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New campaign for my kids based on Marvel characters

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My kids want me to run a game based on marvel, with them playing clones of Black Widow and the Scarlet Witch. They both want to run on the chaotic/neutral side of alignments, skirting between good and evil, and here is what I have so far.

The Scarlet Witch will be a sorcerer. My son's playing this character, and mostly making his own character creation decisions.

Black Widow I thought would be best approximated as a monk. I'm working on a mostly defensive-based (dodging) Monastic Tradition for her.

Monastic Tradition: Way of the Dancing Reed
You dance like a reed in the wind, allowing you to easily avoid attacks.

Sidestep: Starting at 3rd level as a reaction you may cause an attack that would have hit you to miss. You may use this once per encounter. You may also gain another use by spending a Ki point.

Blurred Form: Starting at 6th level, you are so fast and adept at dodging that it's hard for an opponent to predict your movements. As a bonus action, you may enter a frenetic dance that gives all opponents disadvantage on their attacks against you. This lasts a number of rounds equal to your monk level, and is usable once per short rest. You may also gain another use by spending a Ki point.

Houserules to the monk base class:
1) I'm super annoyed that the unarmed fighting style for the fighter gives higher unarmed damage than the monk's... So... I'm going to use the 3.5 unarmed damage table for them. Also, if all they make is a single unarmed attack in the round they get to double the damage.
2) Add Wisdom modifier to their Ki points.

I am having them start out as a pair of assassins trained from birth to work together for a secret organization that basically "polices" rulers. Here's what I have on it so far:

Librat Manus (supposed roughly to translate to Balancing Hands... but don't lecture me about Latin, please :D I just thought it sounded cool.)
Secret society of assassins, always working in pairs, and trained from birth to work with each other. One with a martial/stealth bent, and the other with magical powers. They're like a more evil version of the Harpers. They "monitor" the kings and other rulers, going after them if they are too oppressive (outright murdering the ruler is last resort, as it can often be very destabilizing. They more often "send messages", etc.)

For stat generation, I used the following home-brew method I found:
Two Strong, Two Good, Two Weak by Yunru
Roll 3d6 for two stats, these are your "weaknesses" - areas where your character simply isn't gifted or hasn't focused.
Roll 4d6k3 for two stats, these are your average stats, neither neglected nor specialized.
Roll 6d6k3 for two stats, these are your "strengths" - areas where you're either gifted or have heavily invested in.

Feel free to offer feedback/comments in this thread.

My son doesn't even have Levitate yet, and he's already looking at the tables for dropping heavy objects on people. He's definitely a chip off the old block.  :lmao

The second session had both sharks and lasers, but not sharks with lasers on top of their heads, unfortunately. (Had some great rolls on the random encounter table I used  :lol).

After looking at the sorcerer, and comparing it with wizard... I'm a bit underwhelmed. Edit: In fact... I'm downright pissed off. Why the F does the wizard get extra spells prepared due to a high Int, but the sorcerer gets jack squat for a high charisma (other than a DC boost)? And also... the wizard has the same number of spell slots per day!!!!  :shakefist :banghead So... I'm already house ruling... lol. I am doubling the base Sorcerer Points (what a stupid name), adding the Charisma modifier, and reducing the cost to 1 point per spell level (no cap). Yes this allows them to Nova like hell, and cast a buttload of 9th level spells daily. I don't care. That's the intent. Suck it, wizards.
Edit2: After thinking about it, actually I don't even think this is "broken". At most you'd probably get about 50 sorcery points at 20th level, allowing you to cast five "extra" 9th level spells if that's all you did with them. It's probably better for the low level sorcerer, as at 2nd level with an 18 Cha you'd get 11 total first level spells. That's a lot, but you can still only cast 1 per round. (Unless you take Quicken at 3rd... which you should. However, then you're burning those points on metamagic, and not spell slots.)

I also improved the weak Wild Magic origin abilities in the following ways:
1) Ditch the Wild Magic chart, because you shouldn't be penalized for using your Fing class abilities
2) Allowing him to recover a use of Tides of Chaos with 2 Sorcerer Points, and changing it to a reroll (as with the Luck feat) instead of giving advantage.
3) I also made the "Bend Luck" ability at 6th level just force someone else to reroll. We'll almost certainly not get to 14th level, so I don't even care...

And... familiars being able to give everyone advantage on like every skill check ever is a bit annoying... I may have to limit that, but haven't decided how yet.

The multiverse's most dangerous children are at it again.
Yunru knows his stuff, that's probably fine.
Class abilities better be life saving, or you'll be hearing it from the other over-deity.
How does a flying snake know about the Dragon Below?

My niece has a hospital play set ; and Santa Claus was visiting.
I said :  Oh it's just a check-up.  Anybody who can run 100 000 marathons in one night is in tip top shape.

Haven't played this one in a while... My younger one (daughter) has been more interested in playing with her neighbor friend. :P So I started a solo game with my son where he's playing a 3.5 Psion. That's going surprisingly well considering I just threw it together based on some ideas he tossed out. I may start a new thread about it.

We rebooted this, with some swapping out of characters. They're all 3rd level. My daughter is playing a paladin (Oath of Vengeance) she brought over from another game, my son is playing a hexblood sorcerer, and her BFF is playing a Way of Shadows monk. We picked up where we'd left off, which was just getting to the creepy cultist island in the Shadows Over the Moonsea module. Up until this point it's mostly been RPing and very little combat. They managed to predict that the "ghost ship" would be going to next, and go there, but the natives are proving... much less than friendly. They managed to get into a fight with hothead at the smokehouse (going from memory here, can't remember names), and then drag his unconscious body out into the street where they used it as a prop to try intimidating the rest of the townsfolk. The 3 old crones basically laughed at them, and then started "flirting" with my son's character... which he was thoroughly revolted by (success!  :lmao ). After some terrible rolls on skill checks but pretty good RPing, they managed to get the crones to agree to join them.


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