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This is a thread for discussing the The Complete Cost Reduction Handbook. If you see anything that you want to comment on please reply here, or in the original thread if able.

Another item that lets you trade gold for a crafting feat:

Forge of Thautam: only usable by dwarves, or with Use Magic Device DC 25 check to Emulate a Race; grants user Craft Magic Arms and Armor feat 15,000gp  (Races of Stone)

So, I don't know if you're including anything like builds, but my favorite cost-reduction abuse is to play a Binder 5/Ur-Priest 2/Divine-adapted Anima Mage X.  Bind Astaroth for your item creation feats, and then use the Ur-Priest's K:R to get Dark Craft gold & XP for free.  Then pump divine spells into items.

The most abuse I got out of this was to make a Thrallherd who had one of those as a Thrall.... and an endless supply of believers to sacrifice.

for scrolls, the caster's shield is effectively (though not quite) a -50% to gp cost.

Dunno if this counts, but there are a whole host of spells that do the same effects as +1 enhancements, and cost less to get as a continual item than getting a +1 at later levels.


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