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What is the highest possible you can achieve within the rules? Old Thread
The Thread:
In this thread will be listed all the most powerful creation of this forum, commonly known as World Records. As said by Funny Slaughter: "To beat your local powergamer, simply look here"

The Matter:
Since the old thread hasn't been updated for a while, I have take this burden. I hope I'm doing the right thing: if not, stop me.

The Rules:
If you want to see your character in our Hall of fame, you'll have to follow these rules, as the original author of the thread thanked them.

Sources are all official 3.5 Wizards' sources. No second party sources such as Dragon Magazine or Planescape.

For your build take 190XP.

If you have to roll any die, take the average, rounding down (ex. 1d6=3).

If you have an idea how to beat one of the already submitted records post your idea in an own thread and if you did not get beaten by the community reply here with a link to your new record. Do the same thing if you think you've established a record in something new.

Hall of Fame
Finite Values
Strength 180 by Muertog
Lowest Possible Stats by zook1shoe
(2.5*10^36530)^^73600 damage by Psli4mne
75,638,312,530,000,000 average melee damage by Incubus
2,135,735,742 damage in a single attack by Skydragonknight
1,063,372 attacks by EjoThims
1,059,008,683 ft/sec speed by Skydragonknight
1,223,040.92 miles in 1 round by Skydragonknight
130ft reach by Zemyla
Farthest Throw of 2,542,542,550 ft(488,950 miles) by Skydragonknight
Range ~77,204 ft. ft by Rizz
AC 302 by Otto the Bugbear
4778 spells in a round by DisposableHero
169 level spell slot by LordOfProcrastination
Bluff +206 by oxybe (and others in this thread)
Diplomacy +10,347 by Tsuyoshikentsu
Forgery +168 by interested2
Perform +188 by interested2
Jump +10,347 by Tsuyoshikentsu
Knowledge(religion) +68 by ninja1
Use Magic Device +227 by Sigma Jargon
Truespeak +102 by ChrisAsmadi
504 feats by true shinken
Out of Category:
Ubermount by Tsuyoshikensu
The Nanobots by LordofProcrastination

Infinite or NI Values
Multiples Values
Pun Pun by Khan the Destroyer
Crystalblaze by AncientDragon
"Legacy Champion + alternate Uncanny Trickster" concept by zook1shoe
Hurl the multiverse concept by zook1shoe

Single Values
The Perpetual Damage Machine by LordofProcrastination

old post by AD

Discussion Thread

Posted in the wrong thread. Oops.

i need to check this wayback thread from WotC boards for stuff :-/


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