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This is the old index from MinmaxBoards. I'm not planning on maintaining it any more, but I figure this will be useful for anyone trying to save and port everything that was there. Although, all of the links to handbooks on GiantITP and other sites still work just fine.

The Handbook Index
A compilation of handbooks and resources. Now with a discussion thread (newest unread post).

This is just a listing of all the handbooks and resource threads we have here at BG. If there are any good handbooks on other sites, post a link and I'll add it.

This post will be revised as handbooks are moved over. Everything marked as "BG" is still on brilliantgameologists.com archive and has yet to be ported over.

Note: If you're looking for something Pathfinder-specific, check out the Pathfinder Handbook and Handy Links Index as well. It has a lot of PF handbook links that aren't in here.

Note: Many old threads from Brilliant Gameologists have been ported, quickly and dirtily, in the Hatchet Job Port Thread.

Last updated December 28, 2016.

Base Classes
(click to show/hide)Character Class Index
Base class mini index
The 3.5 Caster Classes Index
The 3.5 Caster Classes Index
Niche Rating For Classes
Treantmonk's Guide to Pathfinder X

Martial Classes (Barbarian, Fighter, Hexblade, Knight, Marshal, Monk, Paladin, Ranger, Samurai, Sohei, Swashbuckler)
(click to show/hide)Barbarian
Consolidated Barbarian Handbook- Midnight_v and Zendu
Being Bane: A Guide To Cracking Small Men - Solo's guide to Barbarians
A Guide to the Titan Mauler Barbarian (Pathfinder)

The Fighter's Handbook -- 2007
A Guide to the Fighter (Pathfinder)

BG - The Hexblade's Handbook
The Hexblade's Handbook (Dictum Mortuum)
Hexblade bonus feat and spell list mini-handbook

Sword and Shield: The Knight Handbook
[3.5] Person Man's Knight Handbook

The Marvelous Marshal Handbook

The Monk Handbook
[Pathfinder] Zen Archer Monk Handbook
The Way of Wushu - monk tips and tricks (WIP)
A Guide to the Master of Many Styles Monk (Pathfinder)

The Paladin's Handbook
BG - Waazraaths paladin build compendium
Paladin build compendion (v2.0)
A Guide to The Holy Gun Paladin (Pathfinder)

BG - The 3.5 Ranger Handbook
The 3.5 Ranger Handbook (Antarx and many authors)
[3.5] Mystic Ranger, Shooting Star, Sword of The Arcane Order... A Mini-Guide
BG - Treantmonk's Guide to Pathfinder Rangers

The Sensational Samurai Handbook

The Sohei Handbook

Class and Concept: The Swashbuckler

Skillful Classes (Factotum, Ninja, Rogue, Scout, Spellthief)
(click to show/hide)Factotum
BG - The Factotum's Handbook
The Factotum's Handbook (Dictum Mortuum)
Getting the Facts Straight: A Factotum Handbook (WIP, PEACH)

The Quintessential Ninja Handbook

[3.5] The Rogue Handbook: A Fistful of d6
The 3.5 Rogue Handbook

The Scout's Handbook

Jack-Of-All-Trades: Fax Celestis' Guide to Spellthieves
The Pokedex Primer to Spellthievery

Arcane Spellcasters (Bard, Beguiler, Dread Necromancer, Duskblade, Sha-ir, Sorcerer, Warmage, Wizard, Wu Jen)
(click to show/hide)Bard
BG - The Bard's Handbook
The Bard's Handbook (Dictum Mortuum)
JoshuaD's New Bard Handbook
Breaking Down Inspire Courage, MinMax Boards Handbook Edition!
BG - Treantmonk's Guide to Pathfinder Bards

BG - New Beguiler's Handbook- By Nicholas the Paladin
Beguiler's Handbook

Dread Necromancer
New Dread Necromancer Handbook
Reanimated Dread Necromancer Handbook
Dread Necromancer Advanced Learning Handbook

BG - The Duskblade's Handbook
The Duskblade's Handbook (Dictum Mortuum)

Sha'ir Handbook: Semi-Phenomenal, Nearly-Cosmic Power

Solo's Stupendously Superior Sorcerer Stratagems
BG - 8 Simple Rules For Selecting Sorcerer Spells
8 Simple Rules For Selecting Sorcerer Spells (ninjarabbit)
The Mailman: A Direct Damage Sorcerer
[PF] The Sylvan Sorcerer and Redemption of Polymorph

BG - Warmages: Play them the right way or not at all
Warmages: Play them the right way or not at all (ChristopherGroves)

BG - A guide to Wizards: Playing a GOD
A Guide to Wizards: Playing GOD (Credit: TreantMonkLVL20)
Treantmonk's Guide to Wizards: Being a God in D&D 3.5 (Treantmonklvl20, CantripN, Tsuyoshi)
The Logic Ninja's Guide to Wizards: Being Batman
BG - How you make your wizard like a spontaneous caster.
BG - Treantmonk's Guide to Pathfinder Wizards: Being a God
BG - Making the Magic Happen: A Practical Wizard's guide.
Spontaneous Wizard Guide
A quasi-New, half-Compiled and trying-Everything-included v3.5 Wizard Handbook
Easy Bake Wizard Handbook

Wu Jen
The Power of the Orient: Wu Jen Handbook

Divine Spellcasters (Archivist, Cleric, Druid, Favored Soul, Healer, Shaman, Shugenja, Spirit Shaman)
(click to show/hide)Archivist
BG - Archivist Handbook
The Archivist Handbook v2

The 3.5 Cleric Handbook
BG - The Quickstart Cleric Archer
The Quickstart Cleric Archer (Dictum Mortuum)
The Divine Magician
BG - The Divine Magician - Spell options
BG - Handbook: Dipping Cleric 1
The Absolute Guide to Cleric Prestige Classes
WIP - guide to dipping cleric [PF]

The Druid Handbook
BG - The Quickstart Druid
The Quickstart Druid (Dictum Mortuum)
Being Everything: Eggynack's Comprehensive Druid Handbook
BG - Elemental wild shape mini guide
BG - Treantmonk's Guide to Druids (Pathfinder RPG)

Favored Soul
None yet

BG - The Healer's Handbook [3.5 Class from the Miniatures' Handbook]
The Healer's Handbook (Akalsaris)

Shaman Handbook [Oriental Adventures]

Shugenja Handbook

Spirit Shaman
BG - The Spirit Shaman Handbook
The Spirit Shaman Handbook (A Man In Black)
The Spirit Shaman Handbook

Psionic Classes (Ardent, Divine Mind, Erudite, Lurk, Soulknife, Psion, Psychic Rogue, Psychic Warrior, Wilder)
(click to show/hide)Psionic Tricks Handbook: Brainstorms - by kalaskaagathas
Handbook of Myths: "the XPH is Overpowered"

The Ardent Handbook: Dominating the Mantles - by Samb

Divine Mind
The Divine Mind Handbook

Erudite Handbook

The Lurk's Handbook

The Soulknife Handbook

The New, Virtually No-Nonsense Guide to Psions
BG - A Psion Handbook
BG - 3.5 Psion Buildguide and Compendium by carnivore

Psychic Rogue
[3.5] Thinking on your Feet: The Psychic Rogue Handbook

Psychic Warrior
[3.5] The Psychic Warrior Handbook

Handbook of Wilders: Surging Ahead of the Curve - by Samb and Cvazi

Invocation Users (Dragonfire Adept, Warlock)
(click to show/hide)Dragonfire Adept
The New Dragonfire Adept Handbook!
The New Dragonfire Adept Handbook (JanusJones) - Note: Unofficial port from WotC boards

Warlock Information Compilation
The New Warlock Handbook [3.5, WIP]
Shinken's Guide to Melee Warlocks
The Glaivelock - A Mini-Guide

Meldshapers (Incarnate, Soulborn, Totemist)
(click to show/hide)The Incarnum Handbook
Soulmeld List by Class and Slot

The Incarnate Handbook
Incarnate by the numbers

BG - Soulborn Handbook
BG - Incarnum Feats for Soulborn
Guide to the Soulborn (Gerdreg)
Vantage Guide to Soulborn

The Totemist Handbook
The Totemist Handbook
Another Totemist Handbook (WIP, input welcome!)

Martial Adepts (Crusader, Swordsage, Warblade)
(click to show/hide)Tome of Battles for Dummies v2

The Crusader Handbook
BG - The Crusader's Field Manual
Spirit of Steel: The Crusader's Handbook
BG - The Idiot Crusader, refreshing maneuvers for free every round
The Idiot Crusader Mini-Handbook: Refreshing Maneuvers for Free Every Round

Walking the Way: A Swordsage's Handbook [Under Construction]
[3.5] Swordsage Handbook: This one'll walk the whole Way {WIP, PEACH}

BG - The Warblade Handbook
The Warblade Handbook (Generic_PC)
Masters of the Sword: A Warblade's Handbook

Tome of Magic (Binder, Shadowcaster, Truenamer)
(click to show/hide)Binder
BG - [WIP] Binder's Guide: Trade Your Soul for Awesome
BG - Consolidated Binder Handbook
Consolidated Binder Handbook - by jameswilliamogle (repost with formatting)
The Binder Handbook: Let's Make a Deal
The Binder's Summon List and Spellbook

Compiled Shadowcaster Handbook
[3.5] Pulvis Et Umbra Sumus: The Shadowcaster Handbook

In the Beginning Was the Word, and the Word Was Suck: A Guide to Truenamers
The Tao of Truenaming

Other Classes (Artificer, Dragon Shaman)
(click to show/hide)Artificer
The Unofficial Artificer Handbook
BG - Zeroficers - A guide to making tier 0 Artificers
Borg286's Zeroficers guide
BG - Consolidated List of "Bargain Bin" Spells for Artificers
Impractical Artifice: A Guide to dodging books.
Disregard Money, Acquire Buff Spells: Artificers without the Artifice

Dragon Shaman
The Dragon Shaman Handbook
3.5 Dragon Shaman Handbook

NPC Classes (Adept, Aristocrat, Commoner, Expert, Magewright, Warrior)
(click to show/hide)Adept
None yet

None yet

The Commoner Handbook
[PF] How strong can you make a Commoner?

None yet

None yet

None yet

Pathfinder Classes (Alchemist, Cavalier, Gunslinger, Inquisitor, Magus, Oracle, Summoner, Vitalist, Witch, and other PF-specific classes)
(click to show/hide)Pathfinder Handbook and Handy Links Index
[PF] Archetype Combos: Doing all the work b/c reading charts is bloody annoying
Exotic Delights: A Dipper's Guide to Pathfinder

None yet

None yet

[PF] The Gunslinger's Handbook

None yet

A Guide to Touch Spells, Spellstrike, and Spell Combat [Ver 0.1 Alpha]

None yet

[3.P] The Summoner's Handbook: A Guide to the Pathfinder Summoner

[PF] Mental Medicine: Psionic Healing through the Vitalist

[Pathfinder] Rolling on the Floor Cackling - The Witch Handbook

Akashic Mysteries Guide- Discussion - Note: Individual guides are in Google Docs, linked from this thread.
PsyBomb's Guides to the Akashic Mysteries
[WIP] Power's Guide to the Pathfinder Shaman
[PF] Fear Itself: The Dread
A Guide to the Spellslinger (Pathfinder)
[PF] Class imitating guide: Let's not and say we did!

Multiclass Guides
(click to show/hide)Multiclassing for Newbies: A reference guide for the rest of us
BG - The Swift Hunter's Handbook - Ranger/Scout
The Swift Hunter's Handbook (Dictum Mortuum) - Ranger/Scout
BG - Ascetic Rogue Mini-Hanbook - Monk/Rogue
Ascetic Rogue Mini-Handbook (Dictum Mortuum) - Monk/Rogue
Dipping Mini-Handbook
Pathfinder: Dipping for Fun and Profit (mostly Profit)

Alternative Class Features and Substitution Levels
(click to show/hide)BG - Alternative Class Features
BG - Alternative Class Features
BG - Alternate Class Features IV - The Revival
Alternative Class Features (Surreal)
Alternative Class Features (Dead_Weasel)
Adaptations Handbook
Dragon Mag Alternate Class Features
Variant Class Feature Chaining

Homebrew Base Classes
(click to show/hide)The Savage Handbook - Homebrew for Stratovarius's Arhosa Campaign Setting

Prestige Classes
(click to show/hide)Prestige Class Index
Prestige Class Index
Pathfinder: Dipping for Fun and Profit (mostly Profit)

Combat Classes
(click to show/hide)BG - The Arcane Duelist Handbook
The Arcane Duelist Handbook (Ikeren)
Black Blood Cultist Handbook: A Grappler's Manual - Web Archive version
Dragon Descendant Pamphlet
The Dervish Handbook (Xanadu)
Frenzied Berserker Handbook
The Pyrokinetic Handbook: Turning up the Heat - by snakeman830 - Pyrokinetecist
The Pyrokineticist's Handbook
The Revenant Blade Handbook
The Handbook to Kill a Yak...With MIND BULLETS! I mean Arrows! [Soulbow, WIP]

Skillful Classes
(click to show/hide)The 3.5 Assassin's Handbook
BG - The Charlatan Handbook: or Pretending to be a God
The Charlatan PrC Handbook: or Pretending to be a God (Shigure)
CO Optimization: The Fatemaker

Spellcasters, Manifesters, and Invokers
(click to show/hide)+1 BAB and +1 Caster Level or +1 Manifester Level at PrC Level 1
BG - A Guide to Quickened Progression and Dual Casting

Arcane and Divine
Abjurant Armor and Mind Over Matter spells
BG - The Fiendbinder Handbook
Tools for Fochlucan Lyrist Builds
Force Missile Mage is the Magic Missile Master: My secret Magic Missile Fetish Magic Missile
[3.5] Incantatrix Handbook (WIP)
Mastering the Malconvoker
Rainbow Servants: The Refractive Index
BG - Red Wizard's Handbook
Red Wizard's Handbook (BeholderSlayer)
BG - Shadowcraft Mage Handbook
Shadowcraft Mage Handbook
Shadowcraft Mage Spellbook
The Swiftblade Handbook
BG - Ultimate Magus
Ultimate Magus HB - copied
War Weaver's Handbook, Black Tactica Edition
The Absolute Guide to Cleric Prestige Classes
Enlightened Fist Optimization [Long]
BG - (New) Master of Shrouds Handbook
Master of Shrouds Handbook (Akalsaris)
The Planar Shepherd Handbook
The Planar Shepherd Handbook (Tweedledope)
Runeblaster: A Handbook for the D&D 3.5 Runecaster
BG - The Guide to Sovereign Speakers and Other Domain Users
BG - Sovereign Speaker 101: Domains, Benefits, Requirements, and Review
Updated Master of Many Forms Bible
Master of Many Forms Forms Bible

A guide to interpret the psionic abjurant champion variant
[3.5] Zen Psionics: Mastering the Meditant
BG - Thrallherd Handbook

Dual Progression
Anima Mage Handbook
Jade Phoenix Mage guideline for gishes.
Brain Power: A Mind Mage Handbook
BG - Mystic Theurge Handbook
Mystic Theurge Handbook (Caedrus)
BG - A quick guide to: The Ruby Knight Vindicator
A Quick Guide to: The Ruby Knight Vindicator (Alastar)

Has Own Spellcasting/Manifesting
The Chameleon Handbook
BG - Preliminary Persistent Chameleon Handbook (Please Suggest Improvements)
BG - The Quickstart Divine Crusader
The Quickstart Divine Crusader
The Suel Arcanamach Handbook

(click to show/hide)Umbral Disciple handbook

Martial Adepts
(click to show/hide)BG - A quick guide to: The Ruby Knight Vindicator

Other Classes
(click to show/hide)Fiend of Possession Handbook [update]
Black Suits and Fiery Contracts (or Fun with Souls the Fiend of Corruption Way)
Illithid Savant Information (killercoffee)

Character Building
(click to show/hide)Feat Index
Feat Handbook
X Stat to Y Bonus
Optimization by the Numbers
Resource - Class Boosters
Sources of Bonuses to Ability Scores
Harder, Better, Faster - A Handbook on Building Better Bastards - Stat boosting
BG - Use this or That: A Quick Guide to Alternatives
The Rebuilding Handbook: "Better... Stronger... Faster"
BG - The "Rebuilding" Handbook
Useful Dragon Magazine Stuff
Interesting stuff in Pathfinder
Fun Finds Compilation
BG - Useful Dungeon Magazine Finds
BG - Handbook: A Guide to Creating Optimized Builds at Low Levels
BG - The Optimized Initiative Compilation
BG - Init math and matchups OR helping you find the desired init advantage.
BG port: Initiative math and matchups (Sunic_flames)
BG - Making opponents flat-footed (Iaijutsu Strike resource)
List of ways to deny enemies X to AC / other defenses
[3.5] Making stuff Helpless
BG - The Fear Handbook - Caedrus' Art of War, Volume 1.
The Fear Handbook (Caedrus)
BG - Playing Raistlin : Kell's Guide to Playing With Space, Time, and Actions
Immortality: A Guide to Eternal Life - by MasterVerhoffin
BG - How To Become Enormous (Meet Mr. Gigantic)
BG - The Spartan Handbook; or how to rock the phalanx!
BG - Sneak Attacking Spellcasters: God's Shifty-Eyed Cousins
The Speed Handbook
Movement speed and armor mini index
A Player's Guide to Dragonmarks
Handbook of the Exotic Practice of Feat Binding
Prereq Alternatives
The Prerequisite and Early Entry Handbook
Levels at which Abilities are Expected
Noob Handbook
Mundanity and how to overcome it handbook
The Bloodlines Handbook: Balanced Interpretation & Implementation
BG - Proto Handbook: Bloodlines (this could end as complete crap)
The World in One Feat: A Shape Soulmeld Handbook

Build Compilations
Compilation of Low Level Builds
BG - KSB Snow Owl's Archer Build Thread
BG - Caelic's Build Compendium
BG - PhaedrusXY's build compilation
DavidWL's archive of randomness
BG - The Tsuyo RegionalDex: A Ported Selection of the CO Works of Tsuyoshikentsu
PBMC Thread & Build Compendium
Core-only Wizard20 vs a Splatbook-Enabled Fighter20 - Lycanthromancer's Duel
SorO's Enlightenment Series

Companions (Animal companions, Familiars, Mounts, Psicrystals, etc.)
BG - The Familiars' Handbook
Getting the most out of your familiar
Mount Handbook

Defensive Abilities
BG - The Fail class guide to IP. Proofing For Classes below Tier 2
BG - The complete guide to IP proofing OR how to survive and enjoy your campaign.
The Armor Class Handbook (WIP)
Iterative probability and multi layer defenses.
Evasion Index
Mettle Mini-Handbook
Immunities Handbook

Fighting Styles
BG - Little Red Raiding Hood: My Tale of & Guide to the 3.5 Dragoon
BG - Little Red Raiding Hood: My Tale of & Guide to the 3.5 Dragoon (linked handbook)
A Guide to the Dragoon (Pathfinder)
BG - The Sword and Board Handbook
The Sword and Board Handbook (juton)
[3.X] Person Man's Guide to Shields
A short guide to defensive fighting
[3.5] The TWF OffHandbook.
The Archery Handbook
Toxophilite - The Archery Handbook
Natural Weapons and You: A Mini-Guide
BG - The Mole Handbook
The Mole Handbook (snakeman830)
[3.X] Optimizing Power Attack
The Mathematics of Power Attack
[3.X] Person Man's Guide to Melee Combos
[WIP] Hulkamania is runnin' wild (a grappling handbook)
Tripping Handbook - Stay down
SPEW!: A guide to spitting for fun and profit.
Quick, Nobody Move! The Lockdown Handbook (v1.0)
Making the most of Attacks of Opportunity (AoOs)

BG - The Gish Handbook
The Gish Handbook (raith0)
BG - Sword and Sorcery : The 3.5 Gish
The Gish Handbook

Minions, Servants, and Leadership
K's Revised Necromancer Handbook (with notes)
BG - Mechonomicon
Mechonomicon (Snizor)
BG - Collection of Necromatic Oddities - Collection of Necromantic Oddities
Collection of Necromatic Oddities (Snizor) - Collection of Necromantic Oddities
BG - Handbook for Leadership and Army-Making
Leadership Mechanics in D&D

Skills and Skill-Related
The Skill Handbook [WIP]
"Can I Take 10?" Table of sourcebook examples/mentions of taking 10
Alternative Ways to Get Class Skills
A Guide to Proper Scouting
A Guide to Proper Scouting (JaronK)
The 3.5 Breaking and Entering Thread
BG - Breaking and Entering: a Thief's Guide
BG - Optimization Resource: Trap-Finding
BG - Mini-Guide to Stealthy Characters
Iaijutsu Focus Guide (How to make your opponent flat-footed)
The Library of Knowledge

Races, Templates, and Monsters
(click to show/hide)Master Player Race List Version 3.0
BG - Races Handbook
Races Handbook (HCL)
BG - Race Handbook
BG - Optimized Races Niche Compendium
Racial Feat Index
+0 LA Non-Humanoids
Player Race List with LA +1 and LA +2
Planetouched Handbook
BG - Undead Characters
BG - dragon PC races
Dragon Handbook -or- Hoarding for Fun and Profit
List of Dragons (For Mister Lamp’s Dragon Handbook)
BG - Level Adjustment Theoretical Optimization Mini Handbook
Level Adjustment Mini-Guide
Master Template List
Uncle Kitty's Guide to Template Based Shenanigans

Specific Races
The Truest of the True: A Handbook to non-Kobold Dragons (WIP)
BG - Mohrg Handbook
The Pixie Handbook
Becoming the Beast - A Shifter Player's Guide
BG - Telthor: usable incorporeality at low levels? - Telthor Minihandbook

Specific Templates
Ghost Guide
The Consolidated Lycanthropy Guide

Monster Lists
Monster Index
D&D Monster Finder
Monsters with innate spellcasting
Supernatural Ability List
Monster Lore Compendium

Spells and Other Magic Systems
(click to show/hide)Spell Index
BG - Consolidated List of "Bargain Bin" Spells for Artificers
BG - Ways to Expand a Spell List (III)
Anti-Antimagic: How to Cast in an Area Where Magic Won't Normally Function!
BG - Caster Level Loops And You
BG - How to shove it to beatsticks - A caster resource for not getting hit
BG - Access 2003 Spell Lists - Artificer, (Cloistered) Cleric, Druid, and Wizard
BG - List of Save-or-be-Screwed Spells [PHB, SpC, FrB, SnS, BoED, CM, PH2]
BG - The beginnings of a complete list of good/Great/AWESOME spells from all sources.
Spells by Duration (PHB so far)
Recharge Magic Handbook
Reserves of Strength mini-handbook (WIP)
Spells that save you from taking feats or investing skill points?
Long Duration Spells
No Save, No SR, No Hit effects
Metaspells: Spells About Magic
Casting Deus Ex Machina -- The Platinum Spell Compendium
Dispelling & Counterspelling Compilation
Raising Caster Level

Specific Spells
What can you do with...
Extract Gift Mini-Handbook
Extract Gift Information
Industrial Magic - Fabricate
Disciple of Tenser: A Guide to Maximum Tenser's Floating Disk Utility
Permanency Handbook
BG - The Wish Handbook

Metamagic and You: A Thesis
Getting the most out of the Chain Spell feat
BG - Persist Handbook
BG - List of Arcane Persistable Spells up to 9th Level
BG - Top 10 Arcane Persistable Spells by Level (For Future Handbook)
BG - List of Persistable Divine Spells up to 6th Level
BG - Top 10 Divine Persistent Spells by Level (For Future Handbook)
BG - Divine Persistent Spell Categories by Function and Level (For Future Handbook)

Polymorph and Shapechanging
3.5 Forms for Alter Self
The EVEN MORE Complete Polymorph Thread 3.5
Polymorph, Wild Shape and Shapechange, oh my!
Mini Handbook of Shapeshifting Comparisions - by Surreal
Form Changing Comparisons [Wildshape, Polymorph, etc]

BG - Summoning Handbook
BG - "Iconic" Summoning Handbook - Needs Your Input!
LOES: Spamming and Summoning Elementals From Level 1
Legal 3.5 Summonable Monster List
The Summoner's Desk Reference [D&D 3.5]
Practical Demonkeeping (A Summoner's Guide to the Lower Planes)
BG - Walking the Line (A Summoner's Guide to the Middle Planes)
BG - Rising Above (A Summoner's Guide to the Upper Planes)
Greenbound SNA Summonlings List v1.34: It still ain't easy bein' green!
SNA Greenbound and Rashemi Elemental Summoning Templates Handbook
Summon Desert Ally Handbook

Psionic Powers
Psionic Powers by Disciplines - by Mnemnosyne (more information)
Raising ML

Invocation Index

BG - Tome of Battle for Dummies
ToB and ranged weapons (Carnivore) mini-handbook

Items and Equipment
(click to show/hide)Magic Items Granting Feats
List of Feat Granting Items/Locations/Grafts
Stitching Things Together: The Graft Handbook
Fleshwarping: A List of Grafts, Symbionts, and Related Goodies
The Complete Graft Handbook
Arsenic & Old Lace: the Poison Handbook
Affliations and Magical Locations Handbook
BG - The Utility Belt; or what you should be wearing around your waist
BG - Cursed Items Mini-Handbook
Cursed Items Mini-Handbook
Bunko's Bargin Basement (v3.0)
Save Items: Items That Boost Saves
[3.x] Shax's Indispensible Haversack (Equipment Handbook)
Fill That Slot! [3.5]
[3.5] Lists of Necessary Magic Items
Papyrus & Ink: A Player's Guide to Scrolls for the Aspiring Spell Scribe
The Complete Shopping List
Complete MacGyver (borg286)
Eberron Airship Handbook
The Stronghold Handbook: All your Base are belong to us.
D&D Airship And Flying City Creation Guide

The Complete Cost Reduction Handbook
BG - Consolidated List of "Bargain Bin" Spells for Artificers
Alchemy (content from Wizards community forum)

Spell Emulation
Getting Re-Wired: Expanded Psionic Tattoos
Ink on the Mind: A Guide to Psionic Tattoos
The Definitive Guide to Wands
Handbook to Wand Users and Crafters

Weapons and Armor
Special Materials Index
The 3.5 Weapon Special Abilities thread
The 3.5 Armor and Shield Special Abilities thread
BG - Weapon & Armor Information
The Armor & Weaponry Handbook (Daniel678)
Weapon Handbook
Saving from WOTC Forum: The 3.5 Weapon Special Abilities thread
The Most Overpowered Weapon: The Shuriken (A guide to silly shuriken enchanting)
Building a Weapon of Legacy, for dummies.

Metagame Concepts
(click to show/hide)The Seven Facets of Character Optimization
BG - Tleilaxu_Ghola's Innovating Party Design: Method and Application
Innovating Party Design: Method and Application (Tleilaxu_Ghola)
Caelic's ten commandments of (practical) optimization

Tier System
Base Class Reference & Tier Information
Base Class Reference & Tier Information (PlzBreakMyCampaign)
JaronK's Tier list for classes.
BG - Why each class is in it's tier.
BG - Why Tier 1s are in Tier 1.
BG - Why Tier 2s are Tier 2s
BG - Why Tier 3s are in Tier 3, #1 of 2.
BG - Why Tier 3s are in Tier 3, #2 of 2
BG - Why Tier 4s are in Tier 4.
BG - Why Tier 5s are in Tier 5.
BG - Why Tier 6s are in Tier 6.
BG - Tier System for PrCs - Your help needed
Tier System for PrCs - Reboot
BG - Why Down Two PrC are Down Two Tiers.
Why Down Two PrCs are Down Two Tiers (Gr1lledcheese)
Why up 2 Tier Prestige Classes are up 2 tiers
Why Up 2 Tier PrCs Are Up 2 Tiers (HCL)
BG - Tier system for templates

(click to show/hide)BG - The Dungeon Master's Handbook
Challenging D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder Parties in Practice

Campaign Settings
The Rokugan Setting; Samurai's, Ninja's, Shugenja's, Ohmy!

[3.5]Being Ra's al Ghul-Oslecamo's guide for DMs to improve their monsters
Monster Tactics Handbook
Urpriest's Monstrous Monster Handbook
Being Bahamut-Oslecamo's guide for DM use of dragons

The 3.5 Red Hand Of Doom Handbook for DMs [Major spoilers!] - WIP, PEACH!

(click to show/hide)Encyclopedia Vinculum Draconis
Hatchet Job Port Thread - Quick ports of numerous BG threads
BG - The War Compendium
Band-Aids for Dummies
A Player's Guide to 3.5 Healing
A short guide to healing in combat
BG - Ability Damage Resource by Empirate
Re: PC's dealing stat damage
BG - Pseudoclasses Handbook and the ghost levels theory
Opposed Checks Handbook
BG - AoOs and 5-Foot Steps: A Guide
Mini-Handbook of AoO and IA: Acting out of turn
Pardon the interruption – a Guide to Immediate Actions
The Handle Animal Guide
BG - Designing your own Custom Class in 3.5e DnD
BG - The Equivalent Bonuses list
BG - Naberius: sacking your stats for fun and profit
BG - Is there a list of ways to gain actions?
Handbook of Official D&D Content
Master Psionics List
Dragonlance 3.5 source books mini-index
3.5 World Records
All 1st party and some 2nd party D&D 3.0 and 3.5 books by publication date
Portfolio List

3rd Edition Variants
Sanity Check -- The Craziest Handbook Ever
E6 Handbook
E6 PrC System & Handbook
darthstabber's handy gestalt handbook {under construction}
Diablo Dissection

4th Edition
Optimization Library (4E)
Optimizations/Builds/Handbooks Requests and Links

5th Edition
A Grognard's Guide to 5E D&D Rules
A Guide to the D&D 5th Edition Paladin through the eyes of a 3.5 Player

Combos and Tricks
BG - Do we have a dirty trick handbook?
BG - Dirty Trick Handbook II, or how to force your DM to attack you without a save.
BG - Dirty Trick Handbook Fixes
Dirty Trick Handbook Fixes
Dirty Trick Handbook III
Psionic Tricks Handbook: Brainstorms - by kalaskaagathas

Handy Links
A guide to free D&D
Tools Archive
Handbooks Board at brilliantgameologists.com
Custom Google Search Engine for brilliantgameologists.com
BG - Handy links: Map to the world of Minmaxing
[download] WotC_Links
Lists of Stuff
Consolidated Lists Archive
The DragonDex - A complete index to Dragon Magazine
Some handy links for CO work
The CO boards compilation in PDF
PlzBreakMyCampaign's D&D 3.5 Resources Index
BG - JJ's Shtuff.
Dictum Mortuum's Handbooks
HeroForge Anew - MS Excel character sheet

Handbooks to be sorted.

Base Classes
Paradoxes of Fighting Defensively: A Swashbucklers' Handbook
Incarnum and YOU: a reference guide
Master Psionics List
Sohei Handbook
Incarnate Handbook 2017
The Warlockopedia: A Comprehensive Warlock Handbook
danzibr's Totemist Handbook (formerly "Another Totemist Handbook (WIP, input welcome!)")
Xenken's 3.5 Artificer Basics

Prestige Classes

Character Building
Minions, Servants, and Leadership - Unlimited Bone Works, a Guide to Skeletons and Zombies (incomplete, likely never getting finished)
[3.5] List of skill uses outside of the SRD

Races, Templates, and Monsters

Spells and Other Magic Systems
3.5 Summoned Creature SLA Lists

Items and Equipment

Metagame Concepts





PBMC Meta-Compendiums (including 3e fully fixed)
Famous Optimized Character Builds - At the moment, just a straight link to Famous optimized character builds? on GitP.
The Comprehensive Pathfinder Guides Guide - Note to self: Another index of PF guides and handbooks
The Redeemery: How to reliably turn evil to good on a large scale
Lots of Pathfinder class guides here

To be Removed

As of November 5, 2012, the WotC community forums shut down, rendering a great many handbooks inaccessible. Many of them have been preserved in other locations, listed here.

Recently ported from BG
Note: I left both links for BG guides that were ported over in MMB by posters other than the original author. This way, if the author ever decides to port it over him or herself, the link will still be available for easy access.

Reserved 4/4

If you've got a handbook you want added, just post a reply in the discussion thread. If you're posting there, all you need is a link.

Don't mind me, I am just posting the old Handy Links thread from the BG Min/Max It! subforum. It'll come here the way it was there, so any typos and other stupidities will remain. Sorry about that, try to take it with humour.

Here's almost 70k views worth of links for you:

(click to show/hide)Last update: 10th of May 2011

This thread will try to include all the important threads related to minmaxing and character optimization on this board. I nicked the concept of this thread from Surreal whose version can be found here: Click for Handy Links/4e Handy Links. For now I will limit myself to reserving two posts in addition to this and hope that is enough for the possible future needs as well. Should anything be added here, give me a holler either via a PM or by posting here and I will consider adding the thread.

For more reference material for optimization work: Lists of stuff by Surreal.
This one is for clarifications regarding the rules: Unofficial Errata Project subforum
Also, here is a custom tool for searching around the BG forums: BG search.

The format will be as follows:
-Handy link: Map to the world of Minmaxing by Tshern.

If you think that I should add a brief description to the link, tell it here and I'll comply.

Post 1: Class and theme handbooks and building guides, CO diaries

Post 2: Utilitarian and informative threads, users' personal build compendium, non-optimizational banter

Post 3: My personal favourites and fun stuff

Post 4: Links to the WotC's Character Optimization boards. Not quite as active as it should.

Class handbooks and building guides
-The Handbooks childboard. All the handbooks ought to be here as well.

Arcane Duelist:
-The Arcane Duelist Handbook by Ikeren.
New Beguiler's Handbook- By Nicholas the Paladin by Nicholas the Paladin and transported here by Handbook_Writer.
-Consolidated Binder Handbook by jameswilliammogle.
Handbook: Dipping Cleric 1 by ChristopherGroves.
-The 3.5 Cleric Handbook by aftercrescent.
Little Red Raiding Hood: My Tale of & Guide to the 3.5 Dragoon (linked handbook) by Endarire.
Dread Necromancer:
-The Best Dread Necromancer Advanced Learning Spells by JaronK.
-The Druid Handbook by Blade2718.
-The Duskblade Handbook by Dictum Mortuum.
The Factotum's Handbook by Dictum Mortuum.
-The Incarnum Handbook by Sinfire Titan.
-The Lurk's Handbook by Dictum Mortuum.
-Treantmonklvl20's Mastering the Malconvoker by Treantmonklvl20 and transported here by Dan2.
-Monk's Handbook by dman11235.
-3.5 Psion Buildguide and Compendium by carnivore by carnivore and transported here by Archmage Joda.
-Rebuilding Handbook by Nox_Noctis.
Shadowcraft Mage:
Shadowcraft Mage spellbook by Littha.
Solo's Stupendously Superior Sorcerer Stratagems by Solo.
Swift Hunter:
-Swift Hunter Handbook by Dictuum Mortuum.
-The Swiftblade Handbook by Hallack.
Tome of Battle:
-Tome of Battle for Dummies by DaveTheMagicWeasel.
The Totemist Handbook by Sinfire Titan.
Ultimate Magus:
-Ultimate Magus by Phoenix00 and transported here by Korwin.
Warlock Information Compilation by Thinblade.
Warmages: Play them the right way or not at all by Christopher Groves.
-Wilder handbook II by Samb.
-A guide to Wizards: Playing a GOD by Treanmonklvl20 and transported here by Dan2.

-The Archery Handbook by carnivore and transported here by Eldariel.
Free D&D:
-A guide to free D&D by Dictum Mortuum. More of the same, more up-to-date by Garryl.
-A Player's Guide to (3.5) Healing (And, why you don't need a cleric to heal) by OneWinged4angel.
Init math and matchups OR helping you find the desired init advantage by Sunic_Flames.
-The Consolidated Lycanthropy Guide by Nanshork
-Optimized Races Niche Compendium by PlzBreakMyCampaign
-Races handbook by dman11235
-"Iconic" Summoning Handbook - Needs Your Input! by Faithless tbe Wonder Boy.
Do we have a dirty trick handbook? by Kuroimaken.

CO diariesAlastar: -Diary of Chuck
Hallack: -CO Diary: The life and art of Beguiling.
Pfooti:-CO Diary: Wizard / Beguiler / Ultimate Magus in a Savage Tide Campaign


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