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Min/Max 3.x / Need help with a heavily restricted Binder
« on: November 10, 2013, 01:48:46 PM »
So my GM might allow me to use a Binder in what is supposed to be a core-only game. The catch is that aside from Improved Binding/Expel Vestige, and perhaps a few Binder specific items, I'm stuck with core for feats, items, and classes for multi-classing options. I might be able to go Knight of Sacred Seal as a prestige class. But we probably won't be playing to that high of a level.

Right now I'm thinking of being more of a melee focused tripping guy. Flaws aren't allowed so I am feeling pretty feat starved.

Stat distribution is: 16/14/14/13/10/12

Human: Combat Expertise
1: Improved Trip
3: Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Spiked Chain)
4: Improved Binding
6: Combat Reflexes
9: Expel Vestige
12: Weapon Focus (Spiked Chain) - then after this I would go into Knight of Sacred Seal. We probably won't get past level 13 though.

Is this build even viable? What stats should I focus on raising? Strength seems fairly obvious to raise. Should I cap my Dex at 16 or is 14 fine for Combat Reflexes? Or should I try to pump it as high as possible? Is it fine to leave Charisma at 12 if I am focusing mostly on melee?

With these stats and limitations should I just scrap the idea of being a Binder (they seem fairly MAD)? They are pretty much my favorite class in terms of flavor. Party if fairly unoptimized, but I don't want to be entirely dead weight. For reference, we have a Gnomish Barbarian, and a Sword and Board Fighter, a Druid, and a Cleric. We lack a bit of Arcane Magic but the GM has been fairly accommodating.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Min/Max 3.x / I need help making a Bard with very very limited resources.
« on: November 22, 2012, 09:21:16 AM »
So my DM is hosting a game and the only resource the players are allowed is that site. We aren't allowed any alternate class features though, even if they are on the SRD. That's all we are allowed to play with.

Because of party composition I ended up picking Bard as my class. I'm thinking of being the primary scout/buffer/party face, and secondary battlefield control. Having never played a Bard with such limited resources, I'm honestly at a loss. I have no idea which skills will actually be beneficial in practice, and the ones I do know are useful I have no idea how much ranks to put in them since they often don't have set DCs.

This is currently what I have and I think it needs a lot of work. Any and all help would be appreciated. Including spells to pick, skills to pick, and how many ranks in general I should go with.

Thank you.

Min/Max 3.x / Malconvoker help
« on: April 11, 2012, 02:58:10 PM »
So I need some advice about a Malconvoker build.

My DM is starting us in a campaign at level 15. I've decided to go with one of these builds mentioned in the handbook:

Conjurer (UA variants: Rapid summon, Enhanced Summon) 10/Malconvoker 5/Master Specialist 4/Paragnostic Apostle 1
(Augment Summoning increases to +6/+6 plus Fast Healing 5)

Conjurer (UA variants: Rapid summon, Enhanced Summon) 5/Malconvoker 5/Initiate of the Sevenfold Veil 7/Archmage 3
Takes advantage of the nice IotSV abilities while maintaining summoning ability.

The party composition is likely going to be a Cleric, a Warblade, a melee class not from TOB, and a Druid. The DM hinted that most (nearly all) of the enemies will be evil outsiders (demons). We are also unlikely to make it past level 15, since this campaign will be a short lived one.

With that in mind should I go for Conjurer 10/Malconvoker 5, or are the wards gained from 5 levels of IOTSV worth the (minor?) loss in summoning power?

Min/Max 3.x / Sentinal of Bharri build help requested.
« on: December 05, 2011, 10:49:32 AM »
I'm interested in making a Sentinal of Bharri, but I'm not too knowledgeable about DND so I am requesting help.

What I have in mind:

Human Wizard - 32 point buy

10 DEX
16 CON
12 WIS
18 INT

Probably unoptimal stats. I'm not sure which is more important, Dex, Wisdom, or Constitution. I'll eventually have Bear Form so maybe Wisdom is better.

Specialization: Divination
Banned School: Enchantment
Familiar: Bat/Hawk/Rat (not sure which bonus is most useful)

Level 1: Sacred Vow, Vow of Obedience.
Level 3: Improved Initiative
Level 5: Craft Wondrous Item

I believe at level 5 I can graduate into the PrC.

Level 6: Quicken Spell
Level 9: Extend Spell
Level 10: Empower Spell
Level 12: Still Spell
Level 15: Silent Spell, Widen Spell
Level 18: Heighten Spell
Level 20: Maximize Spell

Thoughts? I'm not sure how useful most of the metamagic feats are in practice. I know Quicken Spell is considered useful. I'm also not sure if having low dex is going to be a problem.

If I were to make a charisma based character what would be the most cost effective ways of boosting his charisma modifier? I know there is the Cloak of Charisma +6 for 36000 GP. But what else is there?

Min/Max 3.x / Mage Killing Assassin Build. Is such a thing even doable?
« on: November 19, 2011, 02:19:48 PM »
Edit: I no longer want to focus on mage killing. Please keep that in mind when responding.

I'd like a regular assassin. Someone who is excellent at manipulation, stealth, and poison. What is the best way to go about this?

Hello there.

I've recently joined a 3.5e DND game, and I've been going over some character concepts I want to play. I've settled on an assassination type character (poison use, hiding, disguise, bluff, diplomacy) but I want to be geared heavily towards defeating magic based classes by negating their magic some way (high will save, magical items, I have no idea).

I have a few questions.

1. Is it even possible to make an assassin character that can effectively neutralize magic?
2. If so, do I sacrifice a lot to be able to do it? Will I only be decent against magic wielders?
3. What builds/feats/items do you guys recommend? I have access to most books, but I'm new to DND so I'm not exactly sure of the best things to pick to satisfy my character concept.

1. What D&D books you can use?

I don't think my DM will ban anything as long as it was published by WOTC, and it isn't from that Dragon Magazine.

2. What type of character you want it to be?

Well if mage killing isn't possible without heavy sacrifice, I'd like a regular assassin. Someone who is excellent at manipulation, stealth, and poison.

3. What levels will this character be played at?

Not entirely sure. The DM said to expect level 6-7 by the end of this year, and we might continue next year, but no guarantees.
Any house rules or particular details about your DM or the other characters in the game?

Nope. Our DM pretty much goes RAW. Though I doubt he'd be fine with obvious exploits like infinite wish loops, or infinite damage.
What specifically you are looking for help with?

Builds (including alternate class features to take, feats to take, what levels I should take something to be optimal, items I need)

I feel I should also mention that our DM uses a "roll for stats" method, but he has several failsafes to prevent pathetically low stats, or stats that make your character concept impossible from the start.

-Your name
-Your favorite games
-Your non gaming hobbies
-Where you live, including country, without using abbreviations
-What other communities you belong to meetups, message boards etc

Just call me Conbrio.

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