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Anyone should be able to post questions here

This is a place for people to ask any questions they have about gaming.  Currently it is set so only people who are committed board members can respond to these questions.  That helps ensure quality.

What this means is only people with 50+ posts should be able to answer these questions.  This is something of an experiment to see how well it works.  (people set as handbook writer or PbP Gm should be able to as well)

PM me directly if this is not working correctly.

Once your question has been answered there's an option at the bottom of the thread to set it as Solved, which will change the topic icon to a tick.

And because it's come up a few times, this is not the place for questions about the site. Those go in Board Business at the top. Likewise, if you're looking for opinions/discussion rather than a straight answer then this isn't the place.


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