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September 1776 / Re: Chapter 2: Haxan
« Last post by bhu on May 05, 2024, 11:53:15 AM »
You doing anything beforehand?
September 1776 / Re: Chapter 2: Haxan
« Last post by RobbyPants on May 04, 2024, 08:11:33 AM »
"'Fair enough. Tomorrow after dusk."
September 1776 / Re: Chapter 2: Haxan
« Last post by bhu on May 03, 2024, 06:36:39 PM »
"I presumed we would be standing guard to make sure there are no...incidents.  I'm sure there are those on both sides who want more blood."
September 1776 / Re: Chapter 2: Haxan
« Last post by RobbyPants on May 03, 2024, 04:18:20 PM »
"'We?' I thought it was just the ghouls who were leaving, or do you mean that you will be helping facilitate the move?

But yes, that is the timeline that I understood. Will I have any role in it beyond making sure the initial tributes are provided?"

September 1776 / Re: Chapter 2: Haxan
« Last post by bhu on May 02, 2024, 06:52:10 PM »
"So we start the exodus in a day from now, as soon as it is fully dark.  Agreed?"
September 1776 / Re: Chapter 2: Haxan
« Last post by RobbyPants on May 01, 2024, 06:56:22 PM »
Elizabeth keeps her guard while waiting.
September 1776 / Re: Chapter 2: Haxan
« Last post by bhu on May 01, 2024, 06:37:38 PM »
If you had to guess they're closer to being human---like you.  You'd guess Isabella has cast enough spells she's lost a large portion of her humanity, and may think in ways you no longer do.  She's less a woman than a woman shaped predatory thing.

ooc: I'll be doing 60 hour weeks through November unless things change, so my posting will be more sporadic.
Legends of the Heroes / Re: New campaign for my kids based on Marvel characters
« Last post by phaedrusxy on April 30, 2024, 03:52:52 PM »
My son's sorcerer has a cloak that acts as an enveloping pit, and they have been using it as a mobile base. I decided to make this even more fun, and said they found a secret door in one of the walls. However, they couldn't figure out how to open it, and I left them hanging for a few months IRL. During that time, a friend ran a couple of games in the same campaign and I got to play for a change...

A few weeks ago, I ran another one and picked that plot back up and had them finally figure out how to open the secret door. They had originally gotten the cloak off the corpse of their mentor (who ran the orphanage that was secretly a training ground for an organization much like the Forgotten Realms' Harpers). She already had it set up as a study, with several book shelves, chairs, etc. On the shelves, they found several tomes on an ancient civilization that they could only read with Comprehend Languages. They eventually figured out that several of these mentioned a character known as The Maestro, whom they deduced was the owner of the cloak (I can't remember how).

They eventually figured out that they could open the secret door by playing a refrain from one of his compositions. The door led to an ancient tower that appears to be floating in a void of nothingness filled with arcane wonders. Each floor was a kind of puzzle, and also contained even more books discussing The Maestro and other characters and stories from his civilization. I also wanted to mix in some Cosmic Horror, and so had some of them be things like The King in Yellow by Robert Chalmers, and had this play roles in some of the puzzles.

The first floor was a garden with a pool surrounded by trees with different color leaves and fruits. They never actually figured out the mystery here, but the pool can actually be transformed into a portal that goes to something like the Wood Between the Worlds from CS Lewis' works. There was an arcane elevator at the far end of the chamber. They eventually figured out how to activate it, and went to the 2nd floor.

The 2nd floor
This was a concert hall with a spectral composer. In order to get the elevator to go up further, the party had to figure out how to correct the score he played for them which they noted had a mistake.

The 3rd floor
The elevator opened onto a dressing room with several mirrors and wardrobes, with doors leading from it to a couple of bedrooms, and also a bathroom. The mirrors were magical traps, and anyone looking into them was immediately sucked in and had to battle against their doppleganger. The first one to draw blood won, and got to escape the mirror, while the loser remained trapped. Two of the three party members who looked at mirrors wound up being replaced by dopplegangers... (my daughter's paladin was the only one who explicitly said they were not looking into a mirror). The battle and resulting replacement happened instantanously, and so the paladin didn't note that anything had happened. I had them go into separate rooms to briefly play through the combats, and then tell them the results. I had the ones who were "replaced" roleplay their dopplegangers with some general instructions on what they were supposed to want/do (basically... kill the other party members then escape into the world to cause mayhem). Luckily the party sorcerer had managed to beat his doppleganger through good use of Counterspell, Silvery Barbs and Quicken metamagic... so he and the paladin eventually got the upper hand against the two dopplegangers (who were a barbarian and fighter).
This was definitely the most dramatic and memorable part of the tower, and my daughter later said she even felt creeped out looking into mirrors after that, and was afraid she'd have nightmares. :D

The fourth floor was a library. They had to bring some books to trade in for books on the shelves, and do everything silently, in order to win the favor of the librarian and pass to the next floor.

The fifth and final floor was an art museum with statues (some of which were horrifically twisted, and all of which were petrified creatures), a piano, and a case within which was the "Comedy" Mask. There were also some stone golems mixed in with the statues, one of which was wearing the "Tragedy" mask. This mask wearing golem animated, and basically told them to GTFO. There were arcane turrets in the room that were also obviously under it's control. The party did eventually leave without a fight, but managed to contrive a plan. They spoke long enough with the construct (from a distance that it didn't find threatening) to learn that the Maestro hadn't been to the tower in a very long time. They eventually decided to try contacting him via a Sending spell, and basically told him that they'd spoken to his guardian golem and they and it were "worried about him". They explained that they had his magic cloak, and invited him to meet with them the next night in a bakery... and he replied and graciously accepted. And that's where we left off.
September 1776 / Re: Chapter 2: Haxan
« Last post by RobbyPants on April 29, 2024, 12:47:10 PM »
Does Elizabeth have any inkling as to why the other sisters are nervous? Perhaps Isabella is a higher rank despite looking young, or is seen as impulsive?

Sense Motive = 1d20+12

Rolled 1d20+12 : 5 + 12, total 17
Uncle Kittie's Hopefully Humorous Guide to Abominations / Re: Jesters Realm Critters
« Last post by bhu on April 28, 2024, 05:41:08 PM »

"And there came an Angel a-hah!  And he spoke to me a-ha!  And he said 'Johnny a-ha.  You need to spread the word a-ha! And the word is disposable crossbows a-ha!"

 Spiny Mice are likely closer to Gerbils than mice, and are called that because they have stiff guard hairs similar to hedgehogs.  These are pretty much the teensy, anthropomorphic version of those.

·   +6 Dex, +2 Wis, -6 Str (minimum of 3)
·   Size Class: Tiny.  +2 Size Bonus to Armor Class and Attack Rolls. +8 Size Bonus to Hide Checks. -8 Size Penalty to Bull Rush, Grapple, Overrun, and Trip Checks. Lifting and Carrying Limits are one quarter those of a Medium character.
·   Type: Monstrous Humanoid, giving them 60 ft. Darkvision
·   Base land speed 15 ft.
·   Climb land speed 15 ft.
·   Scent (Ex): Identical to the ability listed in the Monster Manual.
·   Fast Healing (Ex): You heal 1 point of damage each round as long as you have at least 1 hit point.
·   Spiny Mice Folk have a Primary Bite Attack doing 1 point of damage plus one and a half times their Strength Modifier.
·   Spiny Mice Folk receive a +4 Species Bonus to Hide and Move Silently Checks.  They also have a +8 Species Bonus on Balance, Climb, and Listen Checks.  They may always Take 10 on a Climb Check, and may use their Dex Modifier instead of their Str modifier for Climb Checks.
·    Spiny Mice Folk automatically speak Furry, and Common.  Bonus languages include Buggy, Sylvan, and nearby species.
·   Level Adjustment: +2
·   Favored Class: Archivist

 Adulthood: 14
 Barbarian, Rogue, Sorcerer: +1d4
 Bard, Fighter, Paladin, Ranger: +1d6
 Cleric, Druid, Monk, Wizard: +2d6

 Middle Age: 30
 Old: 45
 Venerable: 60
 Maximum Age: +2d10 years

 Base Height: Male: 1'7"  Female: 1'5"
 Height Modifier: +1d4"
 Base Weight: Male: 4 lbs.   Female: 3 lbs. 5 ounces
 Weight Modifier: x (2d6) ounces)

 Most of your people are a divine caster of some sort.  Try to gravitate towards the ones that offset your weaknesses.
 Adventuring Race: Temple Mice usually go on religious crusades, missions for their Church, or because their Gawd appeared to them in a vision.
 Character Development: Spellcasting will offset your lack of reach, but you'll still need to deal with that if you want to be a healer primarily.
 Character Names: Spiny Temple Mice take names from whatever society they dwell among.

 Overall, you have a fairly decent reputation, and you don't get much flak from anyone, unless they really dislike religion.  But you aren't usually the pushy religious type.
 Personality: Temple Mice tend to be devoted to their own pet cause, ideology or religion, but not usually to the point of exclusion and fanaticism.  They often strive to be a force for Good.  Or at least 'not Evil'.
 Behaviors: Temple Mice are curious, and often hoard religious texts and artifacts, some of which would probably be better left alone...
 Language: You primarily speak Furry, though you make an effort to learn any other local languages.

 Spiny Temple Mice are a fairly religious folk, and not just one religion.  They serve just about any Gawd who is helpful to the community.  To this end they don't so much as have a society, as they blend in with whatever local community they are among, and try to minister to them.
 Alignment : Most Temple Mice are some flavor of Neutral, although the various forms of Good are also strong pluralities.
 Lands : Your people's original home was a warm desert.
 Settlements : Spiny Temple Mice can be found wherever there are churches.
 Beliefs : The Temple Mice worship an astonishing variety of Gawds, sometimes to the point that individual family members all have separate religions.
 Relations: Temple Mice get along with the more religious species, but not so well with people who are cruel, vulgar or disruptive to the community.

·   Plorg, the Gawd of Subtlety, has demanded you go on a mission for him.  You think.  You can't understand him.  Actually, no one can understand him, and your entire religion is basically a precariously balanced house of cards.  But he sure seems to want you to do something.
·   Someone has offended Mary Lou, the Gawdess of Vengeance, and she has demanded you go hand him his own butt.  The problem?  You aren't a member of her clergy.  You serve the Gawd of Tinkering.  Not that you're going to tell her that...
·   The Pantheon of Vice is holding a party on your front lawn.  At 3 am.  On a weekday.  Without bothering to be so kind as to ask you.  So how do you get an entire pack of Gawds and hundreds of their drunk and stoned followers to "Git off mah lawn!" without being smited?


 Level 4: Replace Still Mind with Protected.
  Protected::  At 4th Level you gain a +2 Bonus on Saving Throws versus spells or effects from the Necromancy school.

 Level 20: Replace Damage Reduction with Spiny!!
  Spiny!! (Ex):: Opponents who hit you in melee combat (including Grapples) take 1d6 plus their own Strength Modifier in magical Piercing damage.

 Level 1: Instead of being able to spontaneously cast Heal spells, you may choose to instead cast spells from the Abjuration school (these must still be spells of a level you can cast).


You have sharp teeth.
 Prerequisites: Beaver, Capybara, Gopher, Mouse, Rat or Spiny Temple Mouse; Weapon Focus (Bite)
 Benefits: Your bite attack ignores the first 2 points of Hardness or DR/-.

Improved Gnaw
Your teeth hurt.
 Prerequisites: Gnaw
 Benefits: Your bite attack does x3 damage on a confirmed critical.

Supreme Gnaw
You go through wood like butter.
 Prerequisites: Improved Gnaw
 Benefits: Your bite threatens a critical on an 19-20. Your Bite now ignores the first 5 points of Hardness or DR/-.

Not So Little Now Am I?
You have spiny hairs in your fur to provide defense.
 Prerequisites: Spiny Temple Mouse, Con 13+
 Benefits: You gain a Natural Armor Bonus to AC equal to your Con modifier.

Trap Shy
You are used to dodging Traps.
 Prerequisites: Must be a Mouse, Rat, Packrat or Spiny Temple Mouse.
 Benefits: You gin a +2 Bonus on Reflex Saves against Traps.

Improved Trap Shy
You are used to dodging Traps.
 Prerequisites: Trap Shy.
 Benefits: You gin a +2 Dodge Bonus to AC against Traps that make an attack roll.

Greater Trap Shy
You are used to dodging Traps.
 Prerequisites: Improved Trap Shy.
 Benefits:  If you would normally set off a trap due to a failed Save, you get to roll 1d20 plus 1/2 your Hit Dice, plus your Charisma modifier. If this total is higher than the Trap’s Save DC, the trap activates after you have passed through it's area of effect instead.  If the Trap makes an Attack roll instead of requiring a Save, compare (10 plus the Traps Attack Bonus) to (your Armor Class +4).  If you have the higher number, it still doesn't activate until you pass (if not it attacks like normal).  If it allows no Save and makes no Attack roll, you pass it unharmed and it activates afterward.

You is one sneaky critter.
 Prerequisites: Tiny Size (or smaller) or the ability to gain it somehow
 Benefits: You do not provoke an Attack of Opportunity when entering an opponents square.

Your Healing factor is dramatically improved.
 Prerequisites: Must be a Spiny Temple Mouse, Con 15+, Level 6+, Must be Good
 Benefits: Your Fast Healing 1 becomes Regeneration 1.  You take regular damage from evil-aligned weapons and from spells and effects with the evil descriptor.

Before fleeing to the Jester's Realm, the Furry species (including Spiny Temple Mouse Folk) came from a world where Humans and the Furry Peoples were eternally at war.  With the humans on the verge of wiping the Furry Peoples out, the Jester offered them a new home.  They were quick to accept.

The Spiny Temple Mouse Folk are anthropomorphic Spiny Mice about the size of small Gnomes.  They are often dedicated to some cause (usually a Church), or looking for the right one to dedicate themselves to.  Preferably a cause that is noble and just.  Despite being predators in their dim past, they aren't murderhobos, and aren't common adventurers.

The Spiny Mice are renowned for their healing abilities, some of them being able to regenerate heart tissue, and regrow large patches of skin without scarring.  They see it as a gift from the Gawds, and thusly they devote themselves to many a Gawds cause (as long as it isn't skeevy or cruel).  They often go on missions to recover lost texts and artifacts, which can be a dangerous proposition indeed.  It can be very dangerous to deal with Gawd created items, because (let's be hones) most Gawds are not the most mature, level headed beings in the Jester's Realm.  A fact which has disappointed many a mouse, but they always find another good cause to attach themselves to.

Spiny Mouse Folk borrow the naming conventions of whatever society they live among.


Ability Score Increase. Increase your Dexterity by +2, and your Constitution score by +1.

Age. Spiny Mouse Folk reach adulthood in their late teens and live less than a century.

Alignment. Most Spiny Mouse Folk are Neutral.

Type. You are a Humanoid.

Size. You are Small.  You are between 3 and 3 1/2 feet tall and weigh around 30-35 pounds

Speed. Your walking speed is 30 feet, as is your Climbing speed.

Guard Hairs: You are tough enough that your Armor Class improves by +1 (natural armor).

Keen Hearing and Smell. Thanks to your sensitive nose and ears, you have advantage on Wisdom (Perception), Wisdom (Survival), and Intelligence (Investigation) checks that involve smell or hearing.

Self-Healing. When expending Hit Dice to heal during a short rest, you gain one extra die for free. 

Languages. You speak, read and write Furry, and any one other language of your choice.

Regeneration   (Prerequisite: Must be Spiny Temple Mouse Folk)
You regain 1d6 hit points every 10 minutes, provided that you have at least 1 hit point. If you lose a body part, the missing part regrows and returns to full functionality after 1d6 + 1 days if you have at least 1 hit point the whole time.

Spiny Temple Mouse Folk
"Good morning sirs, I am the Wizard Harlan Jurgens, and  this is my assistant Jim."


"This fellow is Father Thomas, High Priest of Hiss, the Gawd of Wizards!"

"Praise be!  Is Jim your Familiar?"

"Father Thomas funds many archeological expeditions to find lost knowledge."

"I am not a familiar, I am his friend."

"His church also funds the local library!"

"I don't much care for Familiars."

"But Familiars are a wizarding mainstay!"

"And, I might add, not Humanoid."

Don't Touch Anything In This Room

"Not true sir!  Even in our small town one may contract with the Familiars Guild."

"I care for the Guild even less."

"They are rascals aren't they?"

"Familiars have a Guild?"

"More like a semi-legal union that strong arms casters."
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