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Back in 2013, I started modding DOOM, and decided to make a zombie survival mod. Over the course of a year or so, I got all the behavior of the enemies I wanted down, the new "realistic" guns, and some of the graphics. The graphics are the most time-consuming part, so I never really worked on them, and largely put the project away, occasionally revisiting it.

About a week ago, I had some renewed interest in this project, and have started putting in a lot of time making new graphics for the monsters, as well as creating objects to place in the maps. I'm going to have to start creating maps, soon, to get your character running around through an apartment building and later down the city streets.

Here's some of the progress, so far:

Using lots of pallet-swapping, I'm able to make zombies with different clothes, skin, and hair colors, to add variety to the game.

I added in humans that will turn into zombies if killed by zombies or any of the green slime in the game. The humans have the same color combinations as the zombies, so you don't run into issues of red-shirt humans spawning blue-shirt zombies.

In addition to humans, I added cops. They will fight instead of running, and are pretty competent against the slow zombies. Fast zombies and zombies with ranged attacks will kill them much faster. If they come back as zombies, they're twice as tough as the other slow zombies because of their armor.

There are zombies that will crawl out of the dirt, seemingly coming from nowhere.

There are some cultists (that replace the cacodemons). They largely behave the same, albeit more aggressively. There are several other types, including necromancers that summon zombies (replacing the pain elementals that spawn lost souls).

Here is some of the arsenal of guns you can find. You're limited in terms of how many you can carry at a time, and each has an internal capacity, forcing you to spend time reloading.

The knife replaces the chainsaw. One advantage to keeping the pistol instead of the Uzi is that you can hold the knife in your other hand, making quick attacks. This saves on both time and ammo in a mod where things are meant to be scarce.

Some graphics I made a while back for reloading the AK-47.

The cross-hairs on the rifle scope. If you have the time and space to use the thing, it's fantastic, but not advised for running around in tight spaces.

I've created some cars. The police cars actually have lights:

I was working on new types of exploding barrels today. I decided to make eight of them stacked on a skid, which makes a much larger explosion. I had to tweak the radius a bit, because I was obliterated a fraction of a second after taking this screen shot. :p

Some furniture I recently added in, with some rotation sprites. That's where all the time comes from when making graphics. If you track rotation, you're probably doing around five images for still objects, and 40-60 for each individual monster.

This looks awesome.


--- Quote from: Stratovarius on April 27, 2019, 06:39:06 PM ---This looks awesome.

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Thanks! Map-making isn't my strong suit. I've only made a couple of small proof-of-concept maps for a different horror mod, so we'll have to see how well I can do making an apartment and a city. I think as I see the space, I'll get a better feel for what objects and textures I need to add in.

I've finally started level building! I'm only two rooms in, so far. This is me mucking around with all the textures I created for mundane stuff like carpet, drywall, trim, and cabinets. It's not great, but it's way better at what I want to convey than the default Doom textures:

I'm iffy on how I feel about the dynamic light source in a darkened room. It looks a bit odd to me, but I like the effect of being able to shoot a light out. I can play with darkness and sparse light sources to great effect with zombies wandering the halls, I'm sure:

So, I've started in earnest on level editing. I'm probably about 50-60% done with the first level. Right now, it's primarily two floors of hallways, three apartment rooms, and a lobby on the main floor. I need to add more rooms to explore.

Here is the hall outside your room, complete with evidence of the carnage:

The light is out in the section of the hallway, making it spooky. There is a corpse in there that will stand up and attack you if you linger too long:

I've got one window in the building so far. Windows aren't a pain to add, but putting stuff to see outside of them is what's so time-consuming:

Here's what little I have of the lobby, with the door out to the street. Crossing the door ends the level:


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