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[3.5] [Creature] Demonicker (P.E.A.C.H.)
« on: October 06, 2022, 10:27:03 PM »
Just because this is vaguely True-naming themed have a link to someone else's rewrite of True-naming (I have no idea of quality) : The Way Words Work (or, Truenaming that doesn't make me cry myself to sleep at night). by Kellus.   Back-up Link

Statted up, with permission, based on the story Wednesdays are Sacred by Aragon, which also has an audio reading by Mystery Pony Fiction on YouTube.

Behold my low-grade art skills aided by General Zoi's Ponymaker! Well, at least it is better than no PICTURE at all...

Demonicker, Hybrid (Advanced to 15 HD, because that is what I originally used against my players, and electrons are cheap, so I might as well post it.)
Medium Outsider ?[Air, ??Earth??]?
HD 15d8+75 (142 hp)
Speed 50 ft. (8 squares);
Init: +10 (+6 Dex. +4 Improved Initiative)
AC: 27(+6 Dex, +10 Natural); touch 16; flat-footed 20 ((I checked the rules and Natural Armor does NOT increase when going from Small to Medium?))
BAB +15; Grp +21
Attack* Shoulder/Body Slam (SLASHING damage) +21 Melee 1d8+9 (x3, 19-20) AND Bite +21 (sic) Melee 2d6+9 (sic) (x2, 17-20)
Full-Attack* Shoulder/Body Slam (SLASHING damage) +19 Melee 1d8+9 (x3, 19-20) AND Bite +19 (sic) Melee 2d6+9 (sic) (x2, 17-20)
Space 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
Special Attacks De-Moniker, Learn Name (Gaze Attack)
Special Qualities Bladed Skin, Bound By Silver, Closed Mouth, Darkvision 60 ft., Eternal Breath, low-light vision, Regeneration 20 (=HD+5)/(Slashing or Piercing OR PONY???) AND Silver AND (Good OR Pony) (Does NOT apply to tongue as long as it is in contact with Silver), DR 15(Equal to HD)10/Silver OR Good, Sonic Resistance 2015 (=HD+5), Resistance to Acid, Cold, Fire, and Electricity 15 (=HD)10.
Saves Fort +14 Ref +15 Will +12
Abilities Str 22, Dex 22, Con 20, Int 16, Wis 16, Cha 22  ((at Small this would be Str 18, Dex 24, and Con 18))
Skills Appraise? +21, Bluff +24, Diplomacy +24, Gather Information +7, Heal** +12, Hide +24, Intimidate +23 (sic), Knowledge (Religion) +12, Knowledge (Arcana ((The Planes in non-Pony games)) +12, Listen +24, Move Silently +24 (But see Skills), Sense Motive +21, Survival +21 (27=(18x1.5) more skill points to distribute)
Feats Ability Focus (De-Moniker), Ability Focus(Learn Name), Combat Reflexes, Improved Critical (Shoulder/Body Slam)(B?), Improved Critical (Bite)(B?), Improved Natural Attack (Bite) (B), Multi-Attack(B), Track ((Retrained from the Weapon Finesse it had when Small), Skill Focus (Listen), Improved Initiative (15 HD)
Environment A lawful evil-aligned plane ((Pandamonium? No, that is Chaotic...))
Organization Solitary, Obituary (2-4), or Memorial of Tragedy (5-16)
Challenge Rating 12?  ((Harborn says this might be as high as 15.))
Treasure None
Alignment Lawful Evil ((This DOES mesh with the silver vulnerability!))
Advancement ??-?? HD (?Small?) ??-?? HD (Medium), ??-?? HD (?Large?) and/or by Class; Favored Class Bard*** AND Truenamer
Level Adjustment +? (Cohort only? N/A?)
* See Bound By Silver for special AC bonuses targets of a Demonicker can get.
**Usually used to know when to finish off especially weak enemies who have injured themselves attacking it, but whose name it does not fully know.
***Demonicker bards generally favor oratory over singing or playing instruments.

Bladed Skin (Ex)
The skin of a Demonicker deals 1d8+the ATTACKER'S strength modifier to weapons of hardness 9 or less and creatures using natural weapons on any attack that hits as a TOUCH attack, regardless of if it actually injures the Demonicker. Attackers using natural weapons halve the damage if they are wearing metal armor on the striking surface of the natural weapon in question, or if JUST making a touch attack. If both are true they are also allowed a reflex save against a DC of 22 to negate the damage. This save is constitution based. (Pro Tip: For faster play, just track the number of hits that need damage rolled as attacks are made (informing the player after the first instance that they ARE taking damage and the approximate magnitude), then roll saves (if any) at the end of the character's turn and only THEN damage for any attacks that don't have their damage negated.)

Eternal Breath (Su)
Demonickers generate their own air internally, and their metabolisms are otherworldly. They never inhale, only exhale, and never get out of breath or pant from exertion. they still might pant if overheated, but like the horses they resemble, they primarily regulate their temperature with sweating when hot.

They also are not subject to drowning. Strangling one is mildly effective although it takes twice as long and because the pressure builds up this requires a strength check each round equal to one third the total number of rounds it has been since the Demonicker last exhaled. Technically this overpressure could harm the Demonicker but since the damage is only 1d(Half the rounds since the Demonicker last Exhaled), this will rarely come up unless its damage reduction is negated.

((Move this to its own ability?)) A Demonicker's voice is very powerful even naturally (3 times as loud as a humans) and carries supernaturally long distances, being able to make itself understood clearly enough to use its de-moniker ability from up to 500 feet away in open air in otherwise reasonably quiet conditions. If the target is subject to a listen penality, but not totally deaf, reduce this distance by 20 feet per point of listen penalty to a minimum of 100 feet.

Learn Name (Su)
A Demonicker can look into a target's eyes to learn their name. This is a gaze attack with a range of 60 feet and is negated by a Will Save with a default DC of 25 (Charisma based), but the following bonuses apply to the DC:
Only one of the first three can apply.
Demonicker has heard the targets name from someone +6 -1 for each step removed from the target (minimum 0). Demonickers speaking the name in the hearing (including, but not limited to when using their De-Moniker ability) of another Demonicker does NOT increment this.
Has read the targets written name from their own writing +3
Knows targets name by some other means +1
Any of the first four with a nickname -2 (Minimum 0)
Any of the first four with a codename that they believe is worth using (possibly because it believes it is the real name) -4 (Minimum -1)
Any of the first four with a deliberately misleading name that an ally would almost never call them by but which the Demonicker believes to be, at worst, a codename -10 (NO minimum)
Demonicker knows at least half the targets name from their own lips +1. For example a character with a first, middle and last name would require the Demonicker to have heard at least two of these.
Prior attempt by that specific Demonicker on the target in the last 24 hours +2

If a target succeeds their FIRST save by at least 5 points they may make a Bluff check opposed by the Demonicker's Sense Motive check to have it "read" a false name that it will try to use (and automatically fail) before realizing it is false. Apply the same modifiers to the Demonicker's Sense Motive as the save DCs of this ability, except if the false name doesn't match a another false/code/nick-name the Demonicker currently has as its "best lead".

Bound By Silver (Ex)
Any restraint made of silver, even thread or wire, imposes a -20 to Strength checks to break, and a -10 to escape Artist checks. Their natural weapons can not harm silver. Silvered armor (not just armor with silvered spikes) provides twice the AC bonus against the attacks of their natural weapons.

Closed Mouth (Ex)
Demonicker gain a +5 racial bonus on any strength check or will save concerning opening or closing their mouth (if Charm-ed or dominate-d use the original save, but check at the time if it succeeded by a margin of 5). Their tongue can be attacked when they are speaking or using their bite attack (usually requiring a readied action), but they attempter takes bite damage regardless of success or failure. The AC for such an attack is 20 (the tongue lacks the armor of the rest, but it is a much smaller target).

De-Moniker (Sp)
((For a "True" Demonicker, rather than a Hybrid this is simply a Save-or-Die [Death] effect rather than involving negative levels as an intermediate step.))
To use this ability a Demonicker must either have heard its target's name from their own lips, or must have successfully used its learn name ability on them. Use LOWEST of Fortitude and Will save DC 25 to save for HALF of 1d4  ((less for Demonickers with fewer HD?)) negative levels. The DC is Charisma based. All negative levels inflicted by a demoniker vanish when it dies, but until then the save DC to remove present levels is +5. ??If a target is immune to negative levels but is NOT immune to [Death] effects, then keep track of these negative levels even though they are not technically gained, because they can still trigger the [Death] effect when they equal or exceed the victim's hit-dice.??

((IGNORE THIS PARAGRAPH IN EQUESTRIA BEGINS!, Just have them lose a level permanently as if Ressurected))If negative levels would equal total levels, make a fortitude save against the same DC, if successful you can not be reduced below 1 HD by that specific demoniker (the creature) for 24 hours, although it could still re-inflict negative levels that were removed. Resistance/Immunity to [Death] effects can help prevent death (apply resistance to the original saving throw result to see if it would make the difference), but does NOT do anything to proevent the target from gaining negative levels equal to its hitdice-1.

If the Demonicker tries to use this underwater the DC decreases by 5. If the targets ears are not in the same body of liquid (including if they are in liquid but the Demonicker's mouth is not) then their is a SEPERATE -5 penalty AND a natural 1 is not an automatic failure.

This is a language-dependant sonic attack.

See Closed Mouth for rules on attacking the tongue of a Demonicker.

Impale (Ex)
A (Medium) Demonicker deals 3d6+9 points of slashing damage to a grabbed opponent with a successful grapple check. Nota Bene: Demonickers do NOT have a racial improved grab ability!

Skills: Demonickers suffer -2 racial penalty to move silently when doing more then turnig there head and/or breathing. Wind noise also does not aid them against listen checks if they are exposed to said wind because it whistles through their scales, canceling out the benefit of background noise.

Campaign specific notes:
Only has Azira's FIRST name from her own lips, but full name second hand. Call it an extra +1 to the DC for having the first name.
Azira's DC for Learn Name is 33 (27 base+5 for knowing name from a secondary source +1 for knowing her first name from her own lips).
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