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Index o' monsters
« on: August 04, 2014, 02:47:21 PM »
I feel so bad...I requested my own section and I haven't used it! Well that's gonna change. Not only will I post new monsters, I'll add them to this table of contents of all of the monsters I've made.  :)

From GitP:
The deep fey, a wicked type of fey that lives underground
The jinx, my first actual homebrew :D
The mind howler, an undead mindflayer that died within the howling winds of pandemonium
Ghoul spiders, something I made for halloween that I had wanted to make for a long time.
Dretch template, exactly what it sounds like
Half unicorn template, also just what it sounds like
3 random monsters, including a diseased, zombie spitting weasel covered in trash, a pizza that's wayyy too old, and a rock perpetually soaked in delicious honey
My rather immense collection of dragons (most of the tables are still broken since the update. the only tables I've fixed are the slime and moon dragons)

Monsters from here:
The cannibal golem, a compact flesh golem that needs dead flesh to remain active
The whisper slime, a small ooze that goes into ones brain and makes one insane. It was developed by mind flayers to use on other mind flayers  :lmao
The Calumos, a tiny little whisp of smoke with teeth that significantly alters  your writing abilities.
The False Dragon, a mass of dragon parts covered in incendiary gunk...icky  :tongue
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