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i'm looking to possibly recruit people for a Return of the Runelords 1e game every other Tuesday nights @ ~6pm Mountain Standard Time.

it's not very RP heavy... mostly a fairly standard run-through, just lost a couple people and haven't found any takers on a more local level.

i can't seem to see an option in another thread. sooo.... here you go :-p

Hi!, I am pretty new here, what it means recruitment in this case? Playing a couple of hours every week? What do we need in order to join? (Not considering to do it, just want to know more to decide :) )

Its a game we play over Discord voice and roll20 for the maps and stuff.

PM me and I can send u the details.

wow! so cool!, I will think about it. How much time do you play per day? Or do you play each day? It is because I am working and studying after work and I don't know if I will have time to join

Every other Tuesday ~6:15-10pm Mountain Standard Time. Not this tuesday, but next.


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