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Total Warhammer II Modding


Been doing a little Warhammer II modding:

The Cult of Ulric and Ar-Ulric Emil Valgier have brought along Boris Todbringer, the Bloodkin of Ulric, and the Teutogen Guard! Ride down your enemies with the Knights of the White Wolf as the Priests of Ulric summon winter's chill upon Ulric's foes!

Supreme Warlord Kratch Doomclaw, Lord of Crookback Peak, is the ruler of Clan Rictus and a member of the Council of Thirteen. And he's come to put Tretch back in his place! That jumped up chieftain thought he could run the clan while Kratch was away on Council business, but now Kratch is back, and Tretch is demoted to Grand Chieftain once more!

Plagues spill forth from the south of Lustria, marking the advent of the Bubonic Court of Nurglitch. Arch Plague Lord Nurglitch wields his Bubonic Sceptre atop the mighty Pox as he recalls Lord Skrolk and the Pestilent Brotherhood, then sets forth into the jungle to do the Horned Rat's bidding.


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