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Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition

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I just realized that Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition came out last year (basically a reboot of the 2002 BioWare game based on D&D 3rd edition).

For those that are not familiar, it has a pretty decent re-creation of 3rd edition rules, converted to real-time (with pause) and a decent but not extensive(it doesn't have every splatbook like we're used to) list of classes, prestige classes and feats to scratch that minmax itch.

The main limitation I've found, is that you can only pick 3 classes (including prestige); but, that still leaves quite a bit of wiggle room.  It's also refreshing to see the imbalance preserved, you could play a monk with your CHA maxed out and pick toughness every time... if you really wanted to.

I've been looking through recent character build threads and it's nice to see new 3e players running around.

I think a lot of people around here know, but if not, I'm the founder of the Player Resource Consortium, the largest mod ever released for NWN and still under active development all these years later. Our goal is to add a ton of content and shift the game closer to PnP rules to put a little bit more challenge back into things.

Drop by either Discord (MMX or PRC) if you want to catch up.

Wow... it's amazing to know that this is still going. I might have to dig out my copy and fire it up. I don't need the enhanced edition to participate, right?

No, although anything made with it won't work for you. There's still plenty of content that you can easily use though, my own included.

golf clap  :clap

Now I know ...


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