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English Wizard:
Hello all

Old man but new member here.

I'm after the edition number(s) of Dragon magazine where they published a list of the 'new' spell spheres from Tome of Magic (Law, Chaos, War etc) cross referenced with which God in Legends and Lore would grant them to its Priests.

Ideally, someone will already have a nice pre-prepared chart....

Anyone able to help an old guy out?


I did some digging and these are spread out through an unknown number of Dragon Magazine issues, they were listed as the "Pantheon of the Month" in Sage Advice articles.  As an example, #202 covers the Greek Pantheon and #205 covers the Nehwon pantheon (whatever that is).

FYI because these are Sage Advice they're labeled as unofficial so they're basically homebrew (which might or might not matter to you).

Edit: I found this which appears to show what you're looking for.

English Wizard:
Hi Nanshork

Wow!   That was fast and magnificently effective.

Thank you, in person, and also to this site collective!!!!

Sadly I couldn't access the links but I did find the info by googling PDFs of the magazines you identified (and other issues). Thank you again.

You're welcome!

The excel links in the page I linked work for me so I'm not sure what is blocking you from accessing them.


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