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Please discuss the Master Psionics List here in the discussion thread.

Comments, suggestions, additions, clarifications and so forth are welcome!

Interesting statistics...

829 line items (some duplicates from multiple sources)

This must be the most comprehensive power list I've seen thus far; I'm impressed!  Kudos for including the Dark Sun and Planescape powers.  I note you've excluded the powers from Hyperconscious, though those are 3rd party anyway, and some are a bit wonky in terms of how they balance.  No psionic rogue powers, though?  (Not that I've ever seen that class played, but the extra powers could be useful for expanded knowledge feats, customized mantles, and favored discipline erudites...)

Wow!  Thank you!

ara. thank you for that catch. i seem to have missed a few powers from the various mind's eye articles. including the psychic rouge specific ones. i will have to update my statistics and the master list.

my goal is to add only "official" powers, as defined by anything wotc has deemed official. thus it includes dragon (and will include dungeon when i get around to sifting through them), the official campaign websites material, wotc site material, and so forth. should anyone be willing to add in 3rd party material on a separate sheet, and send it to me, i will add it to the master list.

i have also debated adding the srd powers, as i seem to recall that a few of them are slightly different rules-wise, but i somewhat dread the work. perhaps i could only include specifically different powers and have a note in the sheet somewhere? anyone know for sure of differences between duplicated powers in the srd and other sources?

please be sure to let me know of any other things i may have missed! thanks again. i'll post here when i have updated the list with any missing mind's eye and article material.


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