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A Note On Class Based Games

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I'll tell you the truth; I've gone horribly lost in reading the links.
Just so much... OH MY DAYS... The exposition...
At least five chapters for storytelling.

Anyways, I stumbled upon this. I hope that this is what you meant.

Still, I don't think that what they have can be considered multi-classing. And I don't think that it works close to what d20 offers.

Chuubo's is a really interesting game. Thumbs up from me. Just don't expect it to play like a more normal game.

Another game which does this -- kinda sorta -- is Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay.

In 2e, you need to pre-qualify for your next class (e.g. gathering the trappings), and while in that class you learn & earn specific perks. You retain some of these perks when you leave the class.

3e is similar (but also different and less popular).


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