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Could we remove the automatic warning against thread necro?

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There is an automatic warning against posting in threads that haven't been posted in for 120 days. I'm pretty sure we don't have any such actual rule and all it's going to do is discourage people from posting on what is already a low activity forum. Does anyone disagree?

It's only a soft warning, not a hard lock, so it doesn't hinder anyone who really wants to add to an old thread.
That being said I wouldn't mind if the setting were entirely disabled.

That isn't something that has an option to be turned off and honestly the whole point of it is that someone is replying to a really old thread and maybe it would be a better idea for them to make a new post entirely so it both can't be changed and in my opinion doesn't need to be.  I really doubt that our activity is in any way impacted by a "hey, are you sure you want to do this?" message.

at this point 99% of the board posts are >120 days old;

might as well just respond normally to the ancient texts

That's why I think it's better if it's removed. Ultimately, I expect this can be a bit of a discouraging factor. I don't know how much it affects posting patterns, but I suspect it does have at least some effect and that it's better to remove it if that is possible. I know there was a PF thread that got bumped with an apology for necroing that suggested to me that some people do feel like they shouldn't be posting in old threads as a consequence of this warning and the forums are low activity enough as is.


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