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Campaign I am currently running now.


This is going to be about my campaign I am currently running.  Just a little disclaimer: *cough cough*
If you hate ponies, you probably won't like this thread.  There are a few pony npcs in here.
Okay, that part aside every now and then there will be a link to a song that was an inspiration for a certain part of a campaign.  A lot of the stuff I listen to tends to be electronic, so a little warning there.  If you have any questions about any of the towns, players, npcs, etc. feel free to ask.  Comments and ideas are welcome as well.

Now before I get to the campaign, there are a few parts I need to cover.  This particular dimension (or universe) has been destroyed before.  It was recreated after the destruction of the super-being DiByZe (Divide By Zero).

* Part I Before Destruction
* Part II Exile and Revenge of the Fen'Shaard King
* Part III Recreation and SettlementAfter that I will be posting the actual campaign.

Enjoy!  :D

Part I Before Destruction

Year 999,487 BDD (Before DiByZe's destruction)
All that's left of the information from this era are the records that DiByZe took before her rampage and what MuByIn (Multiply By Infinity) took with her before she was exiled for her attempt to kill her creators.  From what's in the records, a group of gods, demons, devils, elder gods, mages, and scientists got together and discussed their displeasure with the multiverse.  They debated and argued for years, but one thing they finally all agreed on is that some of the universes needed to be "reset," and "start with a clean slate."  257 years later they were able to devise a plan that would create the very tools they needed to cause such resets.  Originally the plan involved there being two beings of phenomenal power based off of mathematical theories; a male destroyer (DiByZe) and a female creator (MuByIn).

Year 999,749 BDD
The Powers That Be (as they came to call themselves) decided to make the creator first.  When MuByIn was created, she was VERY inquisitve, however her makers viewed her as a tool (and tools don't need or deserve answers), so she had to do her own research.  After 2 years she found the answers she desired and was horrified by them.  It was then and there MuByIn decided to try to destroy her creators, which brought about her banishment from that universe.

Year 999,851 BDD
Frustrated with their creation rebelling against them, The Powers That Be abandoned their "two being" plan and just stuck with making the destroyer, DiByZe.  Instead of making DiByZe male (like the original plan), they decided to make her female.  They would make her first then make her also a creator later.

Year 999,999 BDD
After decades of doing simulations and test runs, The Powers Than Be decided that it was safe to finally awaken DiByZe.  At first she looked around, analyzing her environment.  Then she began singing and dancing, causing all mortals in the area to immediately lose all sanity.  Before all of space and time in that universe collapsed into the source of the catastrophe, The Powers That Be realized that they succeeded greater than expected in their creation of DiByZe, and she was THEIR destruction.  All space, all that ever was, and all that ever would have been, disappeared into DiByZe, and then she rested.

Part II Exile and Revenge of the Fen'Shaard King

Year C. -16358 DR (Toril)(Faerun)
A king of an unknown empire (wiped not only from the land, but history as well), was tried and sentenced for crimes against creation and the gods.  Killing him wasn't a severe enough option, the Hells could not contain him, and there was fear that sending him to the Abyss would just backfire and cause him to rise up with an army of demons.  The rest of the planes were not an option, so the gods (under the guidance of Ao) elected to exile the Fen'Shaard king by the name of Shadroth out the(ir) known universe.

Year ErRoR: TiMe NoT fOuNd (Void where the universe Primus Magnus was/would have been)
Shadroth spent a long time stuck in a void where time no longer existed.  Eons upon eons passed for him, and yet time truly never passed at all.  There was only one other being in that void with him, yet no matter how hard he tried, she would not wake up.  The only clue as to who she was was a symbol on her forehead: x/0.  He looked around and the only things he could find were books, all of them with the same symbol as the female did.  He quickly discovered that he didn't want to continue his attempt to wake her.  Eventually Shadroth found ways to other dimensions and recruiting minions.

Year 0 (Void where the universe Primus Magnus was/would have been)
After enough recruitment, Shadroth found a way to move time again.  It was incredibly slow, but it was flowing again (1 second = 10,000,000,000 years).  He began building a vast empire in the void by creating vaults that could serve as bases of operations.  He began having each vault reach out into the space/time multiverse and gathered more recruits.  In the dimensions he was invading, he made progress by securing a base at a secure connection point.  Some universes he would come across high tech civilizations, yet others could only provide primitive beasts.  Eventually he found a way back to Toril, only there it was the year 1403 DR.  By that time, DiByZe had managed to disappear, but Shadroth had long since decided that she wasn't a threat (which proved to be his undoing).  A group of adventurers (a grouchy Sun Elf, a gangster from Terra year 1923, A human Chozo Warrior, an android with"a brain the size of a planet," a Unicorn Pony Wizard with a rage problem, and a few others) teamed up and headed to take out Shadroth, only to find that he had been brutally murdered by DiByZe.  The party had already dealt with her a few times before (sometimes completely destroying her body) only to have her come back and show up when it was most inconvenient.  Fortunately the party had prepared by acquiring artifacts and a scroll containing a very powerful wish spell.  When the battle was over, the energy DiByZe absorbed all those eons ago was dispersed and the universe once named Primus Magnus began to recreate itself.  Anything that was there during the recreation (the vaults and other places of power) remained as the universe formed around it.  The party eventually bid each other farewell, then returned to their respective universes and times.

Part III Recreation and Settlement

Year 0 - 1,000 ADD (After DiByZe's Destruction) (Neo Primus Magnus)

The universe formed anew.  A clean slate with worlds ready to live on, it just needed some "tenants."  Eventually, survivors of the multidimensional war began moving to the dimension Neo Primus Magnus looking for a new home.  Some of them were just races that didn't truly have a home, some of them deities no longer needed (or wanted) by their people, but regardless of their background, there was plenty of space to settle.  One of the deities, an Alicorn (pony) Princess of War (Starfury) brought about the formation of a council amongst the deities so that they could better protect their people from the denizens that remained when the universe reformed.  Given her experience in fighting these denizens time and again, (she was originally the Unicorn Pony Wizard from the group of adventurers that vanquished DiByZe) the council relied heavily on her advice on how to fight these denizens.  Trying not to spread their forces too thin, they chose one planet: Dagny.

Year 1,000 - 2,000 ADD (Dagny)(Neo Primus Maximus)
Certain members of the council decided on using different methods of fighting the enemies, and with their decision the council moved to different continents.  Terra Magica was guided by Starfury, and the continent was devotion to the use of arcane magic.  Terra Divino was occupied by Thalia Prima and Asher Prima (an Astral Deva and Incubus respectively).  Sajava, a mate of fused Psifelids (separately they are Sajan and Ahava) occupied Terra Mentis.  It was understood that Clever Circuit, a male Alicorn with a skilled at dealing with machines, was to occupy Terra Machina to give the council a better understanding of how to defeat the mechanical denizens. 

It was well known that Starfury HATED machines and aberrations, but only known by a select few of Starfury's crush on Clever Circuit He knew about her crush and she knew that he knew.  500 years later, Clever Circuit invited Starfury over to see his new city.  When she arrived, she found the city FILLED with machines and that Clever Circuit had turned himself into the embodiment of what she hated.  She could tell by the smile on his face that he had done that on purpose and in that moment Starfury became the angriest she'd ever been.  It took the entire council to stop her rampage (Clever Circuit still mockingly laughing at her) and by the time they did, half of the city had been destroyed.  When she arrived at her palace, she received reports that Terra Mentis was deliberately experimenting with aberrations even though they were told not to.  It was at that moment Terra Magica declared war on Terra Machina and Terra Mentis. The feeling was mutual with Terra Machina.  However the continent of Terra Mentis felt indifferent about the whole situation.

500 years later the city of Aran sent out a distress signal for Civitas Magas, the capital city of Terra Magica.  Starfury immediately teleported above the city to survey the situation, only to find that it was FAR TOO LATE to save the city (even before the signal got out.  A vault had opened up beneath the city, which was now CRAWLING with Xenomorphs.  Realizing what she had to do, tears fell from her eyes and she mouthed out the words "I'm sorry" as she cast the spell Megaton.  The city of Aran quickly became the ruins of Aran, and with no perceived survivors, the council put up a massive (arcane) force field around the ruins to keep the radiation from spreading.

Notes for self (so if I lose them, I can find them later):
Campaign 1: Year 3227 (Branched to 2 different sessions and a failed online session)
Defeat of the Admiralissimo:  Year 3247
Campaign 2:  Year 3257
Campaign 3:  Year 3302
Campaign 4:  Year 3304 (still going, on hold, and branching out)
Admiralissimo returns:  Year 3347


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