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Changing usernames

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Each user has a username (which they log in with) and a display name (which everyone can see). By default these are the same.

In this thread you can request a change to either or both. Note that changing your username will reset your password, and send you an email containing your new password. If you don't receive this email, check your spam folder.
If you just ask to change your "name", it will be assumed you mean both.

For clarity, post both your current name and your new name. I.e.

--- Quote from: mister_walrs ---Please change my name from mister_walrs to Mr. Walrus
--- End quote ---

Name changes should be restricted to fixing capitalisation and typos. Requests to change to a completely different name will be ignored unless you've just registered.

Also note, this is a request only. Prime is ok doing this right now but it is the lowest priority on the list. Get it right the first time!

Well I feel like a bit of an idiot and managed to forget to properly capitalize my name.
 If you could change my display name from havok4 to Havok4 it would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you very much.


Please change my name from Duckster to Hyphen


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