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You Break it You Buy it / Optimize psionic healing attempt, please help
« on: September 28, 2023, 09:39:37 PM »
Just looking for a bit of help from the community.

The premise: find the upper limit for psionic healing, offset by usability in play.

The restrictions: nothing evil, options must work with psionics even if they are not psionic based. Character must be psionic, prefer no magic character options, other options are possible. No infinities. 20th level character.

The power: Body Adjustment for 1d12 healing seems like the best option. (normally self only, but modified by Sangehirn and Archpsion. )

The equipment: Quori shards are surgically implanted crystals the Kalashtar and Inspired can use. One can have as many shards as the character has ML.

The Power Link variety allows one to tap then for +2pp to augment a power, 3 times a day. This augment is not limited by the ML cap. Furthermore, one can drawn on any number of implanted PL shards simultaneously if desired, as a single free action.


First build: PLS20K+W20+SUR6*MTP|EMP1.5

PL shards x20 for +40pp, Kalashtar race, Wilder 20 for 20pp, Surge for 6 = 66; times a Metapower Empower (cost 0) for 1.5 = 99pp.

5pp for first d12, 2pp for each additional d12 yields  48-572 hp of healing 3/day, self only; needs 2 feats.


Second build:

PL shards x20 for +40pp, Kalashtar race, Ardent 10 for 10pp and Dominant Ideal, Wilder 7 for 7pp, Surge for 3pp, Sangehirn for 2pp m, Practiced Manifester for +1ML= 62pp; times an Empower (cost 0 due to Dominant Ideal) for 1.5 + a Metapower Maximize (cost 0 due to Dominant Ideal plus Metapower) = 93pp.

3pp for first d12 due to Sangehirn, 2pp for each additional d12 for an extra 45d12 yields 522hp of healing 3/day, self or touch; needs 4 feats.


Third build:

PL shards x20 for +40pp, Kalashtar race, Ardent 10 for 10pp and Dominant Ideal, 5 levels of something for 5pp, Talented Overchannel for 3, Sangehirn for 2pp, Archpsion for 2pp and High Psionics, Practiced Manifester for +1ML = 62pp; times an Empower (cost 0 due to Dominant Ideal) for 1.5 + a Metapower Maximize (cost 0 due to Dominant Ideal plus Metapower) = 93pp.

3pp for first d12 due to Sangehirn, 2pp for each additional d12 for an extra 45d12 yields 522hp of healing 3/d, self or touch or 60' ranged touch; needs 5 feats, and Focus must be used for Talented.


How might any of these be improved?
Feel free to point out any errors.

Board Business / How do I fix that randomly added "list" tag again?
« on: July 08, 2023, 11:54:45 AM »
Trying to update the Master Psionics List post, and whenever I save, it keeps adding a random LIST tag at the very top for some reason?

Is that because I'm missing a tag somewhere, or is that a bug?

***edit: I think I fixed it, seems like it was a tag issue.

Off the top of my head I recall that the maximum GP cap for non-epic magic items (200,000gp not including costs for materials or XP) is referenced in the Magic Item Compendium and the Epic Level Handbook.

I note that occasionally hardcopy has different text than pdf, so that is worth checking too.

Anywhere else?

I really thought it was listed in one of the physical printings of the DMG, but I haven't done that search yet.

3.0 or 3.5 sources only please, not interested in Pathfinder sources.

Due to various circumstances, I happen to have become acquainted with Richard Paul Evans, an international author.

He asked me to invite a bunch of people from the communities I hang out in to come and join with me in a Zoom meeting, ask him questions and hear his views on writing in general, and so I thought of all of you here on Minmax.

Here are the details, sorry for the short notice:

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Join #1 New York Times Bestselling author, Richard Paul Evans, for a live Q & A, answering all your questions about success in publishing. Richard has written 42 New York Times bestsellers, and sold more than 35 million books worldwide. (8 movies)

You are invited to this special Zoom meeting.

Topic: #1 bestselling novelist Richard Paul Evans answers your questions about writing, publishing and marketing.

Time: Aug 31, 2021 07:00 PM Mountain Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

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Meeting ID: 895 2840 4568
Find your local number:

Min/Max 3.x / Master lists of 'x' -> Master list of all rules?
« on: February 06, 2021, 12:06:42 PM »
There are many Master List of 'x' floating around, which focus on various aspects of D&D and d20, such as my own Master Psionics List, the old Crystal Keep Indices, Zook's Full Spell List, and Captnq's very close EVD, not to mention all the many handbooks...

Has anyone thought to compile all of this by rules and mechanics into a Master List of Rules for D&D/d20? Would anyone have interest?

I have analyzed 3.5 and found hidden equivalencies, which apply across the board, and when used allow one to roughly compare overall meta-value between different creatures, classes, items, and abilities. This breakdown can be applied to every aspect of the stat block. This comparison is better and more granular than CR, but is still an approximate. That advantage of the KDS system, however, is that it can be used to compare ANY ability, even powers or spells or supernatural or extraordinary effects, and extract a rough meta-value which allows the potential power to be compared to almost any other aspect of the game.

Why is it still rough? The hidden equivalencies mean that almost all aspects of the game can be converted to the same unit. In mathematical terms, this should mean that if a=b, and b=c, then c must = a. However, this is D&D math (pun intended). So sadly, even within the exact same unit in D&D, there are differences in overall meta-value of the various units. Thus, even after converting all aspects of the game to the same unit, there is still the internal high value and low value within the actual units. If a more knowledgeable person who also happens to have more free time than myself were to take interest in this, perhaps the inaccuracies could be reduced, or even eliminated.

The high level overview of the process as used to compare CR* between targets is as follows:
  • Extract the Hidden Equivalency Value from the source target.
  • Convert the HEV to KDS, which stands for Kobold Death Squad - or in other words, the number of 1st level non-classed kobolds it would take to match the potential meta-value. In other words the HEV value of said single Kobold is set to 1 KDS.
  • Extract the HEV of the comparison target.
  • Convert the HEV to KDS.
  • Compare the two.
  • Add creatures until the KDS values are equal. This should equal an actual challenge for the party/character.

*Note that for non-CR comparisons, the raw HEV can be used to compare, skipping the conversion to KDS.


For example, let's compare a kobold to the standard default party. The scenario is that the party was investigating a cave, and were non-lethally captured and knocked out by the cunning food-catching traps of the itinerant kobolds. They were divested of their offensive and defensive equipment and 'secured' in another cave. The kobolds are debating what to do next. The party escapes and found the wizard's spellbook, but have not found their equipment yet.

For purposes of this comparison, the PHB shall be used as the source for the party information instead of the Monster Manual (as some of the races are in the MM1 as well as PHB). The kobold is drawn from the sample classed warrior in the MM1. This comparison does not include equipment (except for the wizard's spellbook), only racial and class abilities. Average stats are used for the kobold as per the MM1, elite stats (flattened) are used for the party.

My initial calculation of the HEV of an individual kobold warriro is 14. This converts to a KDS of 1.

The party calculations are:
A pre-class human is 5.
A pre-class elf is 12
A pre-class halfling is 9
A pre-class dwarf is 8
A level 1 cleric is 16 (without equipment, but with standard and domain spells available)
A level 1 wizard is 28 (without equipment, but with spells memorized and spellbook)
A level 1 rogue is 10 (without equipment)
A level 1 fighter is 15 (without equipment)
This gives a party total HEV of 103

Convert the HEV of the party to KDS and the result is 7.357....

Thus, it should actually take about 7-8 kobold warriors with equipment to provide a serious challenge to a generic standard first level party without most of their equipment, compared to the listed default 1/4th CR in the MM1. If the party has their equipment, then their HEV will shift up by about 20-40 depending on equipment selected. It will also increase their HEV and lower the kobold's HEV if they manage to obtain the kobold's weapons....

I used this scenario to demonstrate the fine-tuned nature of the KDS system, but it needs a lot of work. I wonder if anyone else is curious about it and would be interested in more details?

I'm hoping for people to chime in with the most common issues and problems with 3.5 psionics.

I'd like to gather a list of perceived pain points.

I'd also like to reference this analysis (on the positive side):

Board Business / Bug Reports General Thread
« on: June 23, 2020, 02:10:55 PM »
The creeping tag issue is back.

When modifying threads, there are extra list tags being randomly added (usually at the end of a given post).

Deleting them does nothing, as they just return, and occasionally multiply.

Please troubleshoot!?

Min/Max 3.x / min-maxing your party's meta-awareness?
« on: May 19, 2020, 04:39:22 PM »
I'm looking for resources/lists/handbooks/etc of must have's or ideal-to-have effects which will increase a given party's awareness of and information about the environment and circumstances around them. Failing pre-existing resources, please suggest some!

So this is more focused on in-game awareness in general, and not focused on teaching characters game meta-concepts such as HP or points of damage.

In other words, think more of what would a savvy and cutting edge fantasy Navy Seals, Army Rangers, or Super Agents have to have on tap in order to be the best.

Some things that come to mind off the top of my head (and which will serve as examples to clarify what I am meaning:
  • Touchsight - for perfect 360° sensory, extendable past 60', ignores darkness and invisibility, and works underwater too!
  • Prying Eyes & greater version - for superior scouting
  • Mindlink - for perfect silent communication in real time, without word limits
  • Fantastic Machine & greater version - for instant gadgets do to anything that can be described in 25 words or less... door crasher? check! quickie mech suit? check! need a tunnel? check! impromptu interrogation device? double check!!
  • Bottle of Air - breath anywhere
  • Status effect - track the status of all the party members
  • Zone of Alertness - share awareness of danger, prevent flat-footedness, and gain bonus to sensory checks
  • Predict Weather - good for preparation and spotting anyone who is messing with the weather
  • Know Direction and Location - good for generally landing on target and pseudo internal compass
  • Find the Path spell - for finding the way to what you are looking for
  • Lay of the Land spell - for knowing the surroundings exactly
  • Locate Object - for finding what you are looking for
  • Destiny's Trail - for seeing what happened at a certain time and location
  • ...etc.?

Min/Max 3.x / Master skill list for 3rd?
« on: February 15, 2019, 11:26:14 PM »
Looking for a master list of every skill ever published in official material for 3rd edition. Preferably with sources. Any one know of a source?

Min/Max 3.x / Area Effect AC boosts and bonuses?
« on: June 27, 2018, 10:55:00 PM »
What methods exist for creating an area effect AC?

Alternatively, how might a monk's AC bonus be shared with a mount or companion other than Souhei?

You Break it You Buy it / Breaking the Dungeon
« on: November 30, 2017, 10:00:21 PM »
With the glut of chinese, japanese, and korean light novels and comics being translated these days, more and more stories about main characters who get reincarnated as a dungeon or are otherwise somehow put in charge of one have become more common.

Turns out you can actually replicate this in D&D pretty much using straight canon and very minor tweaking.

Per the DMG section on Intelligent items: "intelligent items are treated as constructs"
Per the table in the same section: gives various costs to enchant an item with intelligence.
Per the Stronghold Builder's Guidebook: a stronghold space is a unit of measurement of a cottage, tower, castle, keep, dungeon, and more, approximately 20'x20'x10'.
Per the SBG on Wondrous Architecture: an item which can take up (fountain, statue, etc) or even be an entire stronghold space (a closet or room or even a hall).
Per the SBG if you want an magical effect to take up more than one space (for really big rooms, halls, or even the entire structure) you simply pay the listed cost for the effect times the number of spaces you want the effect to affect.

Ergo, you can enchant rooms to be intelligent.
Ergo, you can enchant your entire dungeon to be intelligent.
Ergo, once your room and/or dungeon is intelligent, it is now officially a construct.

Per the MM1 and Savage Species, creatures need to have an INT of 3 or more in order to take class levels instead of HD when advancing.
Per the MM1 and Savage Species creatures can take either HD for advancement, or levels for advancement, and according to the SS, you can also take templates for advancement when leveling up.

So not only is your dungeon an intelligent construct, it can take levels, gain construct HD, gain feats (leadership for minions, landlord for bonus funds every level to expand), gain skills, and of course, summon monsters and manifest powers. (or spells, if you really insist... sigh.)

I suggest levels in Spell to Power Erudite, Dungeon Lord, and maybe psi-Artificer.

It's not so much that this concept itself is inherently broken, but rather, once you've gotten this far, it becomes a foundation whereupon the potential for seriously advanced breakage becomes swiftly apparent.

In any case, I think I know where my next bag of devouring is going to lead to....

Board Business / Bug Report
« on: November 22, 2017, 08:32:45 AM »
      When attempting to update a handbook thread, I noticed the following two bugs:

      • The post preview button apparently does nothing.
      • When I save a modification to a post or add a new post, I get a two end-of-list tags showing up at the end, that I cannot delete?

      I was working on the Exotic Practice of Feat Binding thread, in case that matters - though when I modified this thread, the two end-of-list tags showed up here, too. Something that happens where there is a list in a post, maybe?

So, I asked this question over on Stack Exchange, and I'm curious as to what the active minds over here think about this.

The basic idea is questioning whether or not due to the fact that:
  • Psionics are called out as Psi-like abilities,
  • and that Psi-like abilities are in turn called out as Spell-like abilities,
  • Spell-like abilities have (or if not called out can be assigned) a caster level,
  • and in Complete Arcane it mentions that spell-likes that produce specific effects meet the requirement of specific spell knowledge,
  • plus an Erudite has a spell-to-power alternate class feature,
...can an Erudite qualify for certain prestige classes that are spell casting based - especially one where it says one can use either spells or spell-likes to qualify (using the language of Spells or Spell-like Abilities: X caster level Y; where x is arcane or divine and y is the numeric level)? The spell knowledge thing seems to be a done deal, however "caster level x" and "ability to cast spells of x level" language might still be in the air, especially the former.

I was thinking that since spell-likes have caster levels that can be assigned or calculated, perhaps a psi-likes manifester level would be considered a caster level due to the spell-like <==> psi-like thing?

I'm eyeballing the Sandshaper prestige from Sandstorm, if that matters for the calculations; though I'd be interested in what all could be qualified for via this potential trick, if it actually works?


Barbarians and rogues get trapsense, but can it be obtained without taking class levels?

D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder / Gestalt build suggestion solicitation.
« on: March 08, 2017, 03:14:07 PM »
So, I have the task of building a level 2 character for a campaign using gestalt rules in UA.

  • All 3.5 (but no 3.0, oddly) sources deemed official by WotC are on the table.
  • PbeM format, none of the players have met each other yet (and may not for quite a while), thus self sufficiency is important
  • DM aiming for roughly 55/45 RP/Combat metric.
  • I will be using psionics on one side of the gestalt. i'm not fond of the vancian spell system, so please don't suggest anything using it.
  • I apparently cannot use two psionic classes in any given level of the gestalt.
  • Character will be starting at level 2.
  • DM is unfamiliar with psionics specifically, but is game, so long as I am upfront about the implications of everything I am selecting / doing / pulling off in the character build.
  • Given that the game is already using gestalt, the power level options I proposed for the character build were: mild, give it some gas, go for broke, or blow-up-the-planet-DBZ-style... and the DM selected "Go for Broke, so long as it is not Blow-up-the-planet"
  • I'm having trouble deciding exactly which build I want to go with.

So far, here are my initial thoughts on builds:

  • Hengeyokai (sparrow) Psion (Egoist) with the Change Shape ACF, maybe tashlatora monk to start on the second side followed up by fighter or rogue? Aim for wildshape, warshaper, MoMF, and other wildshaping prestige classes. Pros: wildshaping + psionics, amusing to go monk on someone in animal form. (go all monkey king, or kung fu panda on them?) Cons: full shapeshifting late in coming online.
  • Erudite StP, go for the incarnum endless pp trick and the linked power combo to start with, pick up one level of psy war and psy rog eventually for the powers known, get metamind and pick up the nomad reiteration power for really endless pp at higher level. Pros: never run out of pp. Phenomenal cosmic knowledge/power. Cons: again, late coming online. xp drain to learn new powers.
  • Wilder + Erbaurer (astral constructor) updated to 3.5, so is a valid choice given the DM limitations, not sure what I would pick on the second side. something to avoid combat so as to let the constructs soak the damage. Pros: build-to-order minions, Cons: still rather squishy.
  • Sangehirn (psi-healer) for the more peaceful and rp-heavy route. Also updated for 3.5 and thus valid. Pros: not many people will hate a healer, at least until the conspiracies unravel. Lots more RP opportunities. Cons: not usually seen as a heavy hitter, even if they can soak up the damage (and even transfer some of it).
  • Something above with the Changeling prestige class and able learner - maybe the shapeshifter? Pros: Be all you can be. Cons: behind everyone else.

Other suggestions welcome!

I am leaning towards the Erudite or the Healer at the moment. Talk to me!

In other words, make a melee touch attack into a ranged touch attack, and a ranged touch attack into a melee touch attack....

Min/Max 3.x / Maximizing claw and bite?
« on: November 02, 2016, 05:57:58 PM »
What methods are available to maximize claw and bite attacks (mostly damage, but open to other aspects: size, attack, damage type, etc)?

How can I maximize the damage of a Thri-Kreen Dervish?

I've thought of skirmish being an obvious fit, but what about sneak attack - or maybe cloak dance and AoO optimizations? May I ask for build-stub suggestions, please?

First time ever playing PF or with this group. They are also allowing the Dreamscarred stuff as PF has no psionics in core. 3.x stuff is disallowed, sadly.

So, I'm getting tripped up by the subtle differences and more irritated the more i read. (can't be a soulbow and soulknife both? etc).

Would anyone more familiar with the PF/DS stuff be willing to make some build suggestions?

I'm looking for psionic, and max the CO, but hold the TO. I only have access to the d20PFRD at present, so stick with suggestions from that, if possible.

Starting with level one, but i like to build ahead.

Help, pretty please?

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