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I just seen Infinity War and I'll give it 5 out of 10 Marvel Stars, which is like a 7-out-of-10 in normal film ratings but the MCU has a high bar to live up to.

(click to show/hide)I think it has to be talked about because it's what the movie had to struggle with (besides the large cast). You knew as a two-parter structure and the comic arc that Thanos was going to get the stone and he was going to wipe half the universe. You could by extension name most of the characters being wiped too. Like if you said Dr Strange is too powerful and he probably wouldn't give up the Time Stone, you'd be right about him getting the boot at least. Off the previews with Thor waking up on the GotA ship and Loki handing the Tesseract over you could bet all of Thor's cast being snipped away (and Heimdall should have had the soul stone!). Vision? Obviously. Scarlet Witch? Too OP/complicated. Fury in a post credit scene? Damn right.

The iffy one to me was Captain America, the guy playing Bucky Barnes was signed into a longer lasting contract and you know Bucky donned the suit there for a bit so it's a popular theory he'd be stepping up but the film executives decided to play it safe so all the main Avengers survived. All well, at least I know Hawkeye did.
(click to show/hide)It had a more serious tone where some of their quips felt as unnatural trailer plugs which makes it the oddball out as far as Avenger films go. Likewise their little fighting among them selves felt extremely forced. GotA2 just had an anti-dbag arc and a huge part of Strange's character arc in his film was him getting over his ego and learning to pass the torch. You could swing Tony's attitude that after Civil War he is shouldering the weight of breaking the team and he's become a little more controlling since then. They even built on this in Homecoming. But instead they decided to insinuate that Tony totally has had a mental link with Thanos all this time (dun dun dunnnn!) so now the message is PTSD is really just aliens in your head. They really botched this whole element and fucked it over.

Jumping around like it did also cost a lot of consistency and trying to cram so much stuff in caused them to skip a lot of things. I can see an extended edition fixing a bit of this but overall they focused on the wrong parts. Like Bucky gets all this lead up through CA's films and even his own post credits scenes but he barely does anything before getting wiped which is a very poor pay off. It seems like they decided Thor's side-questing he does in every film needed a little more time to avoid the last film's complaints, but it's almost like it wasted too much time now. If the remaining sum of Asgard can get it's ass kicked off screen why did we have to spend so much time forgetting Thor tried burning him self to death?

I feel like we got a film about the antagonist which is absolutely fine. When you take on the view that the main focus of the story isn't the Avengers but it's Thanos some of the scenes work a little better. Not all of them because there is way too much non-Thanos filler, but some of them at least. They did a lot to characterize him and to break him from the MCU villain curse of being entirely forgettable. He doesn't suffer from his four - There were four right? - nameless hirelings or all of the others before him. The scene after snapping his fingers could have been easily cut out, but it just feels like it should be there. People falsely hailed Black Vegeta as as some kind of complex not really evil and has some good intentions guy, but Thanos actually delivered it.
(click to show/hide)So if this takes place before Infinity War you can bet Antman dies. Wasp is needed to complete the trifecta of powerful women, and Paul's comedic tilt it too much for Infinity War Part 2: Title Is Spoilers.

Got to see it.  Liked it on it's own, separate from the historical comics. 
I have most of those originals ... and it's very different.

Anyway, it's worth seeing.  Definitely NOT a classic Hollywood ending.
'Cept it's technically the halfway point.  It'll be interesting to see how
they make the Time Gem = the ~equal of the other 5 Gems, in terms of "the" plan.

(was that a spoiler, uh, not really sorta)

Trying to make Thanos a contemporary american ideologue Anti-Hero,
instead of the worst of the worst of the worst and girl crazy ?! ?!
Well that part is just plain old weird ... lol aDMg's anything ...
Changes the flavor quite a bit ; probably market research >>>> the orginals.

I'm at a loss, trying to figure what the main story line will be, for the sequel.
 :???  :plot

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I like that they ended on a down note, not many are brave enough to do it.

I did not like that when people were dusting at the end, it took different amounts of time to dust. Some got a whole monologue others just evaporated.

James Gunn put out Groots last words, was insightful. 


--- Quote from: SorO_Lost on April 27, 2018, 11:51:59 PM ---...
Up Coming: Antman 2
So if this takes place before Infinity War you can bet Antman dies. Wasp is needed to complete the trifecta of powerful women, and Paul's comedic tilt it too much for Infinity War Part 2: Title Is Spoilers.

--- End quote ---

There is a scene in Antman 2 that dovetails directly with Infinity War,
putting it squarely within the IW's timeline.

There's a guy John Urschel, who is an ahead of curve mathematician and
was a Baltimore Raven's lineman until the NFL concussion study came out.
He read it and quit immediately !!   (high Wisdom to go with them Knowledge skills, eh?)
Football's loss , everyone else's gain.  Here's what he's been up to.
Ant-Man: The Science of Ants | Marvel University

Did Thanos Kill You ?!


Spideyverse didn't have any crossover.
But the graphics were awesome !!
(and yet too fast, I could watch it at half speed and get so much more boom out of it).
Kathryn Hahn is all meow'ed up.


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