
--- End quote ---

In brief: You count as the religion and alignment of any creature that is targeting you (unless you don't want to), and if you are targeting them with an effect dependent on deity, you can count as their religion also. Also, you can use any option for any deity as if you worship them. Lastly, you can copy another deity's obedience ritual 1/week and still get Sifkesh's benefits.

Annoyingly, you cannot take options as if your alignment were other than it is (so anything that requires your alignment to match or be within 1 step of deity will still stop you), and a magic item that operates on its own (rather than being used by a creature, which makes for a creature originating the effect) will still expose you (but you can just use UMD for that, although the GM might also require you to make the appropriate Perception check first).

So, I'm wondering about how to go about taking advantage of this, and if anyone has ideas, by all means feel free to share them. Probably the first idea that comes to mind is probably taking an extra Deific/Celestial/Fey/Monitor Obedience feat, but if you aren't a Cleric (or using Evangelist/Exalted/Sentinel PrCs), nothing is actually stopping you from legitimately worshiping more than 1 deity in the first place (Blood of the Coven, for instance, establishes the presence of people who prefer to worship 3 deities, and there are other feats for worshiping pantheons as well, like Pantheistic Blessing) so there's no need to fake worship as one of Sifkesh's devoted.

What does stand out to me though, is using this to take advantage of those deities that give classes access to extra spells and other options. That doesn't even take a feat or anything, just worship, and you qualify as worshiping them alright.

So what I'm thinking of right now is going to town with Ecclesitheurge Cleric while expanding your spell list with literally every deity's Cleric options. As an Ecclesitheurge, you get both a primary domain (which you can even prepare in non-domain slots) and a secondary domain, and the Ecclesitheurge can choose a new secondary domain every time he prepares spells, gaining access to that domain's spell list instead of the secondary domain list's (but only the spell list - you keep the initial secondary domain's domain powers). Seems like you can take Loss (or Trickery) as your primary domain and Madness as your secondary domain for the domain power then, and take advantage of Sifkesh's 2nd Evangelist boon (obtained by either Demoniac, Evangelist, or being level 16 with Damned Disciple) to gain access to literally every domain's spell list in the game. To top it off you can use an Icon of Aspects to switch your Loss domain's domain powers into any domain you want. Side note, you might be able to stack Ecclesitheurge with Hidden Priest also.

Alternatively you can take the (normally awful) Appeaser Cleric archetype and take advantage of its ability to temporarily give you any domain, along with its domain powers, and cast all its spells spontaneously by sacrificing prepared spell slots of the same or higher level as a standard action. That actually gets very powerful in this build. The Appeaser also has the benefit of being able to wear shields and armor, unlike the Ecclesitheurge.

Other than that, I may try to assemble a list of how expanded the Cleric's list of spells becomes when you have access to every deity's class spells. Honestly, you can pull that stunt with every spellcasting class, not just Clerics, and the list is probably going to be stupidly large.

Because of the power levels of many obediences, I'd get all the obedience feats and mix-and-match. Monitor, Fey, Demonic, Deific, and Fiendish

You can even switch out the permanent effects, once you have them already.

Imagine a true werewolf ghost worm that Walks ghoul w temporary vampirism w permanent mind blank and has limited wish 2/day and regeneration 5, and super uncanny dodge.

Or you could get sneak attack +10d6 w 3 obedience feats

Hm, it does seem like you can just switch which deity's obedience you do each day (except for which Fiendish Obedience you do, since you need Sifkesh's Evangelist boon to keep the rest going). That does open up a bit of silliness.

You could feasibly switch Sifkesh's around a little too. The 2nd is the only one that must stay the same, while the 1st and 3rd could go towards other deities.


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