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That's a problem Red has in general - the "iconic" effects for Red are either damage, or are situational (Artifact destruction, some combat tricks, Haste, short-term take-control-of effects...)

That being said:

•) W does less than half of a Chaplain's Blessing when it dies (5 Life for 1).
•) U gives you a cantrip when it dies (There are a ton of CMC 1 cards that have "draw a card" as a side effect).
•) B does half of a Cry of Contrition when it dies (Discard two for 1).
•) G does the equivalent of Sprout when it dies (Create a 1/1 for 1).
•) R does half a Shock whenever it dies (2 damage for 1).

Plus, Red Zuberas have great synergies with stuff like Deathtouch, Chandra's Spitfire, all those Red enchantments that double/increase damage...


Of your Enemy-Color Zuberas, Discordant-Body Zubera and Burning-Mind Zubera are stupidly good, while Vital-Rage Zubera is a tad anaemic.

Oh, yeah, they're broken as hell.

Also, a classic-Zubera-enabling land. Probably also needs to enter the battlefield tapped, although then it might also warrant a generic tap for colorless mana, too (I dunno).

Unnamed Zubera Land
Legendary Tribal Land - Zubera
{T}: Add one mana to your mana pool of any color. Spend this mana only to play Spirits, Zuberas, and Arcane spells.
When a Zubera creature you control dies, you may sacrifice {this}. If you do, search your library for a Zubera card, reveal it, and put it into your hand. Then, shuffle your library.

Also on the topic of Kamigawa mechanics and lands.

Spirit of the Land {1GG}
Lands you control have Spiritshift X, where X is equal to the number of lands if your graveyard.

All Zuberas are Spirits, so the Unnamed Zubera Land can be neatened up by dropping that.

Also, you're looking for Soulshift. Actually, I'd merge the two, like so:

Household Shrine
{T}: Add one mana to your mana pool of any color. Spend this mana only to play Spirits and Arcane spells.
Whenever a Spirit you control dies, you may sacrifice Household Shrine.
Soulshift 2

Oh, and a legendary that I think would be a ridiculous combo piece:

(click to show/hide)

I was kind of hoping with the Zubera land for it to count as a Zubera, increasing the number of Zuberas that effectively dies (and thus augmenting the original cycle's on death effects).

Regardless, Household Shrine is nice.

Edit: Odd card idea off the top of my overly sleepy head. Fluff idea is a ghost that tries to solve its own murder.

Haunting Victim {UW}
Creature - Human
When {this} dies, create a 1/1 colorless Spirit creature token with Flying and "When this dies, investigate."

I'm angry and tired and this seems like a ridiculous idea and I'm just going to do it anyway.

Black Tea {B/2}
Artifact - Equipment
Sacrifice equipped creature: Return target creature card from your graveyard to your hand.
Equip: B

Red Tea {R/2}
Artifact - Equipment
Equipped creature has "T: Target creature gains haste until end of turn."
Equip: R

Green Tea {G/2}
Artifact - Equipment
GGG: Put a +1/+1 counter on equipped creature.
Equip: G

White Tea {W/2}
Artifact - Equipment
WW: Equipped creature gains protection from the color of your choice until end of turn.
Equip: W

Blue Tea {U/2}
Artifact - Equipment
0: Return equipped creature to it's owner's hand.
Equip: U


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