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Krevborna II: Nadja Unchained (D&D 3.5)


Krevborna is a gothic horror setting created by Jack Shear of the "Tales of the Grotesque & Dungeonesque" blog. There was already a previous game here:
Previous game description:

This game will continue where the last one finished. Baroness Tanya is restored to her rightful place, but there is still the issue of Nadja being enthralled by her archfey patron. This game will be about setting your redhead companion free.

[*] Level 6
[*] Generally all of 1st party 3.5 is fair game if it can be fitted into the gothic horror frame (re-fluffing and re-skinning is fine), as is my Ravenloft material. (Exceptions and modifications will be detailed when the game takes off.) - Dragon Mag and Homebrew will be decided on a case-by-case basis.
[*] Partial Gestalt with the heterodox mix of 1//-, 2//6, 3//5 and 4//4. (PrCs will have their Tier gauged depending on entry.)
[*] Up to 2 traits
[*] 4 bonus feats
[*] Chopping Down The Christmas Tree with regular WBL but 5x prices for permanent magic items
[*] WBL: 16,000gp[/list]

Interested players so far:
- Dmanus
- Nanshork
- Raineh Daze
- Skydragonknight

So will there be any powering up of previous game characters or are we just using them as is? 

I'm assuming that the two bonus feats at first level and two bonus feats at 6th level count as the four bonus feats but I have no idea what my WBL is because I don't remember what equipment I got after the game started (I think it was just the magic hammer and the gloves).

How much time has gone by?

Cool! Let me know if we need to change anything to our current characters.

Use current characters as they are. The increased WBL is only for newly created characters who haven't gotten the loot yet you do.

One year has passed, that should be enough time for the trial to end, Baroness Tanya to arrange her political wedding and to get her footing in her manor business.


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