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Who wants a free test copy of Venture, my tabletop RPG?

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It's in a semi-playable state right now but I need more feedback from optimizers and new players alike. In return, I'll add you to a mailing list for free updated versions as the game progresses. When the finished product is out, you will get a PDF of the as well as a voucher for a printed copy (if it ever gets that far.)

TC X0 Lt 0X:
Sure, though a description of the kind of game it is would be nice   ;)


--- Quote from: TC X0 Lt 0X on January 26, 2019, 04:19:54 PM ---Sure, though a description of the kind of game it is would be nice   ;)

--- End quote ---

It's a fantasy tabletop rpg with a focus on having a strong mechanical backbone to back up narrative driven gameplay. It's definitely a niche product, since it's too crunch-heavy to appeal to the magical teaparty crowd, but too narratively focused to allow the game to run itself.

Notable features:

D6-centric mechanics. No other dice are required.
Bounded accuracy
Point-Buy based character creation and leveling.
Fluff-lite mechanics, allowing powers to be mechanically exact but broad in description.

I'll take a peek once work dies down.

I like games.


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