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This here is a compilation of links and descriptions of every homebrew martial discipline that's out there.  Phaedrusxy began such a list here, but I want links, dammit!  Also, it's buried in the Nord's Blade thread; I thought this might come in useful for other people who are homebrewing martial adepts.

If you find a homebrew discipline that I've missed, please leave a link!  If you find that one of the unmarked disciplines is incomplete, or that an incomplete discipline is finished, please let me know.

Many thanks to Garryl and especially Morph Bark for large amounts of links.

The version on gitp is here.

Additions to the published disciplines:
Extra maneuvers by Risada
Rushes (move-action maneuvers) by Garryl
Frozen Zephyr/Caustic Tempest/Shocking Sky (alternate energy types for Desert Wind) by Krimm Blackleaf (gitp)
Some collected maneuvers (mostly Universal and a Devoted Spirit) by Obsidianjaerc (gitp)
Martial Schools by DaTedinator (gitp)
Martial Domains by Sgt. Cookie (gitp)
Desert Warblade Maneuver Substitutions

Arcane Sun and Blackened Moon, arcane disciplines for the Arcane Swordsage (not traditional disciplines).

(click to show/hide)DisciplineAuthorSkillDescriptionNoteAbjurant ChampionZiegander (gitp)SpellcraftThe prc as a martial disciplineAdamant CuisineXefas (gitp)Profession (Chef)Les poissions, les poissions how I love les poissions!IncAdamant SoulMagocrat (gitp)BalanceThe key to a good defense is a good defenseAerial AceEiji-kun (wiki)TumbleFight while flyingAkasha's Timepiecejiriku (gitp)Knowledge (Architecture & Engineering)Tweak time around you MagitechAmaranth EclipseThundergod Cid (wiki)IntimidateScare your opponents to deathAncestral SoulGralamin (gitp)Knowledge (History)Get in touch with your ancestral spiritsAncient Templeoslecamo (mmx)Profession (Gardener)Cut your enemies like blades of grass TouhouAnima RiverEiji-kun (wiki)ConcentrationHit your opponent right in the chakrasArgent MoonDerjuin (gitp)IntimidateForce of personality to go along with mind and bodyArmy of OneTheDementedOne (gitp)IntimidateFight off armies by yourself with fear tacticsArt of WarZiegander (gitp)Knowledge (history)Fighter Bonus Feats: the DisciplineIncBitter EdgeThe Vorpal Tribble (gitp)BalanceSnowflake Wardance: The DisciplineBlack HeronGolden-Esque (faxc)IntimidateDirty fighting extraordinaireBlack HeronErrantX (gitp)IntimidateFor those possessed by demons onlyBlack LotusZacharoth (gitp)Sleight of HandAssassin killing spreeBlack RainTheDementedOne (gitp)SpotGunslingers need love too!Bladed ThoughtsYue_Ryong (wotc)AutohypnosisFor sublime soulknivesBlood Sagepyrefiend (gitp)HealRemove anatomically-significant portions of your enemiesBloodstained GutterEldan (gitp)BluffFight like the worthless trash you areIncBloody HammerNeoSeraphi (gitp)IntimidateRage like a barbarianBorder of Lifeoslecamo (mmx)Perform (Dance)Channel the power of death through dancing TouhouBreath of Fireoslecamo (mmx)SpellcraftA discipline for those with breath weaponsBroken BladeJoshuaZ (gitp)Martial LoreFor use against other martial adeptsBroken Spearbobthe6th (gitp)TumbleFor use against pesky enemies with incredibly long armsIncBroken WaveNeofish (gitp)BalanceMove around and through your enemiesCarnal BlossomPrak, the Mad (bg)Perform (sexual techniques)Make your opponents very, very uncomfortableCelestial Impetussirpercival (gitp)Craft (Sculpture)Magic missiles like no other EpicCelestial Rainhong (enw)SpotShoot arrows as fast as you canChthonic SerpentDragoonWraith (gitp)Use RopeWhips & spiked chainsCircling Vultureplayswithfire (gitp)Sleight of HandAerial combat and sneakinessClambering Wolverinedspeyer (gitp)ClimbClimb all over your enemiesCoin's EdgeTheDementedOne (gitp)Profession (Gambler)    Do you feel lucky, punk?Consuming FlameDragonarmyone (dao)NoneBurninate without being TrogdorIncCosmic ImperatorXefas (gitp)SpotImpress others with your kinglinessCrashing Waveplayswithfire (gitp)SwimFight above and below the waterCrescent MoonNifft (mmx)SpellcraftFocus on stealth and counter-magicCrimson EarthTravelLog (mmx)IntimidateThe ground will run red with your enemies' bloodCrystalline Opticsjiriku (gitp)Craft (Gemcutting)Channel magical effects through crystals MagitechCrystalline UnicornEvilVegan (gitp)HealRestore vitality and healthIncCrystallized Silveroslecamo (mmx)IntimidateFreeze your enemies TouhouDancing FoxNifft (mmx)BluffFocus on trickery and misdirectionDancing GoddessEiji-kun (wiki)Perform (Dance)Dance through your enemiesDancing LeafTheDementedOne (gitp)Escape ArtistEvasive maneuversDark MessiahXallace (gitp)IntimidateWhen simply murdering your opponent isn't sufficientDesolate ArbiterXefas (gitp)Knowledge (the planes)Become one with the endless desertDevil TigerErrantX (sorc)SurvivalWho cares about subtlety?IncDevouring Cryptsirpercival (mmx)HealTurn your opponents into undeadEpicDiamond Arrowhong (enw)ConcentrationDiamond Mind with a bowDivine FlameAnomander (mmx)Craft (explosives)Blow things up TouhouDivine Musethegurullamen (gitp)PerformBard: the disciplineDoll Judgementoslecamo (mmx)Craft (dolls)Build and deploy your nanodoll army TouhouDomestic TarrasqueFoxwarrior (wiki)JumpBe like a Tarrasque in a china shopDragon's FangSoulblazer_87 (sorc)IntimidateWrestle like a dragonDread BladeDerjuin (gitp)BluffYour attacks cause death and decayDread CrownTheDementedOne (gitp)IntimidateFiendish bladeworkDream Battleoslecamo (mmx)Sense MotiveUse the power of your faith to beat people up TouhouDream MirrorTimeLegend (gitp)Knowledge (the Planes) or Lucid DreamingAttack your foes' dreamselvesEdge Country Hurricanesirpercival & SolEiji (mmx)AppraiseManeuvers of questionable veracity and purviewIncElemental UnionXefas (gitp)Knowledge (the planes, nature)Use all four elements at onceIncEloquent SpeechFoxwarrior (wiki)DiplomacySocial combat -- useful for politiciansEndless PlayDead_Jester (gitp)BluffPiss off your enemies while you remove their body partsEntropy Dynamojiriku (gitp)Knowledge (Architecture & Engineering)Mess with your opponents via entropy MagitechEquinoxsirpercival (mmx)HealManeuvers for Autumn and SpringEscalating ChainWaylanderX (gitp)Knowledge (the Planes)FINISH HIMEssence of Gaiasirpercival (mmx)Handle AnimalFor those with animal companions and the likeEssential CutFoxwarrior (wiki)AutohypnosisA discipline for incarnum usersEternal GlacierIGTN (wiki)SurvivalA discipline from the frozen northEternal MountMagocrat (gitp)RideUse your mount as a weaponEvent HorizonAgent_0042 (gitp)JumpManipulate gravity with your sword? Why the hell not?IncExperimental Alchemyjiriku (gitp)Craft (Alchemy)Use alchemical items like a BAWSS MagitechFalcon EyeCrimson_Concerto (wotc)SpotSniping with bowsIncFalcon's Eyedspeyer (gitp)SearchA discipline for snipersFalling AnvilDracoDei (gitp)BluffMartial maneuvers a la Wile E. CoyoteFalling MountainFrog Dragon (gitp)TumbleThe sublime art of sumo wrestlingFalling StarTempest Stormwind (wotc)SpotShoot things... better... with your bow...Falling StarZiegander (gitp)SpotShoot things better with your bow (inspired by Tempest Stormwind)Falling StarCrystall_Myr (gitp)SpotDespite what you may think, this is about deception and not ranged combatFalling StarFax Celestis (gitp)SpotShoot things better with your bowFalling WaveI_Got_This_Name (gitp)SwimAquatic combatFar RealmJack Mann (gitp)Knowledge (The Planes)    Twist time and space to your advantageFate's HandLix Lorn (gitp)BluffPlay GambitFeline Waybhu (mmx)TumbleKitteh: The ManeuveringFeral CrescentWall (wotc/wayback)Control ShapeFor lycanthropes onlyFlowering NightPrime32 (mmx)BluffThrow your weapon through timeFool's GripTheDementedOne (gitp)TumbleFight with improvised weaponsFortunate AssailantMaster Vega (wotc)BluffUnpredictable streetfightingFour DiamondsBaron Faey (gitp)SpotPeanut butter jelly with a baseball bat (no joke)IncFox's Guileunosarta (gitp)BluffFeint and flank and fence, oh my!Frozen HeartDerjuin (gitp)BalanceInfuse yourself with the power of winterFrozen NightGarryl (mmx)SurvivalDesert Wind re-imagined with cold & neg energyIncGentle BreezeCloset_Skeleton (gitp)ListenFocus on awareness and getting the jump on peopleGiant's Gripplayswithfire (gitp)Escape ArtistWrestling made respectableGlacial ChillI_Got_This_Name (gitp)SurvivalCold damage and status effectsGod SlashRisada (mmx)Sense MotiveShow off your fencing skillsGolden LionErrantX (gitp)DiplomacyMake the best possible use of tacticsGolden SaintTheDementedOne (gitp)DiplomacyExalted maneuvers for use against evilGolem HeartEiji-kun (wiki)Knowledge (Arcana)Act like a golemGuided FateFreymold (enw)Sleight of HandLots of luck rerolls (required for a Nord's Blade)IncHammer RhythmJewfro (gitp)ListenBe dope on the floor and magic on the micHeart's KeyXefas (gitp)Open LockFight with key-swordsIncHeaven's ArcNifft (mmx)Spot?Focus on ranged combatHero's EdgeThe-Mage-King (gitp)JumpFight creatures (much) bigger than youHidden DoorHeretic888 (wotc)TumbleEscape from your aggressorsHighland HurricaneBaron Faey (gitp)JumpPunch buggy, no punch backsIncHoly WordFax Celestis (gitp)TruespeakTruenaming with maneuversIce EternalSoulblazer87 (gitp)SurvivalIce skating FTWImpassable PassionsDumbledore lives (gitp)IntimidateDo the impossible with regularityImperial Parlayxaotiq1 (gitp)BluffAre you a bettin' man?Impromptu Virgesirpercival (gitp)Use Magic DeviceWands, wands, everywhere!Infernal MonsterXefas (gitp)IntimidateUnlock your inner beastInfinite LotusMisterSinister (wiki)AutohypnosisKill people with trigonometryIncInfinite ShoreBozwevial (mmx)Lucid DreamingThe discipline of your dreamsInfinite TormentPairO'Dice Lost (gitp)IntimidateGain demonic abilitiesInner LightZiegander (gitp)ConcentrationBuff your allies (inspired by EvilVegan)Inner LightEvilVegan (gitp)ConcentrationBuff your alliesIncInteresting TimesBozwevial (mmx)Sense MotiveIf you have bad luck a la Rincewind, you've probably learned this discipline alreadyInvincible Sword PrincessTheDementedOne (gitp)NoneFight like a goddess EpicIronclad Cuisinexaotiq1 (gitp)Profession (Chef)I cooks the things that makes the people fall downIron Raindspeyer (gitp)SpotFire enough arrows to blot out the sunIron TortoiseErrantX (gitp)BalanceSword and board made awesomeJade ThroneErrantX (gitp)Sense MotiveDuels on the battlefieldJade ViperNifft (mmx)IntimidateFocus on poison and fearKaleidoscopic DreamTheDementedOne (gitp)TumbleChaotic and unpredictable attacksKi FistThe-Mage-King (gitp)BalanceKamehamehamehamehaaaaIncKnowing Heartdspeyer (gitp)HealNonlethal combatKuji-KiriChambers (gitp)Sleight of HandNinja: the disciplineLeaping GaleI_Got_This_Name (gitp)JumpJack be nimble, Jack be quickLife's Bloodplayswithfire (gitp)HealAttack vital areasLightless Divine WindGunbladeKnight (gitp)Iaijutsu FocusBe the fastest draw in the WestLightning FoxPerson_Man (gitp)TumbleBe the fastest man aliveLooming Thunderboltsirpercival (gitp)Use Psionic DeviceZap people with dorjesLost LyricsKellus (gitp)Perform (oratory or sing)Might help to get a harmonizing weapon...Lunar SpiritZaydos (gitp)SpellcraftFight with the primal essence of magicLunatic Princessoslecamo (mmx)DiplomacyBe beautiful and collect ancient artifacts TouhouMalfeasant HeartXefas (gitp)Knowledge (the planes)Maneuvers of deadly chaosMarch of AeonsBozwevial (roc)Knowledge (History)I wish I had more time... EpicMare's Taileftexar (gitp)BalanceUp your mobility, slow down your enemiesMasked MoonI_Got_This_Name (gitp)DisguiseAlter your bodyMaster's Voiceplayswithfire (gitp)Perform (oratory)Inspire yourself and your alliesMaula Kaeplayswithfire (gitp)Escape ArtistWrestle like your life depends on it!Mental GripDaTedinator (gitp)AutohypnosisUnlock your psychic potentialMystic Brewsirpercival (gitp)Craft (Alchemy)I've got a notion for a potionMystic CobraShyftir (gitp)BalancePole-arms to the rescueMystic EclipseTechwarrior (gitp)SpellcraftMageslayers unite!Mystical RainLexiad (wiki)SpotPerfect precision in ranged combatIncNarrow BridgeJoshuaZ (gitp)Knowledge (religion)Positive and negative energy, undeath-focusedNightingale Featherdspeyer (gitp)SpotBecome one with your bowNine-Petaled LotusJarian (gitp)NoneMaster of nine: the discipline EpicNinefold DamnationPairO'Dice Lost (gitp)IntimidateGain devilish abilitiesNorth WindKellus (gitp)Balance or Ride, FlyAerial combatObscured ExistenceHavvy (wiki)Use Magic DeviceWarlock as a martial disciplineIncOccult SovereigntyEiji-kun (wiki)SpellcraftAntimagic disciplineIncOcean SoulFax Celestis (gitp)SwimChannel the power of the ocean and fight underwaterOcean TempestPairO'Dice Lost (gitp)SwimRock you like a hurricaneOncoming StormTheDementedOne (gitp)Sleight of HandTime to be a daring rogue and buckle some swash!Open JawsPrime32 (mmx)Craft (trapmaking)Lay traps for your enemiesOpen Tomeunosarta (gitp)Any trained KnowledgeKnowledge Devotion to the extremeOrganic RepastLuigifan18 (wiki)HealYes, Janet, you can eat your enemiesIncPadded FistBaron Faey (gitp)Sleight of HandPractice your rope-a-dopeIncPenitent MartyrEdge (gitp)SurvivalA discipline for drawing aggroPerplexing Essencesirpercival (gitp)AppraiseMess with your opponent's equipment to enchant yoursPhantasmal OpusZiegander (gitp)DisguiseBeguiler as a martial disciplinePhoenix TearZiegander (gitp)HealHealing firePiercing PointFrog Dragon (gitp)BalanceSpears and other phallic symbolsPlacid LakeYue_Ryong (wotc)Move SilentlyMake subtle motions which minimize your opponent's movementPlain Historyoslecamo (mmx)Knowledge (nobility & royalty)Nerdrage rant on your enemies TouhouPrimeval God-MonsterXefas (gitp)Intimidate?You are now a bestial god. EpicPungeon PendragonMorph Bark (gitp)TruespeakUse truenames with your maneuversQuicksilver AegisKrimm_Blackleaf (gitp)BalanceLaw, order, and balance.Raging DragonLix Lorn (gitp)IntimidateAct like a draconic barbarianRaging StormErrantX (gitp)JumpAttack with lightning and soundRaging StormRobbyPants (mmx)SurvivalLightning, wind, rain, and ranged attacksRavenous SuccubiLeziad (wiki)BluffUse your beauty and consume your opponent's life forceIncReaper's ArtSoulblazer_87 (sorc)ConcentrationMake like the Grim dudeRelentless DuskXefas (gitp)RideHasten the end timesRending ScreamI_Got_This_Name (gitp)IntimidateShout your enemies to deathRestless BonesGarryl (mmx)CraftConjure & animate undeadIncRevolutionsirpercival (mmx)Martial LoreManeuvers of changeRising MoonMorth (gitp)Martial LoreFight like an asceticIncRising SpiritAgita + veekie (mmx)SpotAttack spirit and emotions through connections to the Outer PlanesRiven HourglassCMFJimmy (gitp)ConcentrationPlay with more timeRiven HourglassErrantX (gitp)Perception (Spot)Play with timeRuthless CatechismXefas (gitp)Knowledge (the Planes)And now we're hunting for witchesIncSacred MightFax Celestis (fwik)SpellcraftMage-slayer to the maxSanguine BrandGolden-Esque (gitp)ForgeryCarve your signet into your foesSanguine LotusNifft (mmx)HealFocus on life, death, and self-awarenessSavage CutthroatRetief (gitp)HideNon-magical Shadow HandSavage MawDogBackward (enw)IntimidateFlay the skin from your opponent's bonesSave the PrincessZiegander (gitp)JumpDoesn't come with Yoshi-ridingScarlet BravuraTheDementedOne (gitp)Perform (Oratory)Sacrifice yourself to help your allies and harm your enemiesScarlet RoseNero24200 (gitp)Perform (Dance)Dance around with two weaponsSentient AuroraKhatoblepas (gitp)AutohypnosisIf you think you're psionic, well then… you areIncSeven-Forged Swordsirpercival (gitp)DisguisePrismatic maneuvers EpicShattered Armillaryhavocfett (gitp)Knowledge (the Planes)Bring the Gods in front of a firing squadIncShooting StarMorth (gitp)BalanceSetting Sun + Atomic Elbow DropIncSilver CraneErrantX (gitp)Spot/PerceptionFor those channeling celestials onlySilver PegasusI_Got_This_Name (gitp)RideMounted combatSilver RainCrimson_Concerto (wotc)Sleight of HandLots of shurikensIncSky SerpentZack2216 (gitp)NoneFight like a couatl -- with Tai Chi, of courseSleeping GoddessTheDementedOne (gitp)AutohypnosisUse the powers of your mindSmall FuryRelentlessImp (gitp)IntimidateI poke you I poke you I poke youSmoldering Brimstonefatal_error (gitp)IntimidateUse hellfire like a demonSolar WindErrantX (gitp)Spot/PerceptionShoot the moonSolaris ArcanumGolden-Esque (gitp)SpellcraftMartial maneuvers mimicking Sor/Wiz spellsSolsticesirpercival (mmx)SurvivalManeuvers for Summer and WinterSoul EaterRisada (mmx)IntimidateHeal yourself by damaging othersSpectral PalmSyne (gitp)ConcentrationBecome an ectomancerStar DreamZaydos (gitp)BluffFight with the unearthly powers of the FeySteel AegisTiwazTyrsfist (gitp)ConcentrationHit people with your shieldSteel MountainNero24200 (gitp)BalanceFight with a shield (and only a shield, if you have to)Steel SerpentErrantX (gitp)HealSneaky, backstabbing, poisonous assassinsStolid Sphinxbkdubs123 (bg)SurvivalFocus on streetfighting and improvisationStorm SoulRithaniel (gitp)ConcentrationAttack multiple enemies at onceStriking Eaglemolten_dragon (gitp)SpotGood for ranged snipingStygian NightmareEdge (gitp)AutohypnosisNegative energy & fear effectsSublime TapestryGarryl (mmx)Martial LoreYo dawg, I put recovery in your maneuvers so you can strike while you strikeSundered VeilGolden-Esque (gitp)Disable DeviceHulk SMASHSurreptitious BanditFoxwarrior (wiki)Move SilentlyVerry verry sneeeeakySwarming Hornetmolten_dragon (gitp)TumbleVolley archeryThe Dead WalkStratovariusKnowledge (Religion)Summon undead to fight for youThrashing DragonErrantX (gitp)Balance/AcrobaticsFight with two weaponsThrone ShadowXefas (gitp)BluffDisproving "words will never hurt me" since 2012IncThunderboltDaTedinator (gitp)ConcentrationUse crossbows like you were born with themTrue ArrowI_Got_This_Name (gitp)SpotSublime archeryTwilight TempestCrimson_Concerto (wotc)ConcentrationElectric & sonic damage with gunsIncTwin SoulPrime32 (mmx)Sense MotiveTag-team with your companionIncTwin SpiritTheDementedOne (gitp)RideYou and your mount fight as oneTwisted Vellumsirpercival (gitp)Decipher ScriptScrolls beyond beliefUndying CallGarryl (mmx)Knowledge (religion)Positive & negative energy shenanigansIncUnquiet Twilightbkdubs123 (bg)Knowledge (Religion)Act like a necromancer (inspired by aotrscommander)Unquiet Twilightaotrscommander (gitp)Knowledge (religion)Act like a necromancer...Untamed EssenceVox Clamantis (gitp)SpellcraftBe more like a Duskblade with this disciplineVenerable Battlefieldoslecamo (mmx)Gather InformationA discipline for the gods themselves TouhouVile Shaftdspeyer (gitp)Knowledge (religion)Your arrows are EVIL -- EVIL, I say!  (Innuendo not included)Viper FangI_Got_This_Name (gitp)HealSneaky stabbings and poisoningsVoid MessiahXefas (gitp)Knowledge (Religion)Dedicate yourself to undeathVolitant FeatherTemotei (gitp)BalanceLight as a feather, strong as a hurricaneVoltic BattlerRisada (mmx)Knowledge (Science)You can blind them with Science!Wandering Eyeplayswithfire (gitp)BluffFeinting, hiding, and underhanded combatWarrior's SoulCircle of Life (gitp)ConcentrationInvest your maneuvers with essentiaWay of the Gearimp_fireball (gitp)ConcentrationDuel people with electric chainsawsWild MoonEiji-kun (wiki)Control ShapeWatch out for the full moon...Witch Razorpyrefiend (gitp)SpellcraftFor martial Hexblades


Another partial list here.

Twin Soul (N/A)
Flowering Night (Bluff)

Rushes - Garryl
Fox's Guile (Bluff) - unosarta
Kuji-Kiri (N/A) - Chambers

I've got a pair I have to finish...

One of them is a Commoner discipline.

Yes, you read that right.


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