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Thanks to the efforts of Prime32, we have a new modification to hopefully make creating guides and resources easier: As of a few days ago, it is possible to automatically sticky posts within threads so that they will appear at the top when the page is loaded. Here's how to do it.

When the original poster of a thread makes another post within that thread and begins the subject of that post with (Continued), that post will be automatically loaded at the top of that page, below the opening post. Only posts by the OP are affected. For example, if I make another post in this thread down the line and want it to show up on top, I'd change the subject field to something like "(Continued) Sticky Posts Within Threads". We're hoping this will make the practice of keeping handbooks and discussion of those handbooks separate unnecessary.

How this will work with regards to handbooks is handbooks should be written and finalized in the handbook submission forum - this will allow discussion of them as works in progress, refining the document until complete. Once complete, post in the Completed Handbooks and one of the mods will move it into the Handbooks forum. Handbooks in the Handbook forum can be replied to, so that there is no longer a need for a separate discussion forum.

Awesome sauce. =D

Found this "Library of Knowledge" thread linked in the discord. Quite useful for knowledge monkies. https://forums.giantitp.com/showthread.php?514547


The (Continued) feature that Stratovarius mentioned is broken and cannot be fixed.  Because of this (and a request to do this) the separation of handbooks and their corresponding discussion threads has been put back into place.  If you want to post in a handbook thread and can't, this is why.  All discussion of handbooks will have to take place in a dedicated discussion thread.


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