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Re: Mind Games
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Going to re...visit this game... The kids wanted to go back to it. I had some ideas I wanted to throw down here.

1) I'm going to have the entire thing about freeing Tiamat be a "ruse" by the Cult of the Eye/Rierdrans to start a war between the 5 kingdoms, and bankrupt Aundair in the process. This will lead House Kundarak to seize the crown's assets to pay their debts, effectively marking the first takeover of a kingdom by a House (they will not depose the Queen, but instead send a "Trustee" to "manage" the assets of the kingdom, basically directing all taxes from the farms and vineyards of Aundair directly to Kundarak to pay off the debts, and selling off some of their other capital assets). The other kingdoms will no doubt balk at this. This will of course lead to the war switching from Kingdom vs Kingdom to Kingdoms vs Houses... with Droam allied with the Rierdrans behind it all. (It's not that the Red Hand wasn't actually working toward freeing Tiamat, nor that she was actually helping them... but they were ultimately deceived by the Quori/Inspired). The houses will not win this war via force, but via economics (i.e. embargoes, cut off communications and transportation, etc).

2) During this all, the Rierdrans have been setting up "dream houses" where people can participate in shared lucid dreams (think Opium houses of the 17th century). The popularity of these soared as the gloom and poverty of the war drove the civilian populace to desperation. The devices used in these houses will of course secretly let the Rierdrans eventually take over the minds of those using them. Eventually this will lead to those high in power being taken over (or assassinated and replaced). They will use this to have a kingdom or two back the Houses (and hence their "side").

3) Their plan is to eventually have the populace turn against the idea of feudalism, and instead turn to the Houses for Leadership (which they will secretly manipulate and/or outright control). Eventually, once the power of the kingdoms are destroyed, the armies of Rierdra will come in and take over officially weakened Khorvaire. Their puppets (those controlled via the Dream devices) will proclaim the Reirdrans offer the opportunity for a true and lasting harmony, something that will no doubt appeal to many who have lived through the 100 years war and the brief "peace" that followed it.

4) Another key part of the Inspired's goals is to use the tools and assets uncovered during the Red Hand campaign to bring Dal Quor closer to Eberron again. They will use the tools and locations taken over by the Red Hand in their efforts to breach the planar prison of Tiamat to instead bring the two planes closer again, so they can once again bodily invade Eberron.
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