Author Topic: Short low-tier E6 game in Gothic Horror Krevborna for a revenant posse  (Read 137 times)

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Krevborna is a gothic horror setting created by Jack Shear of the "Tales of the Grotesque & Dungeonesque" blog.

First beginning with how it is different from Ravenloft: It is set on a regular material world without any omnipotent Dark Powers mucking about. There are neither darklords nor domains (meaning if it bleeds, you can kill it, and kill it for good), nor is there corruption for bad deeds (meaning necromancers, assassins, poison-users and so on are fine as PCs without ending up on the fast lane to NPC status). There might even theoretically be hope for this world to get cleansed of all evils eventually.

Krevborna itself is a faux-Eastern European country. Once under the protection of The One and the Kaiser, The One has turned his back to humanity and abandoned them, and the once mighty empire has crumbled, leaving behind a crazy quilt of lawlessness, robber barons and bickering petty lords. Undead, fiends, wolfmen, witches and other things that go bump in the night have pierced and overrun the lands, and in some places even rule openly.

The closest thing to an overarching pillar of civilization is the Church of Saintly Blood, praying to a canon of venerated martyrs and miracle workers to intervene on behalf of mankind. It is equally divided as the temporal rule, and also undermined by fanaticism, corruption and intrigue. - Others have turned to old primeval gods, sought out the fair folk, struck pacts with archdevils and demon princes, or have even turned to unspeakable things from far beyond the stars and far below the waves and soil.

The fluff premise:
You all have been wrongly sentenced to death by a corrupt judge. Someone has resurrected you as revenants, and brought you into a posse with the sole purpose of killing that judge and his cronies.

Chancel would be an obvious prime spot for this premise, but I have already used Chancel in the last game. Maybe vampire-infested Lamashtu or Sibersk instead. Maybe. Maybe one of you guys will provide me with an overwhelming reason to pick one over the other.

  • Level 6, Pointbuy 28
  • Generally all of 1st party 3.5 is fair game if it can be fitted into the gothic horror frame (re-fluffing and re-skinning is fine), as is my Ravenloft material. (Exceptions and modifications will be detailed when the game takes off.) - Dragon Mag and Homebrew will be decided on a case-by-case basis.
  • Partial Gestalt with weak tier classes - you can either mix Tier 4 and 6, or Tier 5 twice
  • You gain the Revenant template (but without the forced alignment change and without the loss of any familiar)
  • Up to 2 traits
  • Two bonus feats
  • Chopping Down The Christmas Tree with 1/5 WBL