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[Archived] Armor and Shield Proficiency
« on: November 07, 2011, 09:12:54 AM »
I'd like it to be an effective form of proficiency, as the current one is a joke.

Armor Proficiency: Light [Fighter]
You gain the following benefits while in light armor:
 DR equal to 1/2 your BAB
Armor Proficiency: Medium [Fighter]
You gain the following benefits while in Medium armor:
 +1 AC
 DR equal to your BAB
Armor Proficiency: Heavy [Fighter]
You gain the following benefits while in Heavy armor:
 +2 AC
 DR equal to 1.5x your BAB
Armor Proficiency: Exotic [Fighter]
You gain the following benefits while in a specific Exotic armor:
 +3 AC
 DR equal to double your BAB
 It may seem a little weird to get such a huge bonus to DR from a sash (exotic weapons tend to be weird like that) but think of this: You are proficient in using this exotic object in creative and (sometimes) convoluted ways in order to fend off otherwise deadly blows. I was considering making it a very high AC bonus instead, but some exotic armors are types of massive plate, so DR just works better all around.
 Low level D&D is an AC game, while high level D&D is rocket-tag. Getting scaling DR makes the it less so.
 These revised rules allow a gish to qualify while a fighter gets better benefits.

Shield Mechanics:
 Shields add their AC bonus to touch AC, as they prevent an attack from coming in contact with the character.
 Shields gain a stacking Hardness 2 for each point of enhancement bonus. This bonus is magical in nature, and cannot be bypassed by normal means (force effects, adamantine, etc.)

Shield Proficiency [Fighter]
You may use your shield to block incoming attacks of all kinds.
Benefits:As an immediate action, the character can perform a shield block, making the shield the new target for an attack and changing the attack into an attempted sunder, which does not provoke an attack of opportunity unless it fails.
Special: The sunder attempt disregards weapon type, meaning bows, piercing weapons, and spells can sunder a shield as well.

New use for Craft [Arms and Armor]
Shield Repair: A player may take an hour and make a DC 20 Craft check to repair minor damages in a shield that is above 1/2 hp. You repair 2hp+1 per 5 you beat the check DC by.

Example Shield for discussion:
Heavy Adamantine Shield: 26 HP, Hardness 20.
Heavy Adamantine Shield +5: 93 HP, Hardness 30.
Heavy Adamantine Shield +5(New mechanics): 93 HP, Hardness 30+10(Magic).

That is a pretty damn big wall to eat through.

Edit: Yes, some things bypass hardness. A fighter should probably be wary when someone pulls out the adamantine though, just like he should beware the rust monsters.
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