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--- Quote from: magic9mushroom on May 05, 2023, 01:48:08 AM ---
--- Quote from: Nanshork on May 02, 2023, 11:19:05 AM ---The immortality guide is specifically about protecting yourself from dying of old age though.

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I'm not seeing how this is in contradiction with what I'm saying. I'm saying that something that (only) prevents you from dying of old age isn't the sort of thing that warrants KK/Taltamir's suggested extreme security measures.

If you don't have anyone trying to kill you, keeping the LZs in your manor is safe enough.

If someone is trying to kill you, there don't seem to be any plausible scenarios in which super-hiding the LZs helps very much. If you're stronger than them, then when they break in and your various "hey, somebody's breaking into my manor" alerts go off, you can just teleport back (LZs require 5th-level spells to create) and deal with them. If they're stronger than you, then they can just assassinate you without bothering with attacking your manor (or finding the super-hidden LZs if you did that), since the LZs don't stop you being killed and killing the LZs won't kill you in any sort of useful timeframe.

That last one (someone trying to kill you who's stronger than you) is the reason that super-hiding a phylactery is actually worthwhile, because the phylactery does stop you from being killed.

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Every game is different so what is/isn't worth extreme security measures is entirely in the eye of the beholder, especially when he's talking about raids by adventurers so appeared to be discussing it from an NPC perspective and not a PC perspective.


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